What Size Of Feathers Are Needed For An Eiffel Tower Vase

eiffel tower vase

The use of an Eiffel Tower glass vase as a centerpiece has been on the rise because of how versatile these vases are at the moment. One of the best ways to utilize these vases is to add feathers for decoration. Most of the time, you should end up with a beautiful setup that you will like. However, what is the size of the feathers to use? How many feathers are enough for an Eiffel Tower glass vase? These are the things and others we look at in this guide. 

In most cases, the size of the feathers for an Eiffel Tower glass vase ranges from 8 to 18 inches, depending on the vase size. Also, this affects the number of feathers to put in a vase. Most vases can take anywhere from 10 to 30 feathers. The larger the Eiffel Tower vase, the more it can accommodate. 

Let us explore more details of feather and vase size matching. With these tips, you can easily create an Eiffel glass vase that fits your own style.

Importance of Proportion and Balance

Proportion and balance are key in determining how well the arrangement will look. The arrangement needs to have the right proportions based on the Eiffel Tower glass vase size and other elements as part of the decoration. This includes the feathers, flowers, and greenery. Since we are talking about the feather size, we recommend striking a balance with the vase size for a cohesive and visually appealing decoration. 

Choosing the Right Feather Size 

The size of the feather to use in an Eiffel Tower glass vase depends on several factors. That is why some vases might look great with a specific size of feathers rather than with others. 

The first consideration is the Eiffel Tower glass vase size. This is what determines which size of feather to use. When the feathers are too small for the vase, they may be lost in the overall size of the vase. As for large feathers, they do not work so well with small vases. They might end up overpowering it. Below are a few examples.

  • Small vases work well with shorter feather sizes. The recommended size is 8 to 10 inches in length. Ensure the feathers still have a good volume and texture to ensure they look good in the vase. 
  • Medium vases can work well for feathers 12 to 14 inches long. Such feather sizes will balance the overall decoration well and complement the vase size. 
  • Large vases are the favorite for this kind of arrangement. In such a case, choose feathers approximately 16 to 18 inches long. Such large feathers are key to creating a dramatic effect and adding more volume and height to an arrangement. 

If you are also working with flowers, the flower size in the arrangement is also an important consideration for choosing the feather size. Large flowers generally need larger feathers in the Eiffel Tower glass vase to balance the overall appearance of the arrangement. It is the same thing with smaller flowers and smaller feathers. 

The event theme where you use the Eiffel Tower glass vase is key in determining which feather size to use. A good example is when you are decorating for a formal event, you need to use smaller sizes of feathers as compared to colorful and large feathers when it is a festive occasion. 

Eiffel Tower glass vase
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Feather Types to Use in an Eiffel Tower Vase

Since you know what size and the number of feathers to use, next is getting an idea of which feather types would be great. Below are quick examples to consider. 

  1. Ostrich Feathers

Ostrich feathers will be the most popular option for those who want to use feathers as part of their decoration in an Eiffel Tower glass vase. These feathers are loved because of their large size and fluffy texture. 

Ostrich feathers are still available in various colors, including black, white, and more. You could dye them to suit the color scheme you are working with for an event. 

If you want a dramatic effect, opt for ostrich feathers in your Eiffel Tower glass vase. However, sometimes they can be difficult to balance because of their size and might require additional support if they are too big. 

  1. Peacock Feathers

We all know how peacocks have beautiful feathers. It is why people might want to use them for decoration. Expect to find unique and vibrant patterns on the peacock feathers compared to the other types. Such should bring a sophisticated touch and exoticness to the arrangement. 

The peacock feathers also vary in terms of size. So, look at your Eiffel Tower vase size and choose appropriately. This is because you can get many sizes ranging from small to large. 

We recommend having a delicate approach to using the peacock feathers as they are delicate and brittle. So, extra care is vital when handling them. 

  1. Rooster Feathers 

If you want to incorporate a country style or rustic arrangement, consider rooster feathers too. The good thing about such feathers is the range of natural colors. Expect to also come across dyed rooster feathers to meet the theme you are going for. Most people opt for such feathers because they want more texture added to an arrangement. 

Rooster feathers are more durable than the other two and are still easy to work with. This makes them ideal for DIY arrangements. However, their small size may impact larger vases differently than peacock and ostrich feathers. 


It is always possible to come up with beautiful arrangements when you consider the feathers’ proportions and balance against the vase size. The number of feathers you can use also depends on the Eiffel Tower vase size. So, consider the size the next time you want to decorate an Eiffel Tower glass vase.

Still, feathers can be delicate. This means proper care is vital to leave you with a beautiful arrangement. We recommend you avoid direct sunlight, dust the feathers, and handle them carefully to keep them looking fluffy.

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