How To Perfect Your Beach Wedding Table Decorations

beach wedding table decorations

Imagine walking barefoot on the warm sand, feeling the gentle breeze on your face, and hearing the sound of crashing waves. Now, picture this magical place transformed into a dreamy setting for a wedding. Beach weddings are incredibly special, and one crucial part of making them perfect is the wedding table decorations. Today, we’re going to discover how to create beautiful and captivating beach wedding table decorations that will make everyone say, “Wow!” 

Get ready to explore the beautiful world of beachy decor!

1. Pillar Candles in Glass Hurricanes

Glass hurricanes are lovely wedding table decorations that can make a wedding table look extra special. They are like clear cups made of glass that hold beautiful candles. When the candles are lit, they create a soft and cozy glow that makes the atmosphere magical.

At a beach wedding, glass candle holders can be decorated with shells, sand, or even colorful pebbles. These wedding table decorations bring the beach vibes right to the table! You can also add a pretty ribbon or twine around the candle holders to make them even more charming.

Placing these glass candle holders on the tables will make the whole wedding feel romantic and elegant. The flickering candlelight will dance and sparkle, making everyone feel like they are in a fairytale.

candle holder wedding table decorations

2. Summer Flowers in Glass Vases

Glass vases are like transparent containers that can be filled with beautiful things to make wedding table decorations look super pretty. They are usually tall and have a narrow opening at the top.

At a wedding, glass vases can be filled with colorful flowers like roses, tulips, or daisies. Imagine a table full of these vases, each holding vibrant flowers. It would be like a burst of colors and nature in the middle of the celebration!

Sometimes, people also put pebbles or colorful marbles at the bottom of the vases. This adds a fun touch and makes the vases look even more exciting. You can even add water and let the flowers float inside the vases. It creates a lovely and dreamy effect!

These glass vases can be placed in the center of the tables, and everyone can admire their beauty. They bring freshness, happiness, and a touch of nature to the wedding. It’s like bringing a garden indoors!

3. Try Glass Cloche Bell Jar

Glass cloche bell jars are fancy wedding table decorations that can make a wedding table look elegant and magical. It’s like a giant, clear dome made of glass that covers something special inside.

At a wedding, the glass cloche bell jar can be used to showcase beautiful things like flowers, candles, or even small delicate cakes. It’s like a particular display case that makes everything inside look even more impressive.

Imagine a table with these bell jars placed on it, each one holding something different. One could have a pretty bouquet of flowers, another could have a flickering candle, and maybe one could have a cute little figurine or a sparkly ornament. It would be like a collection of beautiful treasures!

The glass cloche bell jars create a magical and romantic atmosphere. They make the table look like it’s straight out of a fairytale. When the light sparkles through the glass, it creates a soft and enchanting glow.

rose wedding table decorations

4. Use of Glass Candle Lantern

A glass candle lantern is a unique object that can be used to make a wedding table look beautiful. It’s like a small house made of clear glass with a handle on top. Inside the lantern, you can put a candle that will give off a lovely glow. It is designed so that the candle will not be blown out by the sea breeze.

At a wedding, people decorate the tables with pretty things to make them extra special. One of those things can be a glass candle lantern. On each table, there is a lantern with a candle glowing inside. 

The light dances and flickers, making the whole place feel magical. It adds a touch of elegance to your wedding table decorations and makes everyone feel happy.

5. Make Most Out of Glass Tealight Candle Holders

Glass tealight candle holders are another type of wedding table decorations that can be used on wedding tables to make them look lovely. They are like small glasses holding a special kind of candle called a tealight.

When you go to a wedding, you might see these pretty glass candle holders on the tables. They are usually clear and have a small space in the middle where you can keep a tealight candle. The candle fits perfectly inside the holder, and when you light it, it creates a soft and beautiful glow.

Imagine being at a wedding and seeing a table with lots of delicious food. On that table, there are small glass candle holders with tea lights around the table. As the candles burn, they make the whole table sparkle and shine. It feels cozy and romantic, just like a fairytale!

6. Mini Bud Glass Vases Centerpiece 

Mini bud glass vases are tiny, cute containers that can make a wedding table look super lovely. They are small and usually have a narrow opening at the top, perfect for holding one or two flowers.

At a wedding, these mini bud glass vases can be filled with beautiful flowers like roses, daisies, or sunflowers. Just imagine a table covered with these little vases, each one holding a pretty flower. It would be like a colorful garden right in the middle of the celebration!

These mini vases can be placed all around the table, spreading beauty and joy. If you love minimalist wedding table decorations, mini bud vases are a perfect choice!

7. Use of Clear Glass Trumpet Pilsner Vase

A clear glass trumpet pilsner vase is an interesting wedding table decorations that can make a wedding table look really elegant and grand. It’s like a tall, clear glass that is shaped like a trumpet or a beautiful flower.

At a wedding, this vase can be filled with all sorts of pretty things. One idea is to fill it up with water and float colorful flower petals or even small candles on top. It creates a magical and romantic atmosphere.

Another idea is to put long, tall flowers like lilies or sunflowers inside the vase. They will stand tall and proud, making the table look like a beautiful garden.

The clear glass trumpet pilsner vase adds a touch of sophistication to the wedding table decorations. It’s like having a centerpiece that everyone will admire. When the light glows through the glass, it creates a soft and glowing effect.


Perfecting your beach wedding table decorations can truly enhance the beauty and atmosphere of your special day. The soft glow of candlelight, the vibrant colors of flowers, and the natural elements of the beach will combine to make your wedding table a feast for the eyes. 

With careful attention to detail and a touch of creativity, your beach wedding decorations will leave a lasting impression on your guests. All these tips will make your celebration an unforgettable experience.

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