How To Modernize Your Outdated Glass Vase

Modern Vase Decor

Glass vases are one of the most sturdy and beautiful decor pieces. They last for years, making your living space aesthetically pleasing. But that is one of the reasons your glass modern vase decor will become outdated. And perhaps their good condition won’t let you throw them out. 

This is alright; you don’t have to get rid of them. Instead, be creative and make those vases worthy of display. Add personal touches to the glass vases with DIY methods. This way, you can have fun with your old glass vases and see how much you can stretch your creativity.  

So how can you turn them into modern vase decor? You can easily uplift your outdated glass vases with painting, tinting, faux techniques, and more. Let’s explore these methods and see which one you might like. 

Uplifting Your Outdated Glass Vases

When it comes to improving your glass vases into modern vase decor, your imagination is the limit. You can come up with techniques or methods of your liking. But for now, let’s look at these ways of uplifting your outdated glass vases. 

Add Colors To Modern Vase Decor

Adding new colors is one of the easiest ways to make your glass vases look modern. Simply buy a few cans of spray paints and begin coloring your vases. Ensure you buy good quality spray cans, so the paint sticks well on the vases. You can first try the sprays on paper to understand how to use them. Once you feel confident, begin adding colors to your glass vases. 

You can simply spray paint a few pieces in monotonous colors and, after that, test different ideas. You can tape off designs on the glass vases and explore the idea of modern vase decor. 

Add Colors To Your Modern Vase Decor

Creative Painting  For Glass Vases

If you like to paint, then there is no limit to your creativity. You can paint whatever you like or whatever suits the aesthetics of your home decor. If you are going for modern vase decor, then going for odd and unique painting can be a perfect idea. But it’s up to you how you like it. Don’t apply any rules; just stroll through your world of imagination. 

Good-painted designs are also one way to show your guests that you are a good painter. The outdated glass vases can easily become your painting canvas. So pour out your love of painting on them. 

Even if you feel like you are not a good painter, then it is alright. In the end, it’s all about having fun with your modern vase decor. Just be cautious and take your time when you try to paint.

Paint Your Modern Vase Decor

Decor Glass Vase With Paper Art

Paper art is one way to update your outdated glass vase. It will easily blend into your modern vase decor. You can combine paper art glass with dry flowers. Nowadays, dry flowers are being used a lot in modern vase decor.

Take colorful pieces of scrapbook and glue them to your glass vases. You can even use newspapers to add a doodly touch. While attaching paper to the vase, ensure there are no bubbles. After that, let the paper dry and repeat this process twice or thrice to seal the vase adequately.

You can use white paper only, and when it’s all dried up, you can put more magic into it with markers. Make doodle art on the vase or unique quotes or words. It is one way to play with your imagination.

Decor Modern Vase Decor With Paper Art

Use Jute Rope To Dress Up

You can wrap your glass vase with jute rope. It will completely change your outdated glass vase. If you are planning to hang your vases, then this upgrade will be perfect. This type will easily fit into your modern vase decor collection.  

All you need is some jute rope and glue. Ensure your vase doesn’t have a complex design. Otherwise, it will be difficult to wrap the jute rope around it.

Ensure you glue the beginning and end of the rope more carefully. Otherwise, it won’t stick to the vase for long. You can continuously wrap the rope at once. The best option is to add breaks between this structure. Otherwise, if the rope starts unwrapping, it will ruin the entire design at once. 

You can add the hanging rope separately to add more safety. This way, it will be easy to hang them anywhere.

Decor Modern Vase Decor With Jute Rope


Outdated glass vases are an opportunity to explore your creativity and imagination. With some effort and time, you can turn your outdated glass vases into modern vase decor. Try above mentioned uplifting techniques to improve the vases. Choose the technique that suits your style the best and get on with it.   

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