Stunning Bouquets In Glass Vases For Every Wedding

Play with Purple Flowrs in Clear Glass Vase

After choosing the wedding venue and theme color of the wedding, it’s time for the wedding decoration. To decorate your wedding, you need good centerpieces that can stand out in the crowd. Adding a flower clear glass vase centerpiece is an essential part of your wedding. 

And bouquets are something that can make your wedding look stunning and elegant. Flowers have the charm to attract people, and they can instantly grab your guest’s eye. 

To create unique bouquets, you don’t have to make much effort. Here are 11 ways to create your own bouquet centerpieces for your wedding using a clear glass vase

Let’s take a look. 

Go Bold with Colorful Flowers

Having a colorful wedding theme, this centerpiece can make your wedding look outstanding. In this, you can create a boutique with bold flowers. Instead of simple colored flowers, you have to take flowers like dahlias, roses, and peonies. 

Add these colorful flowers to a clear glass vase. This is a perfect rustic wedding centerpiece. You’ll love this flower display on the table. 

Wow with Romantic Roses

Want a filled flower display, this centerpiece is perfect for you. You can make an amazing boutique centerpiece by adding a lot of roses in a clear glass vase. This centerpiece will look naturally romantic and lovely.

This lush arrangement will add up a lot of charm to your wedding table.

Pair White Roses and Greenery

Want to add a wow factor to your wedding decor? Try to add simple centerpieces. Yes, sometimes simplicity is better than adding a pop of color. In this centerpiece, you have to add a white rose with some greenery in a clear glass vase

Add a combo of garden roses, ranunculus, and a greenery garland. The simple white rose with greenery will definitely steal the heart of your guest. 

Pair White Roses and Greenery in Clear Glass Vases

Display Hydrangeas with Tall Glass Vase

This centerpiece is made for summer weddings, as hydrangea is perfect for the summer season. You can create a lush arrangement by using hydrangea and adding some height. 

Add flowers like hydrangeas, garden roses, and orchids to fill the boutique. You’ll love this arrangement on your wedding table.

Focus on Fall Hues and Texture

Are you having a fall wedding? You must try out this centerpiece. In this, you can create an amazing boutique by adding a pop of toffee roses, Lunaria, mums, and poppy pods in a clear glass vase.

Want to give this centerpiece a more unique touch, then consider adding dried palm leaves. This will make your centerpiece more lively at your wedding function.

Incorporate Something Blue

Love blue or want to give a blue touch to your wedding, this centerpiece is for you. You don’t have to make much effort; just add a few blue blooms with some white blooms. The mixture of blue and white is no less than perfection. 

To match the vibe with the centerpiece, add some blue porcelain to the table. This will create a whole blue scenario. Blue looks royal yet elegant in any season wedding. 

Play with Purple Flowers

We often don’t see purple at weddings, and that’s your chance to look different. Adding purple flowers will definitely help you stand out in guests’ eyes. Add pops of purple to your flower arrangement with other blooms. 

To make it more effective, add a purple tablecloth. The purple vibe will make you unique and elegant. So are you ready to try out this centerpiece? 

Say Yes to Yellow Hues

Nothing can be better than yellow hues if you are creating a bouquet. Add a yellow touch to your wedding table by creating a flower arrangement with garden roses, zinnias, and strawflowers. The flowers will put the charm on your wedding dinner table. 

Keep the stem longer to make this centerpiece stand out. This is the perfect centerpiece for the spring season. So what are you waiting for? Add this centerpiece to your wedding checklist. 

Clear Glass Vases For Wedding

Mix Flowers and Candles

If you want to level up the bouquets other than the flowers, try out this idea. In this, you have to add peppergrass with lisianthus, scabiosa, and honey dijon roses in a clear glass vase.

To make it more interesting, add floating votive candles in a clear glass vase. This centerpiece will take your dinner table to a whole new level with a mix of light and flowers. This is the perfect fall display to add to your wedding. 

Make It Mauve

Want to create a bouquet with a mix of flowers; then this centerpiece is for you. You can overflow this centerpiece by adding garden roses, lisianthus, eucalyptus, and dusty miller.

This centerpiece will definitely grab your attention with a pop of flowers. The mix of flowers will look amazing on your wedding table. You can use a clear glass vase to keep this flower arrangement. 

So you must try out this centerpiece. 

Stick to Classic and Elegant

Want to give a classy touch to your wedding decor; nothing can beat this centerpiece. In this, you don’t have to go overboard; just white blooms, and you are done. A suitable clear glass vase will work best to keep your white roses. You can totally design your wedding table with this idea.

The fresh white rose will add a scent to the environment, and it will look gorgeous on your wedding table. So don’t overlook this simple centerpiece in your wedding. 

Are you in to try out this centerpiece? 


Wedding decoration is one of the toughest parts of your wedding. Thinking about different centerpieces and adding them to your table can be tiring. And to solve this problem, we come up with 11 best bouquet centerpiece ideas to put in your wedding. 

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