15 Glass Vase With Greenery Centerpieces For Your Spring Wedding

Glass Cylinder Vase for Spring Wedding

Greenery in glass cylinder vase centerpieces brings so much positivity and fun to your wedding reception decor. Top of that, if you are having a spring wedding reception, then a greenery centerpiece is a perfect choice. 

Greenery adds fresh and organic vibes to your spring reception. If you want to give a pop of texture to your decoration, then a green centerpiece is a good way to start. 

We conclude 15 best greenery centerpieces with glass cylinder vases that will look amazing at your venue. So to know more, check out the ideas. 

We are dividing these centerpieces into 3 categories.

Let’s have a look! 

Short Greenery Centerpieces

1. Short Eucalyptus Centerpiece With Hydrangeas

Do you love the rustic vibe of eucalyptus, then you’ll like this centerpiece. Nothing much in this centerpiece; just add some short eucalyptus with hydrangeas in a glass jar.

You can add some wood vessels with these jars to the dinner table. You can use a glass cylinder vase instead of a simple glass jar. A cylinder vase can make your eucalyptus look modern and chic.

Short Eucalyptus Centerpiece With Hydrangeas in a Glass Cylinder Vase
Source: theknot.com

2. Mason Jar Eucalyptus Centerpiece

What if we use two types of eucalyptus in one centerpiece? Yes, in this idea, you have to use 2 different types of eucalyptus — baby blue and seeded. 

Put both types of eucalyptus in a mason jar, and it will create an amazing centerpiece. This is the perfect spring wedding reception centerpiece. 

Mason Jar Eucalyptus Centerpiece
Source: theknot.com

3. Palm Leaf Centerpiece

Palm leaves can make an elegant centerpiece, and if you have a tropical theme, they will work wonders. 

This centerpiece will look modern and chic on your table. So if you’re a fan of greenery centerpieces, you must try out this idea. You can use a glass cylinder vase to put palm leaves.

Palm Leaf Centerpiece in a Glass Cylinder Vase
Source: stylemepretty.com

4. Simple Greenery Centerpiece With Candles

Want to try something unique with greenery? Try them out with candles. The mix of greenery and light will automatically charm your reception decor. 

Take some pillar candles with smilax vines or Italian ruscus and put them together over a tray. 

Simple Greenery Centerpiece With Candles in Glass Cylinder Vases
Source: celebrationflair.blogspot.com

5. Short Greenery Centerpiece With Roses

If you love traditional flower arrangements, you should try out this idea. Use flowers like roses and dahlias and put them in a glass vase. 

Roses will give a romantic and warm vibe to your decor. And they will definitely get eyeballs from your guests. Try out the glass cylinder vase instead of the traditional glass vase. 

Short Greenery Centerpiece With Roses in a Glass Cylinder Vase
Source: atelierashleyflowers.com

Tall Greenery Centerpieces

1. Gold Geometric Centerpiece Stand

Want an attention grabber centerpiece in your wedding reception; then this geometric design centerpiece will help you. In this centerpiece, you can put your favorite flower with green leaves on a gold stand. 

You put flowers on both sides, and a square size comes out at the end. So this is one of the best tall greenery centerpieces in this list without using a glass cylinder vase. 

Gold Geometric Centerpiece Stand
Source: Pinterest.com

2. Boxwood Branches in a Glass Cylinder Vase

If you want a good arrangement of greenery, you should check out boxwood. It is a type of greenery that will give you a neatly trimmed arrangement. 

You don’t need to add any flowers to this centerpiece; just a fine set of boxwood, and you are done. For this centerpiece, you need to take a long glass cylinder vase. 

Boxwood Branches in a Tall Glass Cylinder Vase
Source: theknot.com

3. Monstera Leaf Centerpiece

In this centerpiece, you don’t need many things other than Monstera leaf. They make a bold statement in any arrangement. So all you have to do is put Monstera leaf in a large glass vase. 

You can also add some short vases with Monstera leaves to make your table more elegant and filled. For short centerpieces, you can use a glass cylinder vase. 

Monstera Leaf in a Large Glass Cylinder Vase
Source: stylemepretty.com

4. Pair Low Florals and High Stems

Want an interesting centerpiece? This will be perfectly recommended for you. In this idea, you have to put a lot of flowers with long stems. 

This mixture of lush, bold blooms with tall branches will look interesting in your spring reception.

Pair Low Florals and High Stems in a Glass Cylinder Vases
Source: housebeautiful.com

5. Vases Dipped in Pink Dye

If you are searching for a budget-friendly spring centerpiece, this idea will work for you. Clear vases filled with pink color flowers. isn’t it sound perfect? 

You can change the pink color flower to another color as your wedding reception theme and need. 

Pink Flowers in Glass Cylinder Vases
Source: Pinterest.com

Unique Greenery Centerpieces

1. Floating Candles and Fresh Rose Wedding Centerpiece

Want to give a rustic feel to your reception, then this centerpiece will work best for you. In this, you need eucalyptus, fresh rose, and some floating candles. 

You have to put fresh roses and eucalyptus on a plate with a glass jar. Put candles in the glass jar, And done. This way, it will give a fresh and natural vibe to your decoration. If you want, you can use a glass cylinder vase in the places of the glass jar.

Floating Candles in Glass Cylinder Vases
Source: Pinterest.com

2. Collected Arrangement

If you have a hobby of collecting different types of glass jars, then it’s the right time to use them. You have to put all different sizes of cute litter jars in the tray and add some flowers and stems to them. 

This is a simple yet elegant centerpiece to try on. You can use the market glass cylinder vase if you don’t have the collection. But make sure to buy a different size of glass jars. 

Collected Glass Cylinder Vases Arrangement
Source: curbly.com

3. Banana Leaf Centerpiece

If you love proper greenery with no flowers, this centerpiece is for you. All you need to do is put a banana leaf in a glass cylinder vase. This tropical greenery will look amazing on your dinner table. 

You can try out this centerpiece for your spring wedding. This will add a unique look to your table. 

Banana Leaf Centerpiece
Source: alfrescoemporium.com.au

4. Hydrangea and Greenery Centerpiece

If you don’t love all greenery centerpieces, then try out this one. You can put flowers like hydrangeas, baby’s breath, and Queen Anne’s lace with greenery in this arrangement. 

Now put greenery like berries, dianthus, and pussy willow branches with your selected flower in a glass cylinder vase. And your centerpiece is ready for the table. 

Hydrangea and Greenery in a Glass Cylinder Vase
Source: Pinterest.com

5. Beautiful Branch Display

Blooms work best in the spring season, so why not use them to make centerpieces? Take a few types of buds with different types of greenery, like dogwood mixed with long clippings of airy Queen Anne’s lace and loose spirea. 

To make it last for a long time, add tulips to it. Use a glass cylinder vase to put them together. 

Beautiful Branch Display in a Glass Cylinder Vase
Source: southernliving.com


The greenery centerpiece will give fresh and unique vibes to the spring wedding reception. If you are looking for greenery table centerpieces that will make your function look amazing, you must check out these ideas. 

We have included short, long, and unique centerpieces so you can choose any category or you can mix them. 

These ideas include a glass cylinder vase that adds elegance to your decor. So check them out.

Featured Image Source: HGTV

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