Guide to Making Ostrich Feather Eiffel Tower Vase For Home Table

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The popularity of the Eiffel Tower made it possible to have many decorative pieces that just look like it. A good example of such a piece includes the ostrich feather Eiffel Tower vase. It is usually a beautiful vase with multiple applications if you know what you are doing. Today, we want to see how it is possible to make an ostrich feather Eiffel Tower vase for your home table. 


  • 27 pieces of 12 to 14-inch or 20 to 24-inch ostrich features. The shorter features are cheaper, but if you want to end up with a luxurious look for an Eiffel Tower vase, choose the longer feathers. 
  • One 16 to 24-inch Eiffel Tower vase. The 20-inch vase would be the sweet spot for most people looking for a great look.
  • Bouquet holder 

The supplies above are enough to make a feather Eiffel Tower vase decoration, but you can improve your vase’s look with add-ons. So, here are the optional add-ons to consider:

  • Glimmer lights
  • LED lights 
  • Pearl plastic beads
  • Adhesive dots
  • Feather boas etc. 
Eiffel Tower vase for home


Follow the procedure below to come up with a beautiful ostrich feather Eiffel Tower vase. 

  • Take the bouquet holder and insert it into the top part of the Eiffel Tower vase
  • Start by inserting the ostrich feathers into the bouquet holder. You first use the first row of the feather. The first row is what is at the bottom of the holder. When inserting the features, skip one section and insert it into the next one. 
  • While inserting the feathers, ensure they are pointing downwards. Push the feathers into the floral foam just enough to hold their weight but not too deep to reach the other feathers already in the foam. 
  • Now that you are done with the first row proceed to row number two. In this case, use longer feathers for a better look for the Eiffel Tower vase decoration. This time around, insert the feathers opposite the first row. This means the adjacent section that was skipped before gets the feather this time. 
  • Still, on row 2, you can use all the sections for the shorter feathers. This is for feathers less than 20 inches. Ensure the feathers are pointing in an outward direction rather than a downward direction. Well, expect them to have a downward slant since they are longer. 
  • We are now on the third row. You may skip the third row if you have a narrow bouquet holder. However, if it is a big bouquet holder, proceed by adding one feather per section, just as you did for row 2. The most significant difference is having the feathers pointing upwards. Try to space out the features as much as possible so they are not directly blocking or slanting over those you did in the second row. 
  • Move onto the top row of the bouquet holder inserted in the Eiffel Tower vase. For this section, you can use long or short features. If they are long feathers, insert one per section. Make sure they are pointing upwards even more. As for the shorter feathers, add one feather in each section and then skip the next section just as you did for the first row. 
  • The final step is adding three more feathers on the top of your bouquet holder. These final feathers should point up and fill gaps at the top row. 

You should now have a beautiful Eiffel Tower vase for your home. You can also add the vase accessories we mentioned earlier to see how well they can brighten your centerpiece. 

Below is a detailed video to help you further understand how to make an ostrich feather Eiffel Tower vase for your home table. 

Source: Entertaining Diva DIY Party Ideas

How to Maintain an Ostrich Feather Eiffel Tower Vase

Now that you have made the ostrich feather Eiffel Tower vase, it is logical that you maintain the look of the vase over time. We share the right tips you can follow to keep the decoration looking good on your home table. 

  • The best way to maintain the decoration is to remove the dust that can easily accumulate on the feathers. The solution is to dust the feathers with a soft dry cloth. Such is key to ensuring the feathers are not dirty and dusty, making them less attractive. 
  • Another great tip would be to avoid exposing the feathers in the decoration to sunlight or moisture. These are elements that would damage them. The ostrich’s features are generally delicate, and exposure to sunlight, water, and heat would easily damage it. We recommend putting the feathers in a cool, dry place. 
  • The feathers can get dirty even with the usual care. When this happens, we do not recommend using cleaning products or even water, as they can damage the feathers. Instead, consider using a soft-bristled brush to help remove the dirt and debris faster. Take care not to pull out the feathers while using the brush. 
  • Sometimes the feathers can become loose or flattened, thus losing their shape. Do not lose hope in your decoration; you can do a few things to ensure they get their fluffy look back. Try gently shaking these feathers, and they should return. Also, using a hair dryer to blow over the feathers in a low, cool setting is great for restoring their shape. 


Whenever you want to come up with the best decoration, making an Eiffel Tower vase should be a good decor for you. They are a simple way of coming up with the best design that works quite well. Add more accessories, such as LED lights, to spruce the design. One thing you should remember is the maintenance. Follow the tips we have talked about above, and you should be good.

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