What To Do If Your Taper Candle Holder Is Too Big

taper candle holders

Candle holders have a significant role in decorating a space for different occasions. These holders are available in various shapes, sizes, designs, and colors. Sometimes you may encounter a situation where the taper candle holder you have is too big for the candles you want to use. It can be a frustrating situation, right? But fear not! You can easily tackle this problem in the blink of an eye.

Want to know how? Come with us to explore some creative and practical solutions that will save your day. With little effort and ingenuity, you can safely fit your candle into the holder and enjoy its warm glow filling the room.

Tips to Ensure Secure Fitting of Taper Candle Holder for Warm Glow

1] Use Aluminium Foil

Using aluminum foil is one of the most straightforward and readily available solutions to the issue. For this, you can take a piece of aluminum foil that the wide enough to cover the candle’s base. Now double-fold the strip and wrap it around the candle’s bottom. 

This will make the bottom thick enough for your big taper candle holder. Put it inside the holder to check if it fits, and add more layers of foil as per the requirement.

2] Double Up with Adhesive

If your conical taper candle holder has a larger opening and your candle doesn’t fit in, use adhesive materials to fix it. There are two ways to use the tape or mounting putty to fit the candle. First, you can stick the adhesive materials to the holder’s base. 

This will create a cushion on which the candle will rest. Second, you can place the candle in the holder and fill the gaps in the sides with double-sided tape or putty, ensuring a better fit.

3] Utilize Candle Adapters

Another idea to fix your large taper candle holder is to utilize the candle adapter that is available in the market. It is a tool that is designed to hold the candle in its place. These adapters are made up of metals, plastic, or wax, and they can fit into any candle holder. It can reduce the opening of the holder and thus making it suitable to fit the candle you have chosen.

4] Repurpose Household Items

Look around your home for everyday objects that can serve as makeshift taper candle holders. Small glass jars, shot glasses, bottle caps, empty spice containers, etc., are some great alternative holders. When you are choosing the item, make sure to pick the one that matches the diameter of your candle. If the object fits your candle and can get inside your taper holder easily, then you can consider trying it too.

5] Craft a Candle Collar

You can try a DIY technique to fit your candle in the narrow taper candle holder. You can create a candle collar to fill the gap between the candle and the holder. Cut a strip of colorful paper, chart paper, or fabric and wrap it around the bottom of the candle. Ensure the wrapping is thick enough to fit the holder’s opening.

 Now secure the ends of the wrapping with tape and put the candle in the holder. Decorate your venue with these beautiful glow sticks and enjoy a warm candlelit ambiance.

taper candle holders on table
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6 Creative Ways to Use Your Candle Holder for Decoration

1] Centerpiece Display

Place a single or group of candle holders at the center of the table. If you are going with a group of holders, then pick a few with different heights and styles. You can use flowers, greenery, or small elements to make your centerpiece display visually stunning.

2] Mantel or Shelf Décor

Add elegance and warmth to your room by placing a taper candle holder on a mantel or shelf. You can choose the holder of different designs, sizes, colors, and materials. Make sure that it matches your interior and complements it. Surround them with framed photos, artwork, or other decorative items to complete the look.

3] Outdoor Ambiance

For outdoor parties or candlelit dinners in the garden, you can create a cozy and inviting atmosphere. Pick some beautiful taper candle holders and place them on the dinner table. You can also hang some of them in branches or hooks if possible. You can create a magical view with the candles by putting them in the hallway. You can place them one after another in a line from the door to the table that is set outside.

4] Hanging Décor

You can arrange the taper candle holder at different heights, like a pendulum, and hang them in different places. They can be hung on hooks on walls, branches of trees, near the door, and on the ceiling. Put beautiful candles of different colors in the holders. This will make it look stunning and enhance the beauty of your venue.

5] Seasonal Themes

You can use a seasonal theme to decorate the space with candles for your special occasion. For example, for the Christmas season, you can decorate them with red and green ribbons. You can also include ornaments, pinecones, Santa Claus figures, wreaths, stockings, etc., in the decoration. You can change the elements of decoration depending on the season and festival.

6] Candle Lanterns

You can buy and decorate the place with some beautiful candle lanterns. There are several sizes and shapes of lanterns available in the stores that you can choose from. You need to put candles that will suit the lantern and light it up before hanging or placing it in a visible spot.


Encountering a taper candle holder that is too big for your candles doesn’t have to dampen your mood. You can address this issue with some readily available solution or can use your creative mind. Aluminum foils, adhesive tapes, or repurposed household items are some useful ideas to deal with this situation. With these plenties of options, now you don’t have to worry about your candle décor and enjoy the event with glowing happiness. However, if you are looking for something new to add to your collections, check out these trendy taper candle holders!

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