Guide To Arrange Flowers In A Vintage Glass Vase

Vintage Glass Vases

Vintage glass vases bring the elegance of classic decor into your living space. It is one way to keep the classic vibes alive in your modern home. Don’t worry about whether it will look alright in modern decor. The vintage glass vases will add a different layer of aesthetics to your home. 

One of the best ways to utilize glass vases is to fill them with delicate and vibrant flowers. You can arrange different kinds of beautiful flowers in a vintage glass vase.  

You might think that is no big deal. I can easily arrange flowers in any vase. But there’s a lot you can learn about how to arrange flowers in vintage glass vases. Let’s explore these easy but unique steps to understand the art of arranging flowers. 

Easy Steps To Arrange Flowers In Vintage Glass Vases

Arranging your flowers for vintage glass vases is a fun activity. You can purchase a bouquet of flowers, but making one will bring more satisfaction. A vase full of fresh flowers will brighten your day and bring more joy. 

Arrange Flowers In Vintage Glass Vases

Color Codes

When we talk about colors, often, our favorite one comes into the picture first. Ask yourself which color you like the most. And think whether it will look nice in vintage glass vases. If you find the answer affirmative, then go for it. Go to a supermarket and purchase a bunch of flowers.  

But wait, you don’t have to choose just one color. A monochromatic arrangement looks great, but there’s much more to experiment with. You can choose different shades of the same color. This way, with a slight change in the color scheme, you can arrange a more beautiful flower combination.

The Size And Shape Of The Vase

The vintage glass vases come in a variety of shapes and sizes. You might think what’s the point of carefully choosing the shape and size of the vase. It is important because not all flowers are the same. Some flowers are leafy, and some have long stems. You can not put long-stem flowers in a vase that is not tall. If you do so, they will fall out or look hideous. Also, bunched flowers don’t go well with narrow vases.

Bring The Greenery Along

When you go out to purchase flowers, add a few varieties of greenery to your basket. The greenery will make a beautiful base for your flower arrangement. It makes your arrangement more natural as well. Plus, the flowers will mount on the greenery perfectly. This combination is perfect when you are arranging flowers in vintage glass vases that are big. 

The Size And Shape Of Vintage Glass Vases

Prepare Your Vintage Glass Vases

It is necessary to clean the vase before you put anything in it. You can wash your vase with soap and water. It will prevent the growth of mold and bacteria in the vase. You have to repeat this step every time when you change the flower arrangement. 

You can also use clear florist tape on your vintage glass vases. Create a grid on the top of the vase. Depending on the size of your bases, you can create two or three lines vertically and horizontally. Also, to ensure the strength of the grid, wrap the tape around the vase’s diameter. This grid will ensure that your flower arrangement stays in a uniform shape. 

Filler And Support Flowers

Filler flowers cut at a 45-degree angle add bulk to your flower arrangement. When you begin placing flowers in the glass vases, ensure you cut the stems. Use floral shears to cut the fillers. This way, the flowers will stay fresh for longer. 

As the name suggests, the support flowers add structure to the arrangement. Finish your arrangement with support flowers. Add these flowers from all angles. Try to create a dome shape while adding support flowers.

Don’t Forget To Water

Keep the flowers hydrated. Ensure you fill your glass vases with water- 1 to 2 inches. It will keep the flowers fresh for longer. Ensure you don’t add too much or less water in the vases. Otherwise, it will ruin the flower arrangement early.

Change the water in the vase after two days. Take out the flowers that you feel are dying quickly. Also, re-trim the stems if the ends are turned brown. 

Flowers In Vintage Glass Vases


Adequately arranging flowers in vintage glass vases takes effort. But this arrangement will last longer. You can follow the above-mentioned steps to arrange a mesmerizing flower glass vase. You can begin by choosing the color code and the vase’s shape and size. Later you can add greenery, filler, and support flowers. And hey, don’t forget to add water to the vase. 

If you are looking for vintage glass vases, get in touch with us and choose the glass vases that are ready to be filled with flowers. Visit our website and purchase the best vintage glass vases.

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