How To Create A Beautiful Plant Vase With Betta Fish For Home Decor

Beautiful Betta Fish Plant Vase For Home Decor

Adding a plant vase to your home decor is a great way to bring some life into your home. We will discuss creating a beautiful fish plant vase for your home. It will be the perfect addition to your home or official decor.

Let’s get started!

DIY Betta Fish Plant Vase: A Beautiful Home Plant Vase Decor Project

Creating a beautiful betta fish plant vase for your home decor is easy! You only need some potting soil, a small glass vase, and a few plants.

1. Start With a Clean Vase

Creating a beautiful betta fish plant vase for home decor is a great project. But it would help if you started with a clean and well-maintained vase

  1. Ensure the glass vase you have chosen is free of dirt or residue.
  2. Wash the inside of the glass vase with mild soap and warm water.
  3. Rinse thoroughly to avoid any negative reactions to your plants. 

Be sure to dry the plant vase completely before adding any decorations or plants. It is a necessary step for a successful and long-lasting glass vase design.

2. Add Stones or Marbles to the Bottom of the Vase

The next step in creating your plant vase is to add stones or marbles to the bottom of the plant vase. It is a key part of the project, providing an aesthetic balance between the plants and the fish. Also, it provides a place for your betta fish to rest. 

Depending on the size of your glass vase, you will want to use enough stones or marbles to cover the bottom of the clear vase. Making to leave some gaps for the roots of your plants to grow.

When choosing the stones or marbles for your project, it is important to pick something that is not sharp or rough so that it does not injure your betta fish. You can choose from various colors and sizes for your stones or marbles to add a decorative touch to your clear vase.Be sure to leave enough room for the plants and water but not too much so that your fish feels crowded. 

3. Fill the Glass Vase With Water

Once you have chosen your plant vase and added stones or marbles to the bottom, you can fill it with water. The most important thing to consider when adding water to the plant vase is that you should use dechlorinated water. It can be easily obtained from pet stores or online retailers. 

You can buy a de-chlorinator from your local home improvement store. Once you have added the dechlorinated water, you may also want to add some aquarium salt. It will help ensure a healthy environment for your betta fish. 

When adding water to the vase, you must be careful not to disturb the plants and rocks at the bottom. 

  • To do this, slowly pour the water down the vase’s side. 
  • Once the vase is full, you can stop adding water. 
  • Leave a little space between the water’s top and the vase’s rim to prevent overflow. 
  • Finally, make sure to check the temperature of the water before adding your betta fish. 
  • The ideal temperature range is 72°-82°F (22°-28°C).

4. Place Plants in the Glass Vase

Adding plants to your plant vase is an important step in the process. You can choose from various options that are both aesthetically pleasing and beneficial for your betta fish. When adding plants, you should select ones with strong, rooted stems so they will stay in place and ones that don’t need too much light or nutrients.

One of the best options for a betta fish vase is Java Moss. This plant is known for its low maintenance and gives off oxygen, which is great for fish. 

Choose ones requiring minimal upkeep and maintenance. Be sure to research the plants beforehand and check the instructions on caring for each type. 

After you’ve added the plants, give them a few days to settle in before the last step.

Plant Vase With Fish

5. Add Your Betta Fish

Adding your betta fish is the last and most important step in creating a beautiful plant vase. The betta fish will add life and personality to the piece and remind you daily of your hard work. 

When adding your betta, ensure you’ve already added the plants, stones, and water so the fish can acclimate to the new environment. Using a net to transfer the fish from its bowl or container into the vase is best. Give your betta time to get used to the new environment and explore its new home. 

As your betta swims around, you’ll surely enjoy your beautiful, unique home decor!


Creating a beautiful betta fish vase is an easy and fun project that can add a lovely touch to your home decor. 

With a bit of imagination, you can create a unique piece of art that looks great and provides a safe home for your fish. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Plants Are Good for a Betta Fish Vase?

When selecting plants for your betta fish, the most important thing is to ensure that the plants you choose suit a betta’s environment. 

Good plants to add to your vase include anubias, fern, and hornwort. Anubias is a great choice because it grows slowly and won’t take over the tank. It has tough leaves that your betta won’t damage. 

Ferns and hornwort are also good choices, as they only require a little maintenance or light. However, remember to provide enough light and fertilizer for these plants to thrive.

What Is the Best Plant Vase for a Betta Fish?

When choosing the right vase for your betta fish, you should consider the material, size, and shape. 

The best material is glass, which allows easy cleaning and offers a clear view of your betta fish. When choosing the size of your vase, remember to consider the size of your betta fish. Typically, the vase should be at least two times larger than the fish itself.

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