The Proper Table Setting For Glass Salad Plates

salad plates table setting

You need to pay attention to detail when setting a beautiful table for lunch, brunch, dinner, or breakfast. You can use utensils made from silver, glass, steel, etc., to make the table look visually appealing and aesthetically pleasing. While setting the table, one tends to ignore one of the most important aspects of dining, i.e., Glass Salad Plates

You must create an inviting dining look by adequately placing the glass salad plates on your table. These may seem insignificant, but they add elegance to any table setting. If you are going to host a party at home and set the table, then you must know a few things that will make your salad plate look more appetizing.

Guide for the Proper Glass Salad Plates Table Setting

1. Position

In glass salad plates, you generally serve appetizers, salads, or desserts as they are smaller than dinner plates. While setting up the table for dining, you must pay attention to the position of the salad plate. It should be kept on top of the main dinner plate in the center. Make sure to align it with the bottom edge of the main dinner plate, as it gives a layered effect.

2. Size and Shapes

The standard size of glass plates is around 7-8 inches in diameter, but they can also be available in different sizes. While choosing the best salad plate for your dining table set, you must ensure that it goes well with your dinner plate and other tableware. When your dinner and salad plates look good together, your dining table will also be visually appealing and inviting. 

There is a range of shapes available in salad plates. A few mentions are circles, ovals, hearts, and squares shaped glass salad plates. You can choose the one that fits your dinner plate and other table elements well.

3. Utensils

After the position and size, it comes to the utensils that you will keep around the glass salad plate while setting the dining table. You must follow the basic table rule before the arrival of guests, depending upon their order of use. On the left side of the plate, you must keep the salad fork and place the tines on the rim. In the end, place the spoon horizontally on the salad plate with its handle pointing to the right.

4. Napkin

Make sure to keep some folded napkins on the table to give it a casual dining setting. There is a wide range of napkin design options that you will get in stores. From floral to simple, textured to plain, you will get everything that you want for a perfect dining setting. For a formal setting, it is better to use a plain napkin and use rings or elegant folding to arrange them. After organizing them, you must place them on top of the salad plate.

5. Glassware

Your dining setting is incomplete without adding appropriate glassware. Also, it must complement your dinner and glass salad plates. These glasses should be kept on the right side above the salad plate. If there are multiple glasses containing different elements like water, wine, or other beverages, then keep the water glass closest to the plate. Other glass should be placed at an even distance to the left side near the plate.

6. Decorative Touches

You can add some sprigs of fresh herbs and small flowers to your glass salad plates to make it look elegant. This adds to the visual appearance of your dining table and will help you create a memorable dining experience. You can use other decorative elements on your dining table before the arrival of your guests and make it look inviting and aesthetic.

glass salad plates table setting

How to Arrange Glass Salad Plates for Different Occasions

1. Casual Brunch

You can create a relaxed and laid-back dining table set for the casual brunch that you are going to hold at home. You can use your glass salad plates in such a way that it will create a charming vibe for your brunch with friends or relatives. First, you need a neutral tablecloth to create an inviting base, and then keep the salad plate in its center. Now, add a napkin and some fresh sprigs at the side and on the table. Lastly, you need to put some cutlery near the plates following the table rules to complete the setting.

2. Formal Dinner Party

Formal dinners give more of a sophisticated and elegant vibe; hence you should go with a refined approach. For this, first, select a crisp tablecloth that has a classic backdrop and then put a round dinner plate in the center. Now take one of your glass salad plates and place it on the dinner plate along with the appetizers. Fold some paper or cloth napkins on the left side of the salad plate and cutlery on both sides. 

Now add some glassware for wine, water, or other beverage. Also, keep some decorative items beside them. For instance, you can place candles and flower vases with attractive flower arrangements.

3. Special Occasions

You can make creative glass salad plate arrangements for any special occasion. It can be marriage anniversaries, birthdays, housewarming parties, or dining. Besides, if you are planning a theme-based party, you must select a specific tablecloth to match it. 

After that, you should choose the napkin that complements dinner plates and other elements of the party. You can also decorate the table with some show pieces that blend with the theme of the party.


If you follow these guidelines, you can create an appealing look while setting a dining table. Your guests will remember this extraordinary dining experience for a long time. Also, you can serve salads, snacks, or other appetizers on the glass salad plates to have an enjoyable conversation over the meal.

Moreover, you must pay attention to the position, size, utensils, napkins, and decorative elements as well. Working creatively with these little details can enhance your table’s appearance. So next time when you organize an event, surprise your guest with these decoration ideas.

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