Set Up Your Tables: 4 Elegant Inspirations For Your Easter Dinner

Glass Kitchenware With Cylinder Glass Vase

A festival party is all about enjoyment, good food, and sharing quality time. Easter is almost here. Let’s hop to it and figure out a way to get the kids over the holidays. You might be thinking of hosting an Easter party at home but are confused about decor and food. To prepare a spring meal, you can add beautiful Easter table decorations and centerpieces perfectly. A cylinder glass vase with beautiful ferns and flowers can add elegance to your party tables.

People often love perfectly organized tables at parties or events. There are many ways to decorate your party tables. You can go for table centerpieces, small flower bunches, candle holders, and many more.

Even if you plan a small Easter meal at home, mix and match our creative ideas for an Easter table display or use them as inspiration to create your look. Do not worry. After reading this article, you will be confident with the decor and other preparations. Let’s have a quick look at the article to explore more. 

Glass Candle Holders

A homemade Easter table is the star of the spring setting. Create a few decorated Easter eggs, fresh flowers, cylinder glass vases, and scented candles in sterling glass candle holders. Add some colors to your tables with multicolor painted dots. 

You can decorate the Easter tables with glass candle holders as the centerpieces. Candles will add warmth to your event and set up a lively and soul-soothing mood at the party.

Candles can be dangerous and create chaos if placed without a base. To avoid the spillage of candle wax on your beautiful tables, keep them on candle holders.

Glass candle holders will enhance the beauty of your table and make it more appealing. Using glass candle holders, you can illuminate the atmosphere and enhance your party’s decor. 

You can choose sleek and stylish cylinder glass vases and keep the candles in them. It will be a convenient and unique idea.  

Cylinder Glass Vase As A Glass Candle Holder

Glass Kitchenware And Easter Napkins

Adding napkins to the tables at the Easter party can be fun. You can add colorful napkins to the table with an Easter theme. As with the utensils, glassware is arranged in order of use, beginning with the water glass directly above the dinner knife.

Whether you are eating dinner at home or hosting a formal event, silverware and glassware are always positioned in the order in which they will be used from the outside. Forks are placed to the left of the plate, the first-course fork being the one farthest to the left, and knives and spoons are placed in a corresponding order on the right. 

Your guests may adore the creative potential of the napkins and seating cards. You can choose napkins in a variety of materials and textures. You can arrange them in various ways, such as folded napkins, or they may be placed in myriad ways, placed in the center of the dinner plate or under the forks. 

Napkin rings can animate your settings as they come in many unique designs. You can choose the white-colored napkin with bunny faces or get the napkins following the easter theme.  

Glass Kitchenware With Cylinder Glass Vase

Easter Flowers In Cylinder Glass Vases

Glass vases can be positioned directly above the knives, to the right of the plate, and can be altered according to which beverages you intend to serve. You can make it more customized with Easter plants and Easter eggs theme. Have you ever visited a party where tables are decorated with round or cylinder glass vases? Just think of flower vases and glowing candles near them.

You can welcome your guests with beautiful flowers in elliptical or cylinder glass vases. You can fill the cylinder glass vases with lilies, tulips, gerbera daisies, crocus, and daffodils. These flowers charm your party and make it more lively and natural. The floral bouquet can be the perfect gift for your special ones. 

Cylinder Glass Vase With Easter Flowers

 Easter Eggs In Votive Glass Vases

Not only cylinder glass vases can be used for Easter parties, but you can also go for votive glass vases to make it their Easter centerpiece. Easter eggs are used as the base of a flower vase to make it more connected to the Easter interior decor. You can use both real and fake flowers in it.

Take a vase and put colorful Easter eggs in it, then place your flowers on the eggs. You can fill your vase with the eggs, place the stems of the flowers in the middle of the eggs, and place the stems of the flowers in the middle of the eggs. 

Votive Vase With Easter Eggs

If you are looking for more interesting ideas, here is a collection of ideas from youtube.

Source: Sunny Side Design


The dramatic, romantic Easter table starts with flowers. Bright cylinder glass vases contrast with the pastel arrangements of ranunculus, hellebores, poppies, and Juliet garden roses. A grid of florists tape over the top of each compote holds the stems in place. If you are looking for cylinder glass vases, you can get in touch with Glasseam.

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