Suction Cup Planter Window Aquarium


  • [Smooth Surface Design]–The surface of our suction cup planter is smooth and round, which does not hurt your hands. The fish swims freely, so you don’t need to worry about it.
  • [Strong adsorption]–Each aquarium hydroponic plant is equipped with 2 suction cup planters, with strong adsorption capacity, which can grow more aquatic plants and place more soil without falling off easily.
  • [Transparent high borosilicate glass]–Very suitable for independent breeding of small water plants, transparent glass terrarium to prevent light from being covered by large water plants, malnutrition caused by lack of nutrients; makes viewing convenient.
  • [Unique design]–The oblique mouth is good for shooting light and promoting photosynthesis; the small hole design at the bottom of the cup makes the water flow easily, which is good for absorbing nutrients; meanwhile, the small fish can enter and exit freely.
  • [Warranty]– Engaged in glassware for years, Glasseam aims to provide you with artwork in perfect condition with customized packaging. If you are unsatisfied with the item for any reason, please contact us. We will provide the best solution within 24 hours, and offer LIFETIME professional customer service for you.

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The smooth surface provides a perfect decoration for large and small aquariums, provides more living space for small plants, and makes full use of the higher space of the aquarium.
The beveled design of the surface fully provides photosynthesis for plants, which is a necessity for your small plants.
1. The magnetic suction cup planter aquarium comes with strong adsorption and withstands heavier soil and plant products.
2. Transparency facilitates the ingestion of light, and plants can fully perform photosynthesis
3. The small holes at the bottom are conducive to drainage so that the plants are not easy to rot.
4. Suitable for small plants to thrive without competing for light with large plants.
5. Add more beautiful scenery to your fish tank, and please your mood.
Material: High borosilicate glass
Size: Length: 2.56” / 6.5cm; High: 2.36” / 6cm; Width: 2.56” / 6.5cm; Caliber:1.96” / 5cm.
Our shop: Glasseam concentrate on glassware for decorating the home office, coffee shops, and indoor gardens, such as glass planter, glass vase, glass dome, and glass ornament. Adds modern sense and stylish to surroundings, a greener more colorful, and artistic atmosphere to your life.

Suction Cup Planter
Suction Cup Planter Window Aquarium
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