Glasseam Crown Crystal Tealight Candle Holders

Glass Tealight Candle Holder

Since ancient times, candles have been an essential part of human life. They offer light and represent warmth, hope, and enthusiasm. Candles have become an important aspect of home décor, creating a cozy and soothing ambiance. Glasseam-designed clear crown tea light candle holders give you a better candlelight experience on any occasion. 

Crystal tea light candle holders are an excellent way to provide warmth and atmosphere to any room. They are helpful and fashionable, making them a versatile décor option for various situations. 

This article will delve into the product’s backstory, design inspiration, craftsmanship, and more. Let’s learn more about Glasseam and its power!

Glasseam Design Inspiration

Since ancient times, crowns have been used for the royal family, which is a symbol of power and nobility. 

For years, glass’s shape and design versatility has been used in beautiful artifacts, due to its transparency, ability to refract light and versatility in shape and design. The historical royal crowns and tiaras inspire the unique crown-like shape of the crystal tea light candle holder. The glass also shields the flame from draughts and refracts light, producing an enthralling spectacle. 

Glasseam designers got inspiration from sparkling gemstone crowns. Using crystal glass as a candle holder, the light from the candle refracts and shines in the transparent glass, like a shining gem on the crown. Thanks to its magnificent design, the handcrafted crown on the transparent crystal holder offers a royal touch. Crown tea light candle holders are now readily available. Their shape makes them an ideal decorative item for any event, such as weddings, birthday parties, and bridal showers.

The candle is placed inside the clear crystal tea light candle holder. The glass protects the candle’s flame from drafts and helps distribute the light evenly. The candle flame is refracted through the glass. It creates a beautiful and mesmerizing display of light.

What Takes in Making These Mesmerizing Holders

Glasseam’s clear crystal tea light candle holders are made of soda lime glass. It is versatile, durable, eco-friendly, clear, and cost-effective. Glasseam chose fine workmanship and experienced glass manufacturers for production. After the product was first produced, the designers made many adjustments and modifications to the product to achieve the current model.  After repeated production and modification, this product was born. The following are the standard steps.

Glass Gathering: The glass item production begins by collecting raw materials, such as soda lime glass. Merging all raw materials in furnaces at a temperature of around 1,500ºC, converting the mixture of raw materials into molten glass.

Shaping the Glass: After gathering the glass, the worker will shape it with molds to make it into the desired container shape. Other kinds of glass items can be shaped by glass blow. These are two different glass shaping methods nowadays.

Cooling: After the tea light candle holder has been molded, all necessary characteristics have been added. It is placed in a kiln to cool gently. This helps keep the glass from cracking due to thermal shock. After the glass has cooled, any rough edges or surfaces can be sanded and polished.

Clear Crown Crystal Tea Light Candle Holders

Where You Can Use the Crystal Tea Light Candle Holders

Clear crystal tea light candle holders are decorative items that may be used in many settings. Here are a couple of such examples.


Clear crystal tea light candle holders are popular for wedding centerpieces or table accents.  They offer a sense of elegance to the design.

Bridal Shower Parties

The tea light candle holders with clear glass can be used at a dinner party to provide a warm and inviting glow. The shape of this candlestick is designed to suit any bride with princess dreams.

Proposal Dinner Decor

This candle holder is especially suitable for the scene decoration of a marriage proposal. The candlelight refraction will add a romantic atmosphere to the whole scene.

Birthday Parties

If you are preparing a birthday party for your daughter, please choose this as a votive candle holder. It will add some fairytale atmosphere to your banquet.

Home Decor

Crystal tea light candle holders can be used as decorative items for your daily home decor. This will add a touch of luxury to a living room, bedroom, or bathroom.

Holiday Decorations

Glasseam clear crown tea light candle holders can be used as seasonal decorations. You can use the holder as a centerpiece for a festive table setting, such as Easter, Christmas, Thanksgiving, etc. 

Spa and Wellness Setting

The crystal tea light candle holders can create a pleasant ambiance. You can use it in massage rooms or yoga studios.


These are all about the  crown crystal tea light candle holder. If you want to add clear crystal tea light candle holders to your home or event decor, visit,  there are many surprises waiting for you to discover. You can choose from various styles of glass candle holders for home or event decor.

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