How To Dress Up A Gazebo For A Summer Wedding Decoration

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Imagine a beautiful sunny day, with a gentle breeze blowing and birds chirping in the air. Now, picture a magical gazebo standing tall in a lush green garden, ready to be transformed into a stunning backdrop for a summer wedding. Perfect gazebo wedding decoration is not difficult and expensive work. In this article, we will dive into more creative methods for your gazebo wedding decoration.

1. Surround the Gazebo with Cylinder Candle Holders

To make a gazebo look pretty to perfect a summer wedding decoration, you can put cylinder candle holders around it. 

First, you need to place the cylinder holders around the edges of the gazebo. Make sure they are evenly spaced. Glass cylinder candle holders can be tall and skinny, which makes them look very elegant.

Next, you can choose candles that have a pleasant smell. They can make the area around the gazebo smell really good. It might be a good idea to use fake candles that look like real ones but don’t have flames.

When you light up the candles or flameless candles, they will make the gazebo glow with a warm and cozy light. It will create a romantic and charming atmosphere for the wedding.

candlesticks wedding decoration

2. Decorate the Head Table with Bud Vases

To make the head table at a summer wedding in a gazebo look extra special, we can decorate it with beautiful bud vases. Bud vases are small, cute vases that hold pretty flowers.

First, we choose some tiny vases that match the colors of the wedding. They can be different shapes and colors, like pink, purple, or yellow. It’s important to pick small flowers that fit nicely in the bud vases.

Once we have the vases and flowers, we arrange them on the head table. We can put them in a group or line them up in a row. Let your stunning head table perfect your wedding decoration!

bud vases wedding decoration

3. Hang Glass Candle Holders

Hanging unique glass candle holders from the tree or roof is an amazing method to make your gazebo wedding decoration stand out. Use mason jars to hold the tealight candles.

First, we need to find some mason jars. They can be of different shapes and sizes. We want them to be made of clear glass to see the candles inside.

Next, we need to hang the glass mason jars from the gazebo’s roof. We can use strings, ribbons, or even fishing lines to hang them securely. It’s essential to make sure they won’t fall down.

Then, we put small candles inside the glass holders. When we light up the candles, they will make the gazebo glow with a beautiful and warm light.

hanging candle holder wedding decoration

4. Wrap Fairy Lights Around the Gazebo Roof

To make the gazebo look pretty, we can decorate it with fairy lights! Fairy lights are tiny, colorful lights that can make things sparkle. We can wrap these lights around the pillars or the gazebo’s roof.

We can put fairy lights on the roof of the gazebo. The roof is like a big umbrella that covers the gazebo. Hang the fairy lights on the edges of the ceiling so they dangle down and shine bright.

When we turn on the fairy lights, they will glow and make the whole wedding decoration look magical. It will be a beautiful sight to see, especially at night when it’s dark outside.

fairy light wedding decoration

5. Hang Fabric Drapes Or Sheer Curtains

To give the gazebo wedding decoration a soft and romantic look, we can hang fabric drapes or sheer curtains all around it.

Imagine the fabric drapes as long, flowy sheets of fabric, just like the ones you might see on a princess’s dress. We can attach them to the sides of the gazebo so they hang down and create a cozy space inside.

The sheer curtains are like see-through curtains that let some light in. We can hang them on the sides of the gazebo as well. They are lighter and more transparent than the fabric drapes, so they let the sunlight shine through.

hang fabric drapes as wedding decoration

6. Attach Romantic Floral Garlands for Wedding Decoration

To make the gazebo even more beautiful, we can decorate it with floral garlands. These are like long, pretty strings of flowers or leaves that we can attach to the rails or pillars of the gazebo.

Imagine a garland as a colorful necklace made of flowers or leaves. We can carefully place these garlands around the rails or pillars of the gazebo. It’s like putting a chain on the gazebo!

By attaching these floral garlands, we bring nature’s beauty to the gazebo. It will feel like a unique garden hideaway or a fairy’s secret home. The colorful flowers and leaves will make the gazebo look fresh and inviting.

floral garlands for wedding decoration

7. Hang Lanterns for a Whimsical Touch

To make the gazebo wedding decoration look extra whimsical and fun, we can hang lanterns inside it.

Lanterns add a playful and whimsical touch. It will feel like a magical place where dreams come true. The lanterns will glow softly, and the pom-poms will sway gently in the breeze. The gazebo will become a special place to let your imagination soar and have lots of fun.

hang lanterns for wedding decoration


Dressing up a gazebo for a summer wedding decoration can transform it into a magical and enchanting space. By incorporating elements like flowers, ribbons, and lights, you can create a stunning backdrop that complements the beauty of nature. 

The gazebo becomes a focal point for the wedding ceremony, providing a picturesque setting for exchanging vows and creating unforgettable memories.

With careful planning and attention to detail, you can turn a simple gazebo into a breathtaking haven that captures the essence of a summer wedding.

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