Ways To Prevent Eiffel Tower Vases From Falling

Eiffel Tower Vases

Do you have Eiffel Tower vases at home? If yes, then you must know that they are one of the popular choices for centerpieces. You can use them for floral arrangements at weddings, afternoon tea, baby shower, bridal shower, formal events, and in-home décor.

The long Eiffel Tower flower vases are named after the famous building in Paris because of its shape. Its tall, narrow base makes it easy to fall if not paid attention. These vases are so slender, and you need to know how to handle them to keep them safe and prevent them from falling.

If you love decorating your place with such amazing flower vases, let’s explore some ultimate ways to keep Eiffel Tower vases from falling over. It will ensure that your centerpieces and floral arrangements are a success.

8 Tips to Prevent Your Eiffel Tower Vases from Tripping Over

1. Fill the Vase with Heavy Objects

The perfect and most effective way to prevent Eiffel Tower vases from falling is to fill them with heavy objects so they will not move. Heavy objects will provide them with a stable base, and hence the skinny vases will stay in one place without falling.

You can use colorful stones, pebbles, or even sand to make the Eiffel Tower flower vases heavy. This will make a great eye-catching piece with a transparent glass skinny vase and colorful fillings.

If you are going to use the vase for keeping flowers or feather arrangement purposes, then you must put a foam or oasis in it. This will provide weight and support to both the vase and the flowers. Filling the vase with water is also a good option to make it heavy.

2. Use a Base Plate or Stand

Here is another way to help you keep your Eiffel Tower vases from falling and breaking. All you need is to create a base using a plate or stand for it. This base will provide additional stability to your glass vase and also act as an accessory. The plates that you will use should be made with durable and attractive materials.

Generally, glass or plastic plates are used as a base or stand that comes in various shapes and sizes. You can choose a plate or stand that will fit the width or length of your flower vase. Choosing the correct size and shape is the catch here to prevent your vase from falling.

3. Secure the Vase with Putty

If you are unhappy with the readymade shapes and materials for your vase stand, then you must try this option. You must have used putty in various things, and you already know that it can be molded in any shape. Take a putty and secure your Eiffel Tower vases by creating a base or stand with it.

Making a putty stand will provide you with the exact shape and size of the stand that you need. It will hold your vase just upright and tight and not allow it to fall. This trick can be applied and is useful on all the light weighted vases. Also, if your vase is not fitting into any stand or base, then you can consider this your best option.

Eiffel Tower Vases on Table
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4. Balance the Vase with a Floral Arrangement

One of the creative yet most beautiful ways to prevent your precious Eiffel Tower vases from falling over is through floral arrangements. The original use of these vases is to arrange the blooms in them. Hence all you need to do is balance the weight with some fascinating flowers.

If your glass skinny vase is tall, then make sure to arrange the flower in a way that matches the proportion of the vase size and weight. Flowers such as roses, peonies, sunflowers, and gladiolus are perfect for keeping in these vases. You can also use some greenery to balance the colors. This will not only prevent the vase from falling but will also create a stunning centerpiece for your home.

5. Use Adhesive Tape or Velcro Strips

Have you ever used an adhesive tape or a Velcro strip? If you have, you must know how sturdy and strong they are in providing security. You can use these tapes or strips to hold your Eiffel Tower vases in one place. Once to have stuck the vase in its required place, it will not budge at all and, thus, will not trip.

While using adhesive tape or Velcro strips, you must pay attention to the base you are sticking it to. They may cause damage to some selected materials or may not stick on rough bases. So you should prevent both damage to the material and tripping of the vase at the same time.

6. Use Non-Slip Pads

While we are on the topic of how to prevent tripping of the Eiffel Tower vases, we should not forget about non-slip pads. They are very helpful in holding things in one place in order to prevent their falling. Non-slip pads provide traction and thus prevent the object from sliding here and there.

Now whether the surface is smooth or not, your glass vase will be safe from the fall and slide off. You can get a non-slip pad easily from online or offline stores and put it under your tall skinny vase. If the size and shape do not match your vase’s base, then you can cut it to fit the base.

7. Avoid Overcrowding the Vase

About using a floral arrangement to give weight to the vase, you must be attentive not to overcrowd the vase. If you fill your Eiffel Tower vases with lots of flowers and greenery, then there is a high chance of losing their footing and falling on the ground. You can use as many flowers as you want, but you must be careful with the quantity.

You can use different sizes and colors of blooms to create an appealing floral arrangement without making it heavy. You must make sure that there is enough space between the flowers and the vase that allows it to create a balanced weight.

8. Place the Vase on a Stable Surface

This is one of the most important aspects of keeping your Eiffel Tower vases safe and free from fall. You must place your tall skinny vase on a stable surface so it won’t budge or fall. You should avoid placing your vase on uneven or unstable surfaces. This is to prevent your vase from getting wobbly and vibrated, which leads to its fall.

Pay attention to the fact that the surface you are putting your vase on is not inclined or tilted. This will not let your vase fall off or break, and you can use it as long as you want.


In conclusion, Eiffel Tower vases are beautiful and elegant perfect for any event, but their tall and slender shape can make them prone to falling. You must remember a few things that will help you avoid breaking off your glass vase. Non-slip pads, adhesive tape or Velcro strips, base plates or stands, and avoiding overcrowding the vase with flowers are necessary tricks that you must use to prevent your precious vase from falling.

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