Glass Small Vase Inspirations For Wedding Cocktail Table Decoration

Small flower vases for wedding cocktail decoration

Do you know what a wedding cocktail party is? It’s a special event where grown-ups gather to have fun and enjoy drinks and snacks together after the wedding ceremony! People often decorate the banquet venue with pretty things to make a cocktail party extra special. One way to make the room look beautiful is by using small glass vases as decorations. These vases are like cups that you can put flowers in, and they can make your cocktail party look fancy and inviting. 

This article will explore some fun ideas for using a small flower vase to decorate your cocktail party. Let’s get started!

1. Flowers or Candies In Compote Vases

At the fancy wedding cocktail party, spot the cocktail tables with a low centerpiece of a compote small flower vase. This decoration is excellent because the compote flower vase will not be too high to block the view. 

Carefully add flowers and green leaves that smell amazing and look colorful. Or, putting candies inside will not make the table look monotonous as well.

This centerpiece will make the cocktail table look elegant and beautiful, just like a princess’s castle. 

You can’t wait to see the grown-ups’ faces light up when they see your stunning creation!

2. Fruits in Cylinder Small Flower Vases

This idea is perfect for a summer wedding cocktail party. Use a cylinder vase and fill it with colorful and delicious small fruits like grapes and cherries. Also, add some pretty flowers and green leaves to make it look even more like a tropical paradise! Or you can create a citrus slice centerpiece.

This centerpiece will make the table look like a fun and tasty island where the guests can take a break and enjoy the party even more! 

3. Go with Mini Bud Vases

At a wedding cocktail party, there are unique tables where people sit and eat yummy food. But how can you make these tables even more pretty? By adding a small centerpiece using unique tiny vases called mini bud vases.

These bud small flower vases are tiny, so you can put just 2-3 pretty flowers in each one. Then, place them in the middle of the table to make it look extra beautiful.

This small flower vase centerpiece will make the table look like a magical garden with flowers blooming everywhere. Everyone will be amazed and happy when they see it!

Small flower vases for decor

4. Glass Vase Mounted On a Wood Base

This sculpture has two parts: a clear glass vase and a wooden base.

The glass vase is cool because it has a particular shape that looks like a piece of art. Put it on top of the wooden base, which is like a sturdy holder for the vase.

Together, the small flower vase and wooden base make a pretty decoration that everyone loves to look at. It’s like having a beautiful piece of artwork right on the table! 

5. Colored Ribbed Glass Vase

Have you ever seen a glass small flower vase with great ridges on it? That’s called a ribbed glass vase, and it’s exceptional because it comes in many different colors! When you put flowers in the vase, it makes the whole thing look extra pretty and colorful. 

This ribbed glass vase will make the table look colorful and happy. It’s like having a rainbow right on the table! 

This small flower vase is perfect for an evening cocktail party. The reflection of the light from the glass creates an even more captivating atmosphere.

6. Vintage Glass Vase with Rose

Why not chose vintage flower vases for your wedding cocktail party?  Using this vase to hold roses or other decorations adds a touch of elegance and charm to your event. When you put flowers in the vase, it looks even more beautiful because the light bounces off the glass design.

This cut glass vase will make the table look fancy and elegant. It’s like having a particular piece of jewelry right on the table. 

7. DIY Floating Candle Vase Centerpieces

If you want to make your table look extra special for a cocktail party, use a classic floating candle vase centerpiece! 

You can put colorful beads, flowers, and water in cylinder vases and then place a tealight candle on the top of the vase. Lighting the candles makes the table look extra pretty and magical because of the flickering light.

This classic floating candle centerpiece will make the table look fancy and sophisticated. It’s like having a special light that makes everything look extra beautiful!

Small flower vases

8. Boho Pampas Grass Centerpiece

Are you ready to make your wedding cocktail party table look like a magical forest? You can do that with a boho pampas grass centerpiece! This decoration uses a unique plant called pampas grass with long and fluffy stems.

Put the pampas grass in a unique small glass vase and add some pretty flowers to make it look even more beautiful. When you’re done, the table will look like a fairytale forest where the guests can relax and have fun. 

9. Small Gold Glass Vase Centerpiece

Get ready to shine at your party with a gold centerpiece! 

Use a small glass vase with a shiny gold rim. Then, add some pretty flowers and green leaves inside the vase to make it look even more beautiful.

This small centerpiece will make the table look elegant and classy. It’s like having a little piece of gold and beauty on the table! This small flower vase will add instant charm to your cocktail party.


Glass small vases are a perfect way to add some elegance and charm to a cocktail table. Each vase decor ways has its extraordinary beauty that can add charm to your celebration. 

Choose the small flower vase that you like best, and it will make your special day even more magical!

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