What To Consider When Transporting Large Glass Vase For A Wedding

Large Glass Vase for Wedding

When it comes to weddings, decoration is very important. Indeed, You will look for the best decoration for your wedding day. This includes beautiful flowers, small and large glass vases, chairs, and more. The list keeps on going, but of course, all these things are necessary to make your wedding day more special. 

While you can show your skills with decoration arrangements, you might face issues with transportation. Things that are made of glass become a big challenge. 

Good quality large glass vases are strong, but this doesn’t mean they won’t break. A little bit of mishandling can put your efforts in vain. So how to ensure the safety of large glass vases while transporting them? Let’s have a look at these points to understand better. 

Things to Consider While Transporting Large Glass Vases

Flower Delivery Box

Keep this thing in mind that you are not transporting large glass vases only. There are flowers in them too. This is why you need flower delivery boxes that will keep vases and flowers perfectly aligned. You can easily find these boxes at any florist shop. But there’s another option; you can make some of your own too. 

Get some enclosed boxes that will fit all of your vases. Now cut a hole that will allow you to slide in the vases. These box arrangements will ensure that your large glass vases don’t fall off.

Boxes with Dividers

Of course, it won’t be a good idea if your large glass vases touch each other. So it is necessary to add a box divider while packing them. You can choose separate boxes for each vase, but this would be hectic. There is a possibility that all boxes won’t fit in your car or transporting vehicle. This is why if you are planning to transport multiple vases, place them in one or two boxes with dividers.

Use Boxes with Dividers to Transport Large Glass Vase
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Use Clear Masking Tape and Minimal Water

There’s nothing wrong with being a little bit more cautious. You can use clear masking tape to secure the vases. Use clear masking tape and attach the large glass vases to the top of the boxes. Tape the packing material and dividers too. 

Indeed you can add water in vases once you arrive at the wedding venue. But no water in the vases can affect the freshness of the flowers. You can tackle this situation by adding minimal water to the vases. This way, you don’t have to worry about any water spillage. Once you arrive at the venue, fill the vases with appropriate quantities of water. 

Transport Everything at Once

There is no rule of thumb that you have to transport all pieces together. All of your vases will arrive at the wedding venue together, and you don’t have to worry about missing pieces. 

Ensure you transport your large glass vases in the trunk of the vehicle. It would be better if you have a truck for this job. You can ask a friend who has a truck to help you with this job. If this is not possible, then rent a truck and safely deliver all the vases to the wedding venue. 

Greenery in Glass Cylinder
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Assemble On-Site 

Indeed, it is a great idea to transport everything at once, but you should keep bulky items separate. You are carrying a lot of risks already, so try to avoid more. 

You can assemble fragile accessories at the wedding venue. This way, you don’t have to worry about getting anything messy. If you are planning to use dried flowers, then keep them in a separate bag. They are much easier to handle, and you can instantly place them in the vases. 

It is one way to ensure the safety of loose items. Vase glitter, fillers, and other loose items can scatter during transportation. To ensure you don’t face this situation, assemble everything when you arrive at the wedding venue. 


Your wedding decorations have endless possibilities. You can do so much with your wedding aisle, dinner tables, seating chairs, and more.

Follow the ways mentioned above to ensure the safe transportation of your glass wedding table centerpieces. 

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