Vase Decor For Your Wedding Aisle Chairs That Are Unique And Romantic

Hanging Vase for Flower

A wedding day will indeed be one of the happiest times of your life. When both of you finally decide to take this beautiful step in your life and decide to get married. Now the excitement of making this day more beautiful begins. You begin planning what wedding theme you will choose. There are millions of things you can work on for your wedding day, but for now, let’s focus on chair decor with vase for flowers.

A seating plan is very important when it comes to weddings. The chairs fill in your wedding aisle space and make it look full. Indeed, you have to make them look beautiful with unique decorations.

Beautiful Wedding Aisle Ceremony Chairs Decor Ideas

You can add a vase for flowers, colorful ribbons, attach flowers to the chairs, and much more. Let’s explore a few ideas that you can use in your wedding chair decoration. 

Tied Vase For Flowers to the Aisle Side of the Chair

You can use a vase for flowers in your wedding chair decoration. The entire setup will elevate the essence of chairs in your wedding seating. You can add beautiful flowers in the vases that will match the theme of your wedding. The best part of vase for flowers is that you add multiple varieties to them. The flowers will stay fresh for longer in the vases as well. 

Now there are many ways to use a vase for flowers in wedding chair decor. You can tie this vase for flowers to the aisle side of the chairs. Indeed, you won’t tie these vases yourself, so tell your wedding designer to use them. 

Hanging Jute Rope Vases Along the Aisle

Vases wrapped in jute rope are another idea that you can think about using in your wedding decor. They will enhance the beauty of your wedding aisle. If you are planning to use white flowers, then bravo! Jute rope vase for flowers will work best with them.

This doesn’t mean you can not use any other color of flower with them. You can place any light-colored flowers in them. Also, jute rope vases are best if you don’t want to show the stems or the inside of the vase. Another advantage of using jute rope vases is that you don’t need extra stuff to hang them. The jute rope attached to the vase for flowers will do the job. 

Mason Jar on Hangers

Hangers attached to chairs are another way to decorate your wedding aisle. You can easily hang a bunch of mason jars on the hangers and fill them with flowers. It is one of the easy ways to beautify your wedding aisle chairs

If you are planning your wedding in the summer, then keeping the flowers fresh is a challenge. The sunlight can dehydrate your flowers easily. So it would be better to add some water to the mason jar to keep the flowers fresh. Also, with the help of hangers, you don’t have to worry about anyone getting wet.

Tie Vase for Flowers on Chair

Vases For Flower Beside Chairs on the Ground

You can place vases of flowers beside chairs on the ground. This idea will work best if you don’t want to attach the vases to your chair. But ensure you choose heavy clear floor vases for this setup, so they don’t fall off easily. 

These clear floor vases can help you use live plants or flowers in your wedding. The vases will be prepared in advance for your wedding. Indeed, no one will knock them down because they will be heavy.

Even if you don’t want to use live plants, they work best with other flower arrangements. Hey, do tell your guests to keep an eye on their kids so they don’t make a mess on the wedding aisle. 

Hanging Buckets of Flowers on Chairs

Buckets of flowers are easy to arrange and work best if you want minimal wedding chair decor. You can place a bunch of monotonous flowers in these buckets and hang them on chairs. That’s it; you’re all done. Also, you don’t have to worry about someone knocking them down.

Cylinder Vase for Flowers On Wooden Logs

Glass Cylinder Vases On Wooden Logs

You don’t need to hang or tie everything with the aisle chairs. If you want to keep the chair decor minimal, then go for cylinder vases. You can easily place these cylinder vases beside the wedding chair on wooden logs. Ensure you choose a chair and flower arrangement that will mingle well with this vase decor.    

Glass Cylinder Vases and Haystack Chairs

A farm wedding is an amazing theme, and you can do a lot with it. You can choose haystack chairs for your seating arrangement. Plus, glass vases filled with live and dried flowers will work beautifully with them.


When it comes to weddings, so much happens at the same time. The entire environment is filled with love and joy. Guests are arriving, and everyone is having a good time.

Indeed, your months of planning seem successful. You can add personal touches to your wedding aisle. Perhaps you would love to make some vases for flowers. This way, you can make your special day more beautiful.

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