How Can I Ornate A Bridal Shower With Small Glass Vases

small vases for bridal shower

You may have been responsible for setting up a bridal shower for a friend. Since it is an important day, you would not want to disappoint. In such a case, you would want to choose various ways of decorating the space. We want to focus more on using small vases to decorate the venue and make the bridal shower event memorable. 

Below are some amazing ideas to consider for using small vases in decorations. 

Rustic Small Vases with Different Designs

This set features four small glass vases with different designs. The idea is to make them each have different types of flowers. As a result, they would be giving off unique looks individually. 

These vases are ideal for a dining table or dinner table for the bridal shower. As illustrated above, take the time to find the best blooms you can use in the glass vases.

glass small vases on table

Colorful Clear Bud Vases

You may still consider the colorful glass small vases for adding more warmth to the bridal shower party. These vases are available in several colors, all about great looks. Still, the unique shapes and designs add more aesthetics to the setup at a bridal party. 

The vase’s wide opening means you can easily add flowers to the vase. Also, it means adding more blooms for a beautiful look.  

colorful small vases
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Floating Greenery Votive Vases

Another solution is combing greenery and candles. In this case, we recommend using votive candles and any greenery you like. Start by filling the cylinder vases with water and then add the votive candles on top. It is quite a beautiful combination that should capture the guests’ attention. 

floating candle in small vases

Wine Glass Candle Vases

If you have small wine glasses, use them as vases also. This time around, invert them and add decorative pieces at the bottom part. Then, we recommend using it as the candle holder on the new inverted top. It is a different look and approach to making the bridal shower look excellent. 

Wine glass small vases

Match Small Vases with Larger One

The good thing about table decorations involving small vases is that they can take any design inspiration and look good. This is a good example of making small glass vases look great. We recommend staggering them with large vases so that they look even better. 

glass small vases

Glass Bud Vases with Single Blossom

This is quite the combination most people want. It is beautiful but with a Nordic look also. This type of arrangement allows you to play around with different single blooms to suit your decor style. We can recommend it for weddings, birthdays, housewarming, and more. 

It is also seen as a great choice for a minimalist approach. You would not need to use many blooms to make a statement. The small vases themselves stand out quite well. 

glass small vases for outdoor table

Minimalist Floral Arrangement for Glass Vases

We always find this type of small vase arrangement good for your bridal shower too. They might look small, but look at how much effect they add to the table. You can see their importance in making the table look beautiful. 

The trick also lies in the type of blooms you buy for the bridal shower. With a good florist on your speed dial, you should find beautiful options for blooms to use with these small vases. 

small vases on outdoor table

Vintage Floral and Vases Display

It does not hurt to consider having a vintage look also with vintage bridal shower decoration.  Vintage glass vases are an integral part of this decorating style. The texture of the glass adds a mysterious and elegant atmosphere. With some seasonal flowers or dried flowers, the perfect decoration is complete!

Bright flowers in small vases

Add Flowers and LED Lights

One thing about bridal showers is that you can be creative with the decoration and always have a beautiful centerpiece. We can combine the small vases with flowers and lights in this case. The LED or fairy lights can come in handy in this situation. 

The beauty of lights is that there will always be several options in terms of colors to consider. Just look how beautiful they look once they have been set up correctly in the vase. 

Light and small vases

Mirror under the Vase

Mirrors have a way of making the small vases appear bigger and have depth to them. That is why we recommend getting yourself this type of setup. Simply fill the small glass vase with water and add a few blooms. Next, place the vase on the mirror, and you are done. 

Adding small decorative elements on top of the mirror is possible to make it more beautiful. We can assure you of the best bridal shower table decoration with this option. 

Mirror and small vases

Mix It Up

The small vases do not need to be plain and boring. You can use a few different things to mix it up and make them beautiful. We recommend decorating sisal strings, and you can enjoy the outcome. 

Other than using the decor above for the bridal shower, they can still be great choices as gifts for the guests attending. 

flowers in small vases


It should be easy for you now if you are ever in charge of creating amazing decorations for bridal showers. We have given you multiple ways and considerations to create the best decorations. It is up to you to know which works best and incorporate it as part of the design.

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