How To Distinguish Between Hand Blown Glass Vase And Machine-Made Glass Vase

hand blown glass vase

Glass vases are a popular home decor item and can add elegance and style to any room. But, it can be challenging to distinguish between hand-blown and machine-made ones. While shopping for a glass vase, you should know the difference. Skilled artisans make hand blown glass vases, while automated processes produce machine-made glass vases. 

It can be beneficial to understand the differences between these two types of vases. By knowing the appropriate distinction, you can make an informed buying decision. By doing this, you can appreciate the craftsmanship that goes into creating each one. Here is the detailed article for you. It shows how to differentiate between a machine-made and hand blown glass vase.

Hand Blown Glass Vase

Usually, hand-blown glassware involves the use of a blowpipe for manufacturing. The skilled artisans do it, resulting in a unique and personalized design. These types of glassware are pricier than machine-made options due to their exclusivity. Each piece of a hand blown glass vase is unique because of the manual crafting process. It ensures that your glass vase is one-of-a-kind.

Compared to machine-made glassware, hand-blown glassware is generally more large and thicker. Besides, it can have slight imperfections that add to its appeal. Artisans often produce Mexican hand-blown glasses with a sturdy glass base. It helps to prevent them from tipping over.

Features of Hand Blown Glass Vase

Pontil/Punty Mark

A small circular scar exists at the bottom of hand blown glass vases. It is a “pontil mark.” It appears during the shaping process using a metal pipe with a thin glass layer on its end to hold the hot glass.

A small amount of glass remains when the handle gets removed from the hand-blown glass. It results in the pontil mark. This mark serves as confirmation that the glass was hand-blown. But it can get removed by polishing if desired to hide any irregularities.


Most glass vases and containers with thin walls are hand-blowing. Nonetheless, some companies may use a combination of hand-blown and machine-made techniques. Both are great for manufacturing glass vases.

But, it is important to note that hand blown glass vases can also be quite thick. So, you cannot assume that glass is machine-made only based on its thickness.

Artist’s Signature

Some glass artists of hand blown glass vase pieces leave their signature marks. They do it by engraving their name or incorporating a signature cane within the glass. The machine-blown glass lacks this personalized aspect. The reason is mass production without any individual attribution.

hand blown glass vase process

Machine-Made Glass Vase

Machine-made glassware uses molds for effective production. These are generally more affordable than hand blown glass vases. Besides, these vases have a more consistent appearance. Compared to hand blown glass vases, the glassware made by machines is thinner. They are lighter than the handcrafted ones.

Moreover, flaws and lack are less likely in machine-made glass vases. Also, many pieces of the same design are easy to make with mass production. All the glass vases will be beautiful. However, they will have a distinct appearance and texture.

Features of Machine-Made Glass Vase

Surface Texture

The surface texture of the machine-made glass vases is smooth and perfect. The hand blown glass vase can display slight irregularities or differences in texture. It can be the result of the artisan’s technique. In machine-made glass vase production, the glass usually features a consistent surface.

Unique Designs

You can see exclusive patterns, colors, and designs in a hand blown glass vase. It showcases the creativity and individuality of the artist. In contrast, a mass-produced machine-made glass vase follows a specific template. It lacks the distinctiveness and originality found in handcrafted pieces.


Here comes the most essential aspect to consider. The cost of hand blown glass vases is higher. It is because it necessitates more time, skill, and craftsmanship to create each item. On the other hand, machine-blown glass is affordable. The reason is the efficiency and scalability of the production process.


Hand blown glass vases are thinner than machine-made glass vases. In machine-made glass vases, a machine blows the molten glass into a mold. The resulting piece may have inconsistencies in thickness throughout. The outer shape is achievable, but the glass may be thicker in some areas.

But, machine-pressed glass vases will have a consistent thickness throughout the object. It is because the pressure gets applied from the inside and outside of the glass during molding.


Finally, you have pointers to differentiate between machine-blown and hand blown glass vases. Now, the point is where you will get high-quality glass vases for your home, office, decoration, and more.

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