Tips To Repair Your Cracked Glass Vases

Clear Glass Vase

Clear glass vases are elegant and beautiful home decor pieces. You can place some fresh or dry flowers in them or convert them into floating candle vases. The possibilities of decoration with clear glass vases are very high. They can make your special occasions extraordinary. 

You can make your indoor or outdoor living space beautiful with clear glass vases in any way you want. But there is one thing they ask in return, extra care. Clear glass vases are extremely fragile. So you have to place them very carefully. If they fall on the ground, you will not get any time for regrets about why you placed them there. 

Even if this tragedy happens to you, there’s still some hope. You can repair your cracked glass vase. Let’s explore how you can repair your cracked glass vase. 

Tips To Follow For Repairing Cracked Clear Glass Vase

Though repairing glass vases is not easy, it is possible. You have to be careful and patient while attempting to repair the vase. Have a look at these points to understand how you can do it.

Supplies Required

While repairing your glass vase, you need to be cautious. This is indeed the first step. You have to be careful otherwise you might cut yourself with glass. Let’s see what supplies you need before repairing your cracked clear glass vase

  • Protective gloves and cloth 
  • Two-part epoxy, scrap cardboard, and  toothpicks 
  • Hot glue gun and razor blade 

Of course, you will not begin repairing your clear glass vase right away. But you have to pick up all the glass pieces quickly. Wear protective gloves while picking the vase, as cracked glass might cut your fingers. Keep the vase wrapped in a cloth and it somewhere safe. 

Cleaning the Vase

Whether your vase is cracked or broken, you have to clean it properly. You can use a cloth or rag to clean it. This way, you will ensure there is no dirt or fine particle of glass on the vase’s surface. Do the cleaning very gently to avoid more damage to the vase. 

How to Use Epoxy Mixture

The epoxy mixture will bring your cracked vase back to life. But you have to mix the epoxy mixture properly. Use two- parts of epoxy glue and hardener and mix them well. A good mixture will take more than 5 minutes to set. Ask the vendor whether it will work on the cracked glass while purchasing epoxy. Remember, you will use a minimal amount of it, so don’t mix too much epoxy, as you can not use it later.

You can use a toothpick or wooden pop stick to apply the epoxy mixture. Try to apply it uniformly on the cracked vase. No matter what, do not try to rush this process, be patient. If you feel like you can not apply the epoxy mixture on both sides at once, then take your time. Complete one-half adequately and then work on the other one. 

Reparing Clear Glass Vases


When you apply the epoxy mixture, it will take some time to dry. Do not begin scraping right away. Let the vase rest and do some other household chores. However, epoxy takes 6 to 12 hours to dry. This won’t be the case with your situation as you have applied a very thin layer of epoxy. Let it rest for 2 to 3 hours to ensure it is ready for scraping. Now, take a sharp razor blade and scrape off excess epoxy from the vase. Clean the vase with a cloth, and that’s it; you are all done. You have repaired your cracked clear glass vase.

Reparing Clear Glass Vase


You can not deny the fact that someone might knock down your glass vases at a party or family gathering. This might happen because you forgot to place them properly.

You can repair your vases with the tips mentioned above. But if the vase is completely shattered, then indeed, it’s time to buy some new ones.  If you want new glass vases that will take the place of cracked ones, then get in touch with Glasseam. Visit our website and add some new elegant clear glass vases to your home decor collection.

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