Guide To Make Floating Candles In A Vase

Floating Candle Vases for Decoration

Unique decor enhances the beauty of your living space, and floating candle vases can be the next addition to your home decor. Floating candle vases will change the way you use candle lighting. Not only will they illuminate your home, but they can make a special occasion more enjoyable. 

But, Hey, this doesn’t mean you can use floating candle vases for special occasions only. You can use them whenever you want. You can use them while relaxing in a bathtub. If you love candlelight beside your bed, then turn it into a floating candle vase. Just like that, you can use ordinary candles and make them aesthetically pleasing. 

Making floating candle vases is easy. All you need is a suitable material, little patience, and care. Let’s see how you can make floating candles in a vase.

Steps to Follow for Making Floating Candle Vases

You can make floating candles in a vase within 5 to 10 minutes. All you need to do is buy the right supply and follow the steps mentioned below. Remember you can not mingle these steps, so be aware and let’s get on with it.

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Required Supplies

You will make the candle vase either with floating candles or wicks. It might sound confusing but wait, let’s see the difference. The wick or floating candle is the top part of this setup. When you use a floating candle, then you will skip the oil-adding step. But with a floating wick set up, you will add the oil and use it as fuel. Now, let’s focus on other supplies. 

  • You need heatproof vases as floating candle vases for making this beautiful home decor. If you plan to go with the floating candle option, choose a heatproof and wide-opening vase. For a floating wick one, you can use any shape or size; just make sure it is heatproof. It is recommended to use a transparent glass vase as you can decorate it better. 
  • You can use decorative pieces according to your style. If you are making this setup for a special occasion, then use decoration that gives the same vibes. 
  • You will need oil for the floating wick setup. You can use vegetables or coconut, or any cooking oil. Also, you can use essential oils to make the setup more aromatic and pleasant. 
  • Of course, you will need water so a candle or wick can float on it.  

Assembling the Setup for Clear Vases

Strictly follow these steps while assembling your floating candle vases setup. 

  • First, you will place the decorative stuff inside the vase. Ensure you choose decorative stuff that will not float in the water. 
  • Next, fill the clear vases with water and leave about one or two-inch of space for oil. If you are using floating candles, ensure water does not come out of the clear vase. You have to be more careful in the case of oil and wick setup. 
  • In this step, you will add the oil or floating candle. If you choose the floating candle, then your setup is ready. Add about 1 inch or less of oil and multiple drops of essential oil to the vase. Make sure you stir the essential oils and mix them well with regular oil. 
  • In the final step, add the floating wick to the oil. Ensure the wick stays in oil only; otherwise, it won’t light properly.

That’s it, and you are all done. Your floating wick will last for a long time so when the setup runs out of oil, refill it. To ensure it looks beautiful and elegant, keep the setup clean. Change the water and decor to keep the setup fresh. 

Where to Place the Clear Vases

The possibilities are endless, and you can stretch your imagination to find the answer to these questions. But for the time being, let’s have a look at these ideas first. 

  • You can place this mesmerizing floating candle vase on your date night table. It will elevate the energy and vibes of your date night and make it more special. 
  • This candle setup will make normal family dinner gatherings more welcoming. Your guests will feel more welcomed and appreciate your efforts. 

Ensure kids don’t play around where you will place the candles. Though you can use this candle setup anytime, avoid it if too many kids play around.

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A little extra effort and a bit of creativity can make an occasion extraordinary. Floating candle vases are one of the best home decor ideas that can elevate the beauty of your living space. You can make this beautiful setup by following a few steps carefully.  

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