How To Use Glass Candle Holders To Dress Up Your Easter Table

Taper Clear Candle Holders

Easter is right around the corner, and it’s time to start thinking about how to dress up your table. If you want to add a bit of sparkle to your Easter celebration, look no further than clear glass candle holders! 

They are beautiful and can create a warm and inviting atmosphere that will get everyone in the spirit of the season. In this blog post, we’ll explore how to use clear candle holders to bring a touch of elegance to your Easter table.

Let’s dive in!

Glass Candle Holders With Easter Figurines

Glass candle holders can add a decorative touch to any Easter table. Using clear candle holders, place an Easter figurine inside the glass container. If you want something more festive, wrap a strand of colorful ribbon around the outside of the glass. Tie a bow at the top for a cheerful touch. 

Place the candle holder in the center of your Easter table. You can even use clear votive holders with Easter figurines and light up your table with a warm glow.

Group them in threes or fours and place them on either side of the centerpiece. Wrap each clear candle holder with colored ribbons that match your decor color scheme. And top them off with glittery bows. 

Or, line them up on the mantelpiece to create a lovely backdrop for photos. An alternative is to fill each clear candle holder halfway with water and add fresh flowers. Then place small floating candles on the surface of the water. 

When lit, it creates a gentle and serene ambiance that will surely delight all your guests!

Clear Candle Holders With Easter Figurines

Adding Plants Around Glass Clear Candle Holders

Decorating a glass candle holder can add a special touch to your Easter table. One of the easiest ways to do this is by using a clear candle holder with colorful spring plants. 

Place the spring plants alone or in small groups around the candle holder. You can also hang ribbons and other festive items from the holders to add a bit of whimsy. 

It will help bring an element of fun to your Easter decorations. For a more elegant look, choose glass votives or hurricane-style candle holders. You can embellish these with lace or decorative paper. Or add seasonal greenery or small Easter eggs. 

The possibilities are endless!

Adding Plants Around Clear Candle Holders

Clear Candle Holders With Easter Nests

Easter nests are a fantastic way to dress up your Easter table. Combining clear candle holders with Easter nests is an easy way to make your Easter decorations stand out. You can fill the clear candle holders with Easter eggs and nest decorations. And other spring-themed items to create a whimsical centerpiece for your table. 

The combination of clear glass candle holders with vibrant-colored Easter eggs, green moss, and small nests adds a touch of springtime cheer to your table. Try pairing the clear candle holders with gold for an even more dramatic effect. Also, you can use silver accents for a truly festive look. 

You can easily create an eye-catching display using glass candle holders and Easter nests.

Clear Candle Holders With Easter Nests

Clear Votive Candle Holders With Easter Flowers

Easter is a time for family and friends to gather around the table to share a meal and celebrate the joy of spring. You are adding decorative elements to the table with clear candle holders. It is filled with Easter flowers is an easy way to make your Easter table look beautiful. 

Glass voting candle holders allow you to showcase colorful Easter flowers and add warmth and glow to your Easter gathering. You can also use votive candle holders in other creative ways. Such as surrounding your centerpiece and creating a beautiful display on your buffet table. 

To create an elegant look for your votive candles, decorate the glass holders with colorful Easter flowers. If you’re feeling extra creative, tie a festive ribbon around the holder’s base to give it a unique touch. 

Add some color and texture to the votive candle holders by adding some greenery. The combination of colors and textures will create an eye-catching display that will impress your guests!

Votive Clear Candle Holders With Easter Flowers

Using Different Colors Of Glass Candle Holders

Adding an array of colors to your Easter table setting can quickly be done with colored glass candle holders. Incorporating multiple colors in the glass candle holders can add a festive look to any room. It is a great way to show off your Easter decorations. 

Clear candle holders are a great choice as they reflect the colors around them. But brightly colored glass candle holders can add depth to the display. Consider incorporating different colors into the glass candle holders, such as pastel pinks and yellows. Also, greens and more vibrant colors like blues and purples. 

If you want to keep it simple, choose one color and coordinate it with the other elements on the table. Regardless of which colors you choose, glass candle holders will instantly dress up your Easter table setting.

Using Different Colors of Clear Candle Holders

Mix Different Candle Holders On the Easter Table

Setting the perfect Easter table takes thought and careful planning. Suppose you’ve decided to use glass and metal candle holders to decorate your Easter celebration. In that case, you’ll want to arrange them in a way that is visually appealing and compliments the table’s overall design.

Start by creating a focal point on the table with a beautiful clear candle holder as the centerpiece. Place a floral arrangement around the holder to add texture and bring out the colors. Then place metal candelabras on either end of the table for a more elegant look. 

Another option is to arrange the candle holders in groups of three. It will create depth and draw attention to the colorful decorations inside each one. For example, you could group votive holders with Easter flowers, gold metal candle holders with Easter nests, and glass candle holders with Easter figurines. 

No matter how you arrange your glass candle holders, place them at eye level so everyone can see their beauty. Your Easter table will display color, texture, and festive charm when finished.

Arranging The Clear Candle Holders On the Easter Table


Clear candle holders are a great way to dress up your Easter table, adding a decorative and festive touch. 

Whether you choose glass candle holders with Easter figurines, clear candle holders with Easter nests, or votive candle holders with Easter flowers, these beautiful pieces can bring your Easter table to life. 

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