DIY Ideas For Easter Flower Vase Centerpiece

Easter Flower In Small Vases

Since the snow is melting and spring flowers are starting to bloom, Easter isn’t too far away. 

Shouldn’t spring celebrations be all about bright colors, flowers, and lots of eggshells? After all, you can’t have a memorable Easter party without some special things from this time of year. If you like the idea of DIY, make some pastel-colored, happy-looking decorations for your home, like small vases. They can be just right.

If you are hosting an Easter party, putting a fun centerpiece on the table can make a big difference and impress your guests too. With these easy Easter centerpieces. Sunday dinner will look so much better and have a joyous springtime feel. 

Check out these small vases centerpiece ideas, ranging from simple table toppers to complicated ones that show off your DIY craft skills.

Bouquet Of Spring Flowers In Glass Small Vases

If you want to decorate the table for Easter in a traditional way, you can’t go wrong with a bouquet of spring flowers. Just make sure to pick colors and flowers that go with spring, like daffodils, tulips, and fleur-de-lis. 

You can choose a classic small glass vase or something more fun, like a container in the shape of an egg. 

Bouquet Of Spring Flowers In Glass Small Vases

Marshmallow Peep Vase

What could be sweeter and more festive than a vase made of marshmallow peeps? This easy-to-make small glass vase centerpiece for Easter can also be used at any other party.

To make these Easter small vases, you need:

  • Peep bunnies in different colors
  • Flowers
  • Small vase
  • Garden sheets or scissors for trimming the flowers.

Also, to add color to your table, you can put candy or other treats in the marshmallow peep vase. And let your guests help themselves while you set the table for dinner.

Marshmallow Peep Vase

Paper Mache Flower Small Vases

These glass small vases are wrapped in paper mache which makes them great for holding candy or a beautiful bouquet.

After the paper mache is dry, paint these small vases with the color you like. Then decorate them with dried flowers or fake flowers.

Paper Mache Flower Small Vases

Easter Egg Glass Vase

A simple way to make spring flowers special for Easter is to put them in glass vases and fill them with eggs of different colors.

Start with a clear vase with a wide opening, and put a clear drinking glass in the middle. Between the glass, carefully stack dyed, hard-cooked eggs in alternating colors. Pour water into the glass vase. Cut the flower stems to the length you want and put them in the glass vase. The water stays in the flowers while the filler stays dry, so your arrangement will last past the holiday.

Easter Egg In Glass Small Vase

Broken Egg Shell Small Vases

This is surprisingly easy to do if you have a few empty eggshells on hand. They are a great way to decorate for Easter and bring out the spirit of the holiday.

The base of this centerpiece is an old egg tray. A bunch of white eggshells has been broken from the top in a way that makes a super cute small vase that holds pretty pink flowers. You can also add your own touch by using eggs of different colors to make it stand out and get people’s attention.

Finish the piece with a beautiful ribbon in a color that goes with the flowers.

Broken Egg Shell Small Vases

DIY Golden Easter Eggs

Even the simplest things look very expensive when they have a touch of gold. And this idea for a DIY Easter centerpiece decoration does                                          

It’s a great idea to break a few eggs off the top and turn them into small vases. This can hold some beautiful lilies with bright green stems that go perfectly with the rest of the colors in the centerpiece.

DIY Golden Easter Eggs Instead Of Small Vases

Wrapping Up

When it comes to Easter table decorations, there are a lot of options. You can use eggs and bunnies, or you can try something a little different. With so many small vases to choose from, you will surely find a flower arrangement that fits your style and personality. So think outside the box and have fun.

These are only a couple of the numerous Easter centerpiece ideas you can utilize to design a festive and enjoyable celebration.

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