Ways To Make Christmas Candle Holder Centerpiece

Red Christmas Taper Candle Holders

Do you have trouble decorating your home for the coming Christmas? Well, the best idea is to catch everyone’s attention by using Christmas taper candle holders. Of course, candles are a great way to enhance home beauty and give a perfect holiday touch. 

These Christmas taper candle holders are made of different heights and sizes of glass jars. Why not get creative with your holiday decoration? Whether it’s something small, traditional or a big family project that’ll last forever, a unique vibe comes from mixing the modern with the old-fashioned. 

What could be better than Christmas taper candle holders? If you need a hand on how to make a candle centerpiece for your dinner table, here’s a quick idea to start you off with. Of course, making a centerpiece is simple and doesn’t cost much. It looks easy to create and has a holiday feeling! 

Christmas is the time for family, friends, and good food. It’s also the perfect time to get creative with your Christmas candle holder centerpiece ideas. If you’re planning on hosting a small get-together at home, or if you have a family member coming over for dinner, here are some ideas that you can use:

1- Glass Jars As Christmas Taper Candle Holders

Glass jars look really pretty when you wrap them with colorful paper. You can cut paper into different shapes or any design you want to ensure that it fits inside the jar. So it won’t fall off when someone picks up the jar to light up their candle. Use Christmas-colored ribbon ties to secure the wrapping paper around each jar.

Glass jars are an excellent choice for Christmas taper candle holders. They’re versatile enough to use for any occasion throughout the year. They’re especially useful during the holidays because they allow you to use any type of candle that fits into them.

Class Jar As Christmas Taper Candle Holders

2- Votive Christmas Taper Candle Holders 

You can use votive holders to hold the candles in place without any problem whatsoever! These small holders come in different shapes and sizes, so you can choose whichever suits your needs the best! Make a green and red centerpiece out of votives. You just need to take some white wax, pour it into the votives, and then add some red balls or something red in the bottom. Then hang the candle middle of the candle holder You may also use gold confetti to make the scarf look like snowflakes.

Votive Christmas Taper Candle Holders
Source: warmglow.com

3- Snow-Covered Christmas Taper Candle Holders Centerpiece

This centerpiece is simple to make but looks very elegant at the same time. You’ll need sturdy wine glasses that can support a Christmas taper candle in multiple spots along its length. 

Secure plants, foam and elk to one base. The size of the base should match the size of the mouth of the glass. Finally, turn the cup upside down and put it on the base. The bottom of the cup is used to hold the candle holder

Of course, this Christmas taper candle holder centerpiece is a great DIY project for the crafty host. The snow-covered branch is easy to make and inexpensive.

Snow-Covered Christmas Taper Candle Holders Centerpiece
Source: warmglow.com

4- Bare Tree Candle Holder

The bare tree candle holder is the perfect centerpiece for your Christmas dinner table. The tree is made from porcelain, which makes it very sturdy. It has a beautiful white color, and it is decorated with green-colored leaves that give it a nice touch of elegance. The tree gives off a natural feeling, making it ideal for those who want an old-fashioned Christmas feel. 

Moreover, you can use candles of different colors and sizes for this kind of centerpiece. This Christmas taper candle holder will hold one candle and make a perfect addition to any table setting.

Bare Tree Christmas Taper Candle Holders Centerpiece
Source: bebraveandbloom.com

5- Fireplace Glass Christmas Taper Candle Holders

Christmas is the time for friends and family. The season is full of joy and happiness but can also be stressful. To make your Christmas party memorable, you must create a festive atmosphere. You can decorate your home with Christmas decorations or hire a professional event planner to do this for you. 

The fireplace glass candle holder is the fanciest way to light up your fireplace for Christmas. Imagine walking into your home and seeing the fireplace decorated with a lot of candle holders. This elegant centerpiece can be used for many occasions, including weddings, birthday parties, and even to celebrate the holidays.

However, if you want to save money and enjoy making things yourself, consider making some DIY Christmas decorations. Why not make your fireplace the focal point of your Christmas decor by making glass candle holders? Adding some sparkle to your mantel and showing off your crafty side is fun.

Fireplace Glass Christmas Taper Candle Holders
Source: decoist.com

6- Painted Pinecones Hurricane Christmas Taper Candle Holders

Christmas is the time when people love decorating their homes with beautiful decorations. Additionally, the Christmas tree has been the most popular decoration for many years.

But you can make your centerpiece for your Christmas dinner table using some simple items this year. Pinecone is one of the most accessible ideas to make a beautiful centerpiece for your Christmas dinner table. 

All you need is some pinecones and paint them in different colors to decorate your Christmas taper candle holders. You can also add glitter to them to give them an extra shine. Then place them in a glass vase and candles on top of them. This way, you will get a nice-looking centerpiece that will add color to your room.

Fireplace Glass Christmas Taper Candle Holders
Source: homebnc.com

7- Winter Wonderland Candle Holder

Christmas taper candle holders are perfect for a winter celebration. Add your candles into the water and place them around the edge of the pot so that they are floating upright. You can also glue them if you want them to stay put. Tie your ribbon around the rim of your pot and add a bow if you like!

Winter Wonderland Christmas Taper Candle Holders
Source: diyjoy.com

8- Three-Tier Christmas Candle Holder Centerpiece

This pretty three-tier candle holder centerpiece is a great way to add sparkle to your Christmas table. This Christmas candle holder centerpiece is perfect for displaying on a buffet or dining room table. It’s easy to make and looks beautiful!

A three-tiered cake stand is what you can purchase or make yourself. You need a small glass bowl for each tier of the stand or one more giant bowl to cover all three tiers. Furthermore, the candles are available at craft stores during the holidays, where you can find many shapes, such as stars, trees, bells, and angels.

Three-Tier Christmas Candle Holder Centerpiece
Source: lights.com


Candle holder centerpieces are a great Christmas decoration idea everyone can make at home. You can make your own Christmas taper candle holders without going to the ornament store and spending lots of money. We hope you can successfully complete your candle centerpiece using one or a combination of these ideas.

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