Easy Guide To Painting Glass Votive Candle Holders

Glass Votive Candle Holders

If you want to add personalization to your home decor, you are at the right place. Here we will see all about painting glass votive candle holders. It can be a fun and easy project. Glass votives are inexpensive and widely available. With some supplies, you can transform them into unique and stylish pieces. They will reflect your taste and style.

This guide will explore tips and tricks for painting glass votive candle holders. With tips, the DIY steps are also present for effective results. Keep reading, whether you’re a beginner or an experienced DIY enthusiast. You can create beautiful and functional glass votive pieces when you finish the article.

Simple DIY Steps to Paint Glass Votive Candle Holders

At home, you can paint the glass votive candle holders and add beautiful colors. But before starting, know about the steps to do it right.

1. Clean the votives

In the first step, you should properly clean the votive holder. You can use alcohol to wipe the votive. After cleaning, the surface of the votive holder will be ready to get colored. As a result, you will get a super smooth area to paint. If the votive holder contains any impurity, like dirt, the paint may not get the right finishing as you want.

Clean Glass Votive Candle Holders
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2. Select the Color to Paint

The following step includes choosing the paint. Anyone can pick a favorite color. You can also check the color of the space where you will place the glass votive candle holders. It will help in matching the color to the full extent. However, you can think out of the box regarding color. Sometimes contrasting leads to beautiful results.

3. Apply the Color

Now, you are at the actual step of painting. Use the right brush or applicator you feel comfortable with. You can use a sponge or brush of any size. When applying the color, ensure the layers you use. The light color will need more applications of the layer. But, the dark color will require less layer application while painting.

Glass Votive Candle Holders Painting Tools
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4. Let It Dry

When you complete the painting part, please do not use it immediately. Before properly using the votive candle holder, you must dry it completely. Otherwise, the paint will not look good or can get messed up. Normally, the paint on the glass takes about 24 hours to dry completely. After the drying part, move ahead with the next essential step.

5. Apply Mod Podge

In the end, you need to complete one last thing. Use the mod podge on the dried glass votive candle holders. It will help you in sealing the glass paint appropriately. When you apply the mod podge, you can use a foam brush. It will help in easily applying the product. Mod Podge is a crucial step. If you miss it, your paint might not stay longer.

Different Painting Ideas

Use a Color Scheme

The possibilities for painting holders are almost limitless. You have the option to immerse the holders in various colors quickly. You can create unique designs with the color. For long-lasting results, seek out paints with good adhesion to glass materials. 

When painting the holders, experiment with stripes, flowers, words, or other creative designs. Acrylic enamel paint is suitable for glass and is available in various colors.

Create Patterns with Spray Paint

Another way to paint is by creating patterns. Use painter’s tape that can easily get removed in the end. First, create a design with the tape on the glass votive candle holders. When the design is ready, apply spray paint to cover the entire holder.

Now, let your paint dry. After that, remove the tape to reveal the pattern you have created. For instance, you can layer the tape in a random criss-cross pattern. To avoid getting spray paint on other surfaces, place newspaper or plastic underneath them.

Try a Paint Pen

Another excellent method to try is using a paint pen. You can use it to write names and place the votive holder in the event decoration. It will help guests to know their seats. You can use a paint pen in a color you prefer to inscribe.

Moreover, you can also add a flower, heart, or any other icon adjacent to their names. It is essential to choose a paint pen color that is easily visible. Some shades, such as gold, black, or blue, are perfect.

Paint with Glitters

In this option, apply a coat of clear glue or paint on the holder’s surface. It ensures that the glitter adheres well. Spread some glitter on a plate. Then roll the glass votive candle holders in the glitter until it gets covered. If you want to create designs, fine glitter is perfect.

However, any glitter will sufficiently coat the entire holder in one color. Additionally, you can use a small paintbrush to create designs with glue or paint. Next, gently sprinkle glitter over the holder to make the glittered design visible.


We hope you understand how to paint glass votive candle holders effectively. If you want some pieces of votive holders, you can order online. We are Glasseam, and we offer glassware products to enhance the decoration of your spaces. Get in touch with us to get high-quality glass decoration products.

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