The Meaning Of Glass Rose In A Dome

Glass Rose

A glass rose is a gift of foreverness and love. But do all forever or glass roses have the same meaning? Well, of course not! Just like various natural flowers, forever or glass roses also have different meanings. Like any other flowers, they show love, care, respect, and more. But one symbol that makes them unique is their everlasting nature. 

They are the perfect gift for your loved one. You can give a glass rose to your partner with the promise of foreverness. Of course, the forever rose will stay the same, and you will cherish its presence for a lifetime. You can also gift your friends a rose in a glass dome to cherish everlasting friendship. There is no rule of thumb when it comes to gifting a forever or glass rose to your loved one. 

So what’s the origin of the rose in a glass dome? How does it come into existence? You might be thinking about these questions while buying a glass rose. Let’s dive deep into this matter and understand what’s the meaning of a rose in a glass dome. 

Origin of Rose in a Glass Dome

Disney movie Beauty And The Beast is the big reason behind the popularity of rose in a glass dome. But the origin dates back to 1740 when the french writer Gabrielle-Suzanne Barbot De Villeneuve wrote this tale. A young man turned into a beast who must find true love to break the curse. In the story, the curse was bonded to a rose in the glass dome. 

But as the beast is about to turn 21, he finds true love. Bella falls in love with the beast, and their true love breaks the curse. The dying flower in the dome turns into a new rose symbolizing true love. 

This is how a rose in a glass dome found its way into our lives. Indeed Disney presented it very well through the movie Beauty And The Beast. If your loved ones are big fans of Disney movies, this gift will fill their hearts with joy. 

Glass Rose of Beauty And The Beast

What Does Glass Rose Symbolize

Indeed the glass rose symbolizes everlasting love, but wait, there is much more. It also symbolizes hope and patience. These two are certainly the foundation stones of all good relationships. 

Though its origin directly represents romantic love it also indicates eternal love. This means eternal love that doesn’t have to be romantic. This eternal love can symbolize true friendship, family, and more. 

Glass Rose as a Gift

Can You Make One At Home

The answer is Yes. Indeed you have to make some effort, but it is possible. The material required is very specific. You will need a rose, a glass dome, rose petals, and a wooden foot. If you like adding more decorative stuff, keep it in your supply bucket. 

Let’s arrange it now. Mount the preserved rose on the wooden foot. Make sure it sticks well, and add rose petals and other decorations. Once you are satisfied with its appearance, seal it with a glass dome. That’s it, and you are all done.  

You can make a rose in the glass dome for your home decoration or gift one to someone. Of course, they will have your personal touch in them. It will perfectly match the vibes of your home decor. Also, when you gift a self-made rose dome to someone, it sends a message that you truly love and care about them. 

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Gifting A Forever Rose

Forever rose is a perfect gift for your loved one; if they are Disney movies admirers. They will begin jumping when they see the forever rose in the glass dome. But it doesn’t mean people who are not into Disney won’t love it. They will accept this beautiful forever rose with love for sure. 

While you can try making a forever rose, it would be better if you buy one. Professionally made forever roses are perfect and look flawless. They are cost-effective as you don’t have to buy different supplies. They also shine better and look more appealing. You can also buy forever rose glass domes with LED lights that will illuminate your living space. 

Now think about gifting this type of forever rose to someone. It will enlighten their eyes when they look at it. Do you know what the best part is? It will happen every time they will look at it.   


Forever or glass roses are the symbol of eternal love and care. They are a perfect gift for your loved one as they will represent foreverness. It will remind your loved ones of you even if you are not around. If you want to gift this foreverness to your loved ones, then get in touch with Glasseam. Visit our website and purchase the gift of eternal love and presence from us.

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