How To Store Strawberries In Mason Jar Cups

Store strawberries in mason jars cups

It is still possible to enjoy eating fresh strawberries long after they are picked. This can only work if you choose to use mason jar cups to store your strawberries. Since strawberries have many health benefits, you would see the importance of ensuring that they are stored correctly so you enjoy them later. 

With this in mind, how best can you store the strawberries in mason jar cups? We look at the benefits of jar cups for storing strawberries and how you can choose the best strawberries. 

Why Store Strawberries in Mason Jar Cups

You could store strawberries and keep them fresh in a couple of ways. However, why would someone choose the mason jar cups over the other alternatives? Here are a couple of reasons. 

Can Preserve Freshness

Mason jar cups come with an airtight seal. This type of seal helps to keep the moisture and air out of the container. The result is keeping the strawberries fresh for longer. Still, you should expect that such a method maintains the strawberries’ quality. 

Stackable and Transparent 

We can also see that jar cups are mostly made of transparent glass. This means you can have a full view of the strawberries inside. You do not require to open the jars to see the level of the strawberries. Since they are also stackable, it means you will love organizing them in your pantry once they are filled with strawberries. 

Durable and Reusable 

Mason jar cups are built to last a long time. As much as the jars are made of glass, they are still good in terms of resisting breakage. No need to dispose of them once you eat all the strawberries in the jar cups. Simply wash them and use them for other applications. 


The jar cups are available in various sizes. This means you can choose the size depending on how many strawberries you would like to store. This means that there are options in case you need a small size. You can get options too if you want a big sizer for a large family. 


Having the lid and the shape of a cup makes it good for portability. That is how people often take such mason jar cups on road trips full of strawberries. You could still take them to a picnic, to work, and so much more. It is possible to enjoy the overall freshness of strawberries straight from the cups. 

Strawberries in mason jars cups

Preparing and Storing Strawberries in Mason Jar Cups

Now that you see the many benefits of using jar cups, let us see how you would actually start preparing and storing strawberries in the jar cups. 

Selecting and Preparing Strawberries 

This is a very crucial part to end up with fresh strawberries the next time you eat them. So, choose fresh, ripe strawberries that have no signs of mold or soft spots. We recommend choosing berries with a bright color and a sweet aroma. 

Remove the strawberry stems with a small knife or gently pull them off. Once done, rinse the strawberries with cool running water to remove any additional dirt or debris. Pat the strawberries with a clean kitchen towel. Ensure the strawberries are completely dry before storing them in the mason jar cups. 

Choosing the Right Mason Jar Cups

You have to select the right jar cups which are clean and still in good condition. 

The choice largely depends on your storage needs. You may decide to choose the appropriate size of mason jar cups depending on how many strawberries you would like to store. We recommend smaller cups for individual portions while larger cups for large quantities of strawberries. 

Layering the Mason Jar Cups

Next, layer the jar cups with strawberries starting at the bottom. You should not overfill as it may make the strawberries squish or get mushy as you tighten the lid. 

Add the strawberries to the jar cups, and leave space at the top for sealing. You may sprinkle some sugar or drizzle honey to sweeten the strawberries. This is optional, so do it if it is something you like. 

Seal and Store the Jars

Now that you have filled the strawberries to the desired level clean the rim of the jars to remove the strawberry residues and seal them. Place the lid securely on the jars and tighten it for a secure seal. 

You can now store the filled jars in the refrigerator for several days. If you want them to last longer over several weeks, consider freezing the jars. 

If you want to freeze the strawberries, consider leaving enough space at the top of the jar for expansion during freezing. A vacuum sealer can also be good for removing excess air before sealing. This can be ideal for preventing freezer burn. 

Using the Stored Strawberries 

First, thaw the frozen strawberries. We recommend taking the strawberries out of the freezer and putting them into the refrigerator to thaw easily. You can wait overnight and start enjoying your strawberries the next morning. 

As for enjoying the strawberries, you have many options. The most common would be to just eat the strawberries out of the mason jar cups. Or, you could add the strawberries to yogurt, cereal, or oatmeal. 

Also, consider blending the strawberries with milk or yogurt for a refreshing strawberry smoothie. You will also like using strawberries as a filling for tarts, cakes, and pies. 

Go the extra mile and create a strawberry sauce. Consider heating the strawberries in a saucepan with a bit of sugar or honey. The sauce would be great for topping pancakes, ice cream, or waffles. 


Using mason jar cups can be a nice way of storing strawberries and keeping them fresh. You would easily thaw them once frozen and still end up with strawberries that taste so well. The jar cups are also good for easy identification, portability, and durability. Undoubtedly, you will like the freshness of the strawberries weeks after harvesting.

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