How To Choose Salad Plates For Your Wedding Reception

glass salad plates for weddings

Wedding decorations are usually fun since there is so much to consider. What is important is coming up with beautiful decorations that would make a statement. Many people focus more on the floral arrangements of the wedding, which is not bad, but what about your tablescape? Are the salad plates living up to your decoration and presentation needs?

Paying attention to detail is also important when setting up the table. It is just as important as making flower centerpieces. This means taking your time putting together a beautiful tablescape as well. 

As part of setting up the table, you will need to consider the tablecloths, centerpieces, type of table, and the plates too. In this case, we want to focus more on the salad plates and see how best you can include them as part of the wedding table decoration or presentation. 

Choosing the Plate Style 

The first step is to choose the salad plates that work well for the dinner party. Experts often claim that the menu can easily dictate which plate style you end up choosing. “The menu should dictate the style of the plate in the overall setting,” says Michelle Cousins.

For example, to serve a duo entree, use a 13-inch dinner plate rather than a 10-inch one. The smaller plate is best suited for smaller servings. 

Of course, you should involve the chef or catering team in deciding which plates to use. This is because they would also want to present the food in a certain way. Working together also means the guests can enjoy an incredible meal that is still well-presented. As much as you need the salad plates to stand out, it is important not to make them overwhelming visually. Try and create a balance between the two. An example is choosing either the linens or plates to be the statement pieces but not both at the same time.


Michelle Cousins is the owner of Michelle Leo Events, a wedding and event design firm based in Utah focused on local and destination events.
-Regina Brooks is the owner of Régine Danielle Events, a full-service wedding and destination wedding planning company based in Chicago, Illinois.

The Number of Plates 

You may need several salad plates as part of the tablescape. Keep in mind they still have to be accompanied by other elements such as flatware, glassware, place cards, linens, and other decorative details. 

As much as you would like the plates to be for show, they still need to be functional. That is why you may get several options on a table, including a charger, salad plate, and dinner plate. 

During dinner, most of the time, the charger is used to showcase the table seating for photo styling. Once the guests take their seats, they will be served salad on salad plates. So, it can also depend on the dinner stage the guests are in. 

Another factor affecting the number of plates is the actual menu. For a three-course meal, there is a plate for starters, another for the main entree, and one for dessert. Do not forget a plate for bread and butter if necessary. 

Starters and entrees would mostly be served on the charger, and then it is removed before dessert is served. 

In the case of a buffet-style serving, you may have one primary plate and go for a clean one for dessert later. 

The size and type of plates will remain a huge consideration when choosing the number of salad plates for the wedding event. 

Purchasing the Plates

At this point, you already know the number of salad plates you need for your wedding reception. The next step is purchasing or renting the plates for the event. 

Renting is a popular choice for those who have a large guest count. There is no reason to be stuck with over 500 salad plates in just one event. The good thing about renting is that you save much more money and still personalize the salad plates you want. 

Renting companies will often have thousands of options to consider and make the table setup look more beautiful and inviting. 

A wedding with a smaller guest list might make someone consider purchasing the plates. A good example is when you have a wedding list of 30 people maximum. This would be an intimate dinner with only a few people, so buying the plates is okay. 

Once the event is over, simply take the plates home with you. It will be fun to buy plates for your home but have them used at the wedding first. Also, you will personalize the plates better, knowing you have to keep using them after the wedding. 

glass salad plates

Setting Up the Plates 

Creating a beautiful tablescape requires weaving the salad plates into the setup seamlessly. Make sure you choose a nice plate design that allows for a creatively done look with the other decor elements on the table. 

“Your plate selection should be cohesive with your other decor elements such as linens, flower selection, lighting, and shapes in your design elements,” says Regina Brooks.

Consider also the plate notes to match them with the other elements easily. The last thing anyone needs is to plates overwhelming the other decorative elements. This does not mean you should not try bright-colored plates or unique salad plate shapes. It all depends on how they will tie together with the other elements. 

Also, how is the food going to be served? Of course, the presentation is also important as you would be using the same plates. Some people may use neutral salad plates rather than those with patterns or colors so that the food can be the presentation. This is okay if that is what you want. 

In the case of plain salad plates, the colorful salads will be good for adding colors to the plate, making it look quite good. 

Start with chargers when setting up the table. This is because they can work with different designs and colors of the other elements. Add more plate types while focusing on how to make the overall display look good. If you correctly chose the other types of plates, including salad plates, finishing the setup should not take long. 

Here is a video with more tips on setting plates for an event:


Weddings are supposed to have the best decorations. That is possible if you also consider how well to use glass salad plates for the wedding event. We have highlighted above how it is possible to have a beautiful setup if you know what to do. Make sure to follow these tips to have a beautiful arrangement. Do not be scared to buy plates; you can always use them after the wedding.

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