Guide To Build Moss In A Tiny Terrarium Jar

Terrarium Jars

“Terrarium jar” is a garden that you can build and place in your personal space. It is a miniature garden that can be made in glass jars. How fascinating is it, right? The idea of making an indoor or miniature garden inside a glass jar sounds so mesmerizing. You can place this miniature creation anywhere in your room. You can place it on your study or coffee table; the decision is yours. And Hey, if you seal your terrarium jar properly, they can be carried anywhere you like. How cool is that! 

They can be a great gift for any occasion. Terrarium jars are not easy to make, and when you gift one to someone, they will appreciate your efforts. But you might be thinking, how can I build a tiny terrarium jar? Let’s see how you can begin with making a moss terrarium jar. 

Steps to Build Moss in a Terrarium Jar

Indeed building an outdoor garden is a challenge. You have to work hard and wait for months to see your garden flourish. But this won’t be the case with the moss terrarium. You can easily build a moss terrarium. Just follow the steps mentioned below. Be attentive, and don’t miss out on any information.

Guide To Build Moss In A Terrarium Jar

Get the Supplies

  • The first thing you need is a transparent glass jar with a lid. You can choose the size, that’s up to you. If possible, choose a jar with a wide opening, as it will be easy for you to place stuff inside. 
  • The next thing you need is small pebbles for the base layer. These Peebles will create a drainage area for excess moisture. 
  • You need dried sphagnum moss to separate the pebble layer and potting soil. You can easily find dried moss in stores that sell plants. 
  • Potting soil is the top layer of the moss terrarium jar. Ensure the soil you use does not have weed roots; otherwise, they might grow in the jar too. Though weed growth might look good in the jar, it can hinder moss growth. 
  • You can add colorful rocks, small branches, or more decorative pieces to the jar. This is unnecessary, but if you like adding these things, keep them in your supply bucket.     

Get the Moss

Of course, you need moss for your terrarium jar. You can buy any variety of moss from plant stores. But this won’t be necessary, as you can find moss anywhere in a humid region. For people who live in dry regions, don’t worry; you can find moss outside as well. Just look for moss in areas that are shaded and damp. Don’t be surprised if you find moss in buildings too. 

Once you find a clump of moss, you can pluck it with your fingers. Don’t hesitate; you can wash your hands later. You can place your portion of moss in a zip-loc bag until you begin making the terrarium. Remember, your terrarium needs a very small amount of moss as it grows fast. 

Get the Moss for Terrarium Jar

Making the Moss Tiny Terrarium 

  • The first step is to clean the jar. If the jar is brand new, then wash it with water. Make sure the jar is dry when you begin assembling the layers. 
  • You will construct the first layer of the terrarium with small pebbles. Depending on the size of the jar, fill it one to two inches deep to ensure proper drainage. 
  • The second layer of the terrarium jar is dried sphagnum moss. Make sure you cover all the rocks with dried moss. That’s it; you are done with the second layer too. 
  • You will use potting soil as the top layer. One to half an inch of potting soil will do the job, as moss doesn’t have traditional roots that go deep. 
  • Now it’s time to place the moss and decoration- if any- in the jar. You can place the decoration according to your desire. Water your terrarium with a sprayer until you see water in the bottom layer. Finally, loosely close the lid and place the jar in the sunlight. 

Here are some notes you need to look into when you are making your moss terrarium. Please watch this video for better learning.

Source: The Urban Nemophilist


Making moss terrarium jars are fun and easy. Also, they are easy to maintain and will make your living space more calming. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

When to water terrarium plants? 

You need to water your terrarium plants once every 2 to 3 months. If you keep the lid closed, then they don’t need water at all

How necessary is a charcoal layer in a closed jar terrarium? 

Though charcoal removes toxins and odor from the terrarium, it is not a necessary layer. Your terrarium jar will flourish with or without it.

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