How Can I Style My Glass Jug Vase For Home Windows

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Undoubtedly, glass jug vases are a versatile and attractive option for decoration. It can add a touch of aesthetic to your home windows. With their clear and elegant design, they can complement any decor style. A glass jug vase also provides a beautiful display for your flowers or foliage.

Styling a glass jug vase for your home windows is easy and can be done in different ways. It depends on your taste and the overall look you want to achieve. This article has some creative and stylish ideas for styling your glass jug vase for home windows. Keep reading and see how you can use these vases to the fullest.

Glass Jug Vase: How It Looks?

A glass jug vase is a popular decorative item. It gives a touch of elegance to any room. As the name suggests, it is a vase made of glass. The design of this vase is in the shape of a jug. The unique design of a glass jug vase makes it stand out from traditional vase designs.

Moreover, it often features a wide body and narrow neck that tapers towards the top. The glass’s transparency allows the vase’s contents to appear clearly. As a result, it becomes a great choice for displaying flowers, decorative twigs, or other small objects.

Some Best Glass Jug Vase Styling Options

Tie a Ribbon

The first way is to use a ribbon around the glass jug vase. You can select a ribbon that matches your desired color and thickness. The way you want to use it is totally up to you. One way can be tying it into a bow around the vase.

Another can be to cut it to the appropriate length and secure it with glue as a single stripe. Besides, if you prefer to use twine, you can also style it. You can wrap multiple layers around the vase and tie a simple bow to finish it off.

Fill Items in a Glear Jug Vase

Do you go on beach trips often? You can collect seashells from a recent beach trip or buy them from a craft store or online. Stack the shells over each other in the glass jug vase until you reach your desired height. It will make sure to add enough shells to fill the entire vase. For a soft bottom layer, you can add sand to the bottom section of the vase.

Moreover, you can also use a photograph if you have a glass vase with a wide opening. Place the photo in the vase with the image facing outwards. Next, gently bend it to fit against the curve of the vase.

Turn Vase into a Terrarium

The next styling option is to turn a vase into a terrarium. It is one of the great ways to repurpose an old glass jug vase. You will need some basic supplies like gravel, rocks, activated charcoal, soil, and plants to do this. Start by including a layer of gravel or rocks at the bottom.

Then, add a layer of activated charcoal. Next, add a layer of soil on top, and then add your plants. Choose plants that are well-suited for terrarium environments, such as ferns, mosses, or succulents. Lastly, you can add more decorative elements like rocks or figurines to enhance the look of the terrarium.

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Add Some Flowers and Leaves

A decorated glass jug vase with flowers and plants brings a fresh and natural vibe to any setting. There are various options for using plants. Many people want to avoid the maintenance of fresh plants. So, they use fabric or plastic plants from craft stores. But real leaves and flowers from the garden are the best.

While using original plants, ensure to place them in a way to highlight their best features. For instance, you should arrange the shiny leaves facing outwards. On the contrary, flower petals should be more visible. Therefore, a styled glass jug vase with flowers or plants is an easy-to-do option.

Use Colored Stones

Last, but not least, add some colored stones to the glass jug vase. It is a fun way to add a pop of color to your home windows. First, you will need some colored stones and pebbles. You can get them from a craft store. Another way to collect them is from nature. Next, clean the vase properly and let it dry.

Next, arrange the stones in a pattern or design that you like. You can cover the entire vase or add accents around the rim or base. The colored stones will add texture and interest to the vase. Try experimenting with a more eye-catching design.


After knowing all the styling options to decorate a glass jug vase, you can try them. If you do not have one, buying it online or offline is always an option.

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