How To Arrange Floral In A Cylinder Glass Vase?

clear glass cylinder vase

Flower arrangements can add beauty and elegance to any space. Here, a cylinder glass vase is a popular choice for showcasing some stunning and creative floral arrangements. This arrangement can be opted for on many occasions. It may be a romantic candlelit dinner, a birthday celebration, or simply to give a natural and fresh vibe to the house.

A glass vase is smooth and clear, allowing the flowers to take center stage and create an illusion of weightlessness. However, you know that sometimes arranging flowers in a cylinder vase can be challenging and tricky. It can be because you want something different and new every time. It can be uninteresting, and the appearance of your flower arrangement may look flat and non-creative. Surprisingly, you can make it adorable with some tricks for arranging flowers.

If you are a beginner, here in this article, you will get to know about some beneficial tips and tricks. It will help you to create stunning centerpieces every time using a cylinder glass vase.

7 Tips and Tricks for Flower Arrangements in a Cylinder Glass Vase

1. Choose the Right Flowers

Choosing the right flower plays an important role in flower arrangement. Here you can pick up different blooms for different occasions. For example, you can pick roses for a romantic dinner date, pink carnations for birthdays, red poinsettia for Christmas, and so on. 

It is advised to select a bloom that will complement your cylinder glass vase while you are creating a visually appealing floral arrangement. For such vases, it is best to choose flowers with long, sturdy stems. The choices can be roses, lilies, and sunflowers. These flowers will stand up straight and create height in the vase. 

Further, pair your flowers with foliage such as ferns, eucalyptus, or baby’s breath. It will add texture and color to create a cohesive look.

2. Create a Grid

After you have selected a suitable flower for your cylinder glass vase, now it’s time to create a grid in the vase to help you with your flower arrangement. You can use clear tape for gridding, which will keep your flower straight and in place to make it look presentable. 

Stick the tape over the mouth of your vase in a crisscross pattern, box pattern, or any other pattern of your choice. The grids you create must be tight as well as spacious enough to hold your flowers without damaging the stems.

3. Add Some Greenery

Followed by gridding, you can add a few pieces of greenery and create a base before putting the flowers in your cylinder glass vase. 

You can use a mix of foliage, like ferns, eucalyptus, ruscus, myrtle, and others. Further, put them in different heights to give your floral arrangement a more natural look. 

Adding greenery before keeping flowers will help in filling the gaps and create a beautiful green lush backdrop for your glass flower vase. 

4. Create Heights

Now it’s time to add some flowers to the vase with a green backdrop and create some heights to make it creative and presentable. If you are using Sunflowers, Gladiolus, Lilies, or any other tall flowers, then keep the one with the tallest stem at the back of the vase. You can add two to three flowers of the same heights side by side to make it look fuller and more beautiful.

5. Add Focal Flowers

Now that you have added the backdrop and heights to your cylinder glass vase, it’s time to add your focal flowers that will be the star and center of the show. 

Some popular star flowers are roses, lilies, tulips, etc., which can be used to create the center of attraction in your flower arrangement. While putting it in the glass vase, ensure that its height does not match the previous flowers and is slightly smaller than theirs.

You can cut off the stem as much as required to make them fit and create a beautiful illusion of descending flowers. This trick helps all the flowers in the glass vase to appear clearly to the beholder as well as look creative.

glass cylinder vase

6. Fill in With Small Blooms

You must be wondering that once you have added your tall and focal flower, your flower arrangement is ready to be put on display! 

No, it is not ready yet, and you have more details left to add. Some gaps can be seen even after filling the cylinder glass vase with flowers and backdrops, which needed to be filled to make it look complete and stunning.

You can use smaller blooms with shorter stems, such as daisies or baby’s breath, and put them in the gaps that you see and also around the edges of the glass vase.

This will add dimension to your floral arrangement making it look lush green and colorful.

7. Don’t Forget the Details

To add a finishing touch to your flower arrangement, you must not forget to add the details. You can add flowers with exciting shapes, such as protea or anemones, to add texture to your cylinder glass vase. You can also use other small colorful flowers to add details and make your glass vase look fuller. 

Try to incorporate colors and textures that complement each other to avoid making the arrangement look cluttered. You can also add artificial decorative pieces like colorful small balls, glittery sticks, etc., to beautify the arrangement in a cylindrical shape glass vase.


Arranging flowers in a cylinder glass vase can be a beautiful way to create stunning centerpieces for any event or occasion. It can be weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, dinner dates, or other event. By following these tips and tricks, you can easily create a piece that is visually appealing to the eyes and fits the interior. Apart from special events, you can also use a cylinder glass vase to keep your house beautiful. You can incorporate it with new floral arrangements to get freshness in your daily life.

Make sure to choose the right flower to match the occasion and mood. You can arrange them in a beautiful glass vase that may be of different textures, designs, sizes, and shapes. You must keep in mind to choose the flowers, floral arrangement, and glass vase that must complement each other. In this way, you can stun everyone who sees the arrangements.

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