How To Decor The Table To Perfect Your Crystal Wedding

Use Tiered Candle Holders To Perfect Your Wedding

If you want to add an elegant touch to your crystal wedding decorations, look no further than glass-tiered candle holders. 

Not only do they bring elegance and style to your wedding decor. But they also create a warm and inviting atmosphere that all your guests will love. When it comes to glass candle holders, tiered candle holders are a perfect choice. They are a great way to add an extra layer of sparkle to your special day. 

This blog post will explore creative and simple decor ideas for your perfect crystal wedding.

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5 Glass Candle Holders To Dress Up Your Wedding Table

There are many different types of glass candle holders out there. So you’re sure to find one that fits your style. Here are some ideas for glass candle holders that will give your home that special touch.

Hurricane Glass Tiered Candle Holders

Sparkle and glamour are just the things you need for your crystal wedding! 

With hurricane glass candle holders, you can easily create a unique centerpiece that will leave your guests speechless. These tiered candle holders have a delicate and elegant design. This design is sure to be a perfect complement to your wedding decor. 

They come in various styles, such as silver, gold, or black. You can choose one or mix and match colors to create a unique look. Place these hurricane candle holders in the center of the table. Let the flickering candles glow warmly on your wedding day. 

Whether you opt for a classic look, you’ll find the perfect set of hurricane candle holders for your special day.

Glass Hurricane Tiered Candle Holders
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Glass Candle Stick Holder

If you’re looking for a subtle yet stunning centerpiece for your crystal wedding, look no further than the glass candle stick holder. They come in all shapes and sizes, ranging from single-tiered candle holders to more elaborate ones. It can hold multiple candles simultaneously. 

These delicate holders bring a unique sparkle and shine to your wedding table. Add an element of romance with the soft glow of candlelight. You can use colorful candles for your candle holders. It depends on your preference and the overall color palette of your decor. 

Whatever you choose, the beautiful light emanating from tiered candle holders will bring a magical atmosphere to your special day.

Tiered Candle Holder

Glass Votive Tiered Candle Holders

When creating a stunning and romantic ambiance for a crystal wedding, glass votive candle holders made from glasses are one of the best choices. 

Not only do they offer a beautiful way to light up your special day. But they also look amazing when paired with other decorations. For those looking for an elegant yet unique addition to their wedding décor, tiered glass votive holders are perfect. 

These gorgeous candle holders come in different sizes and shapes. It allows you to create a dramatic display that will draw admiring glances from all your guests. Also, Tiered candle holders allow you to display more candles at once, giving you plenty of illumination during the night. 

Consider adding votive glass holders with ornate designs. They will make your crystal wedding even more spectacular. 

Whether you choose a single-tiered holder or multiple glass votives. You can be sure that these lovely pieces will bring extra sparkle to your celebration.

Glass Voitve Tiered Candle Holders

Colorful Glass Tiered Candle Holders

Colorful glass-tiered candle holders are the perfect addition to any crystal wedding decor. As the candles flicker and dance, the colors of the glass will shimmer and shine, creating a stunning visual effect. The bright, vibrant colors of the glass will add an extra pop of color to the wedding.

Using Different Colorful Tiered Candle Holders

Glass Pillar Candle Holders

Are you looking for the perfect addition to your wedding table decor? Look no further than glass pillar candle holders! 

These stunning glass candle holders are perfect for creating a sophisticated atmosphere at your crystal wedding reception. With the ability to hold three x 6-inch candles, you can create a dazzling display of light. 

Glass pillar candle holders are available in various styles and colors. So you can find the perfect piece to match the theme of your special day. Whether you choose a simple, straightforward design, these candle holders will add the perfect touch to your event. 

Why not add extra sparkle to your big day with glass pillar candle holders?

Glass Pillar Tiered Candle Holders

2 More Ways To Perfect Your Wedding Table

In addition to the glass candlesticks that can add stunning to the wedding, the glass tableware is also an essential decoration.

Glass Kitchenware With Glass Candle Holders

Using vintage glass plates, teacups, saucers, or even mason jars for a rustic touch. You can even find glass kitchenware with unique engravings or personalized messages for a special touch. 

Whatever you choose, these pieces of glass kitchenware will add a special touch to your crystal wedding decor.

Use Tiered Candle Holders And Glass Kitchenware

Champagne Glasses

Adding a touch of class and sophistication to your crystal wedding décor is easy with a few champagne glasses. 

Whether you opt for sleek, modern champagne flutes or elegant, vintage-style coupe glasses. You’ll find that a champagne glass can make a beautiful accent on your table. Place each glass on the table with a tiny cluster of crystals. Let the light of the candles glimmer and sparkle of the glasses. 

You could also decorate these champagne glasses bringing the perfect romance and luxury to your wedding decor.

Use Tiered Candle Holders And Champagne Glasses To Dress Up Your Wedding Table


Glass-tiered candle holders and tableware can be an excellent addition to your crystal wedding table decor. These holders not only provide a stunning visual centerpiece. But they also create a warm and intimate atmosphere for your guests. 

To perfect your crystal wedding with tiered candle holders, consider selecting holders that match the style and theme of your wedding. 

You can create a memorable and beautiful wedding that will be cherished for years by putting effort into the details.

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