Guide On DIY A Succulent Glass Terrarium

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Terrariums are great for showcasing succulents in a modern and stylish way. They can instantly transform a dull room into an alive and exciting place. What makes a glass terrarium even more beautiful is the decorative materials that it includes.

Furthermore, a glass terrarium is a mini ecosystem in itself, and creating one by yourself is a great way to display your creativity. Hence, this article will guide you in making a succulent terrarium at home. Other than this, you get some tips on how to take care of it, so just go along with the blog.

Material is Required for Making a Beautiful Succulent Glass Terrarium

  • Glass Container
  • Succulent Soil Mix
  • Rubber Tongs
  • Sand And Pebbles
  • Watering Spray Bottle
  • Filter (Optional)
  • A Succulent Plant
  • Charcoal

9 Simple Steps to Create a Diy Succulent Glass Terrarium at Home

Once you have gathered all the materials needed for a succulent terrarium, just follow the below-given steps to start making your terrarium.

1] Choose the Right Container

Succulents need proper exchange of air; thus, an open container will be the right choice for making a succulent glass terrarium. However, if you have a single or small plant, then a container with little opening will also work. 

Some best glass containers for succulent terrariums are aquarium bowls, mason jars, glass soup bowls, larger glass cups, or wine glasses. You can choose any of them; just keep in mind that your container allows the plant to circulate the air.

2] Thoroughly Clean the Container

After you have chosen the container for your glass terrarium, make sure to wash it properly with water and soap. This will remove any chemical residue, oils, and dirt that can cause mold and rot in your plant. Also, after washing the container, leave it to dry or use tissues to dry out the water.

3] Prepare the Drainage Layer

Succulents do not prefer too much-wet soil, which makes it important to have a proper drainage layer. The drainage layer acts as an absorber for any extra water. Besides, this layer also gives structure and forms the base for your succulent glass terrarium. Therefore, use sand or pebbles to create the drainage layer.

4] Add Filter for Separation (Optional)

Adding a filter depends on your choice, as you can also make the terrarium if you do not have it. However, a filter prevents the mixing of different layers and keeps the decoration intact. Also, when choosing the filter for the glass terrarium, ensure that it can easily pass the water. You can pick among coffee filters, cheesecloth, gauze, and construction paper.

5] Adding Charcoal

The next step is to add charcoal which acts as a purifying layer and prevents rots in your succulent. Besides, charcoal will also discard lousy odor from your glass terrarium and will keep the plant fresh. Moreover, a layer of charcoal will prevent the development of fungus in your plant.

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6] Adding Soil

After making the layer of charcoal, it is time to add soil. Make sure to choose soil that is light and provides proper aeration. You can choose a regular terrarium blend, cactus soil, or a regular potting mix for plants. However, you can also prepare the soil on your own. The right soil for succulents consists of coco coir, horticultural sand, activated charcoal, and worm castings.

succulent glass terrarium
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7] Hardscape Elements

Hardscape elements simply mean decorative structures for your glass terrarium. They must be added before the plant if it is bigger in size; otherwise, it can damage your succulent. Hardscape elements can be rock boulders or snarling hardwood, which you can easily find on online sites. However, if you want your terrarium to be truly natural, then you can search for hardscape elements in your nearby natural environment.

8] Adding Succulent

Now it is time to add the succulent to the terrarium, but before that, you need to remove any old soil from it. If the plant is too large for the glass terrarium, it is best to prune it. Also, the same goes for roots because the soil inside the terrarium is not that deep. You will have to make it short before placing it in the soil.

Further, dig enough of the soil to fit the plant’s root ball. You can use a miniature spade or spoon for it. Moreover, make sure that you do not add not much soil to the plant; you just need to cover the rootballs of the succulent.

9] Decoration

This can be the most interesting part for you in making your succulent glass terrarium. You can choose various decorative items like sea shells, fake plants, small rocks, and moss to elevate the appearance of the terrarium. Besides, you can add air plants because they look fabulous with succulents due to their long thin tendrils.

Expert Tips to Take Care of Your Succulent Glass Terrarium

After you have finished making your succulent terrarium, you must take care of it so that it can grow well. So, let’s go through some ultimate tips on watering, lighting, fertilization, and more for giving proper care to your succulent glass terrarium.

  • Succulents do not require too much water, so water it when the soil is dry. 
  • In the summer, water your glass succulent once a week.
  • In the winter season, water your glass terrarium succulent once every two weeks. 
  • Always use spray bottles to water the base of succulents.
  • Make sure to keep your succulent glass terrarium in an area that gets indirect sunlight.
  • If your succulent does not get enough bright light, it can get pale and lose its color. Therefore, look for an appropriate place that fulfills all these requirements.
  • If you have a proper soil mixture, you need not add any fertilizer. However, if this is not the case, then add fertilizer to your glass succulent twice a month but only during the summers.

Final Thoughts

A terrarium can leave everyone speechless with its beauty and unique appearance. Besides, the glass terrarium is remarkable with succulents, exuding a sense of liveliness in the living space. Moreover, they need less maintenance, so you won’t have to spend your day and night on them. Therefore, making one and having it in your home will be grateful to you.

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