Guide To Make A Cupcake Bouquet In A Glass Vase

Cupcake Bouquet Vase

Is there anything nicer than a bunch of fresh flowers in a glass bouquet vase? Maybe if it were a bouquet of tasty cupcakes instead! A cupcake bouquet is a sweet and beautiful alternative to a standard flower bouquet. It can serve as both a centerpiece and a dessert. You can make the cupcake base ahead of time and change the colors of the flowers to fit the theme. You can use them at your next baby shower, wedding shower, or birthday party.

We made a tutorial that shows step-by-step how to make a bouquet of cupcakes in a glass bouquet vase. We hope you enjoy this tutorial and find it helpful if you want to make your own cupcakes. Also, we love that you can make these cupcakes in so many different colors to match your theme and make them look so pretty.

What You Need For A Cupcake Bouquet

  • Glass bouquet vase or planter
  • Styrofoam sphere
  • Toothpicks
  • Paper cups
  • Scissors
  • Sticky putty (poster putty)
  • Hot glue gun (or other glue)
  • Cupcakes baked in green liners
  • Extra green cupcake liners
  • American buttercream that you can color any color you want for your flowers.
  • Piping bags
  • Large star tip
Make A Cupcake In A Bouquet Vase

How To Make A Cupcake In A Glass Bouquet Vase

Step 1: Make The Foundation

If you take the time to make a strong base for your bouquet, you won’t have to worry about it falling apart when you move it.

Put a foam ball in a bouquet vase with a wide opening. The foam ball should be the same size or a little bit smaller than the opening of the cupcake vase. If you want to use your cupcake bouquet vase again, stick the foam ball to the vase with some sticky putty or warm glue. Try to keep the base of the bouquet around 6 inches.

Step 2: Put The Paper Cups Together

It might be a pain to have to cut and apply glue to paper cups to the styrofoam ball, but toothpicks won’t work. Because of the weight of the frosting, the toothpicks will tear through the bottom of the cake and the wrapper on the cupcake.

Cut the bottom off a paper cup so the sides are about an inch tall. Repeat until you have enough cups for your cupcakes.

Put a drop of hot glue on the bottom of one of the cups that have been cut. Glue the cup to the foam ball so that the edge rests on the edge of the bouquet vase.

Put a toothpick through the bottom of the cup and into the styrofoam ball. Leave about 1/2 inch of the toothpick up. Put in two more toothpicks to make the shape of a triangle.

Then, fill in the ball’s top. Put three toothpicks in the cups on the side of the ball and two toothpicks in the cups on top of the ball. Put the cups as close as you can, but don’t worry if there are some spaces between them. They will fill the bouquet vase. Repeat with more cups and toothpicks all the way around the edge of the bottom.

Step 3: Put The Cupcakes On Top

Put a cupcake in each one of the cups. Make sure that every toothpick in the cup goes through the paper of the cupcake.

Step 4: Fill In The Missing Words

Flip a cupcake liner over. Make a little ruffle by pulling the sides together. Fill in the spaces between the paper cups with the ruffle. If you need to, use a toothpick to hold the ruffle in place. Repeat until the bouquet vase space is filled.

Step 5: Add Icing To The Cupcakes

Put your colored buttercream in a piping bag with a large star tip. You can make flowers out of solid pink and yellow, or you can get really creative. You can make flowers with petals of different colors by mixing colors in your piping bag. Also, you can make a monochromatic arrangement with flowers that are all the same color.

Step 6: All Complete!

Once you’re done piping, put your bouquet in the fridge for at least 20 minutes so that everything can be set up. If you’re going to give your cupcake bouquet vase to a friend or client. Put it in the fridge until you’re ready to give it to them. This will keep everything from moving around while you move it.

Here is also a video guide. If you are not very clear about our steps, you can watch this video for a better understanding.

Source: See Vanessa Craft


We hope you have everything you need to know about making a cupcake bouquet in a glass vase. They are a good alternative to a normal flower bouquet. If you are looking to have your cupcake bouquet vase, Glasseam can help you get the best bouquet vase for your cupcakes. You can visit the website and order the best vase for you.

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