How To Make A Citrus Slice Decorative Glass Vases Centerpiece

Green citrus slice decorative glass vases

Have you ever wanted to make a beautiful decoration for your home? Well, you’re in luck because today, you’ll learn how to make a citrus slice decorative glass vases Centerpiece! 

With just a few materials and creativity, you can make a stunning display that adds color and freshness to any room. We’ll use colorful citrus fruits and a clear glass vase to create a unique and eye-catching decoration. 

Prepare to slice and arrange some fruit – it’s time to create your own citrus slice decorative glass vases centerpieces!

Materials Needed

1. Glass Vase

2. Assorted Citrus Fruit (lemons, limes, oranges, etc.)

3. Sharp Knife

4. Cutting Board

5. Water

6. Flowers or Plants Of Your Choice

Complete Instructions

Below given is the step-by-step instruction that you need to follow for making a citrus slice decorative glass vases centerpiece.

1. Place the Vases

When placing your vases for the decorative glass vases centerpiece, leaving space between them is crucial. There is no need for the vases to touch each other because that might cause them to tip over or fall. Keeping about 2 inches of space between the vases is best so the fruit slices can stand securely.

2. Slice the Citrus Fruit

Now it’s time to slice the citrus fruit for the decorative glass vases centerpiece! You need to cut the fruit into thin rounds that you’ll use to decorate the vase.

To do this, you first need to wash the citrus fruit with water and dry it with a clean towel. Then, carefully slice the fruit with a sharp knife and a cutting board. It’s essential to be very careful with the knife, so don’t accidentally cut yourselves.

You need to ensure the slices are all the same thickness, so try to slice them as evenly as possible. You might need to remove any seeds that come across, so don’t accidentally include them in the vase.

3. Arrange the Citrus Slices

Once you have sliced all the citrus fruit, you can start placing them around the decorative glass vases. You need to ensure they are arranged visually appealingly, so take your time to set them just right. You can even mix and match different citrus fruits for a colorful display!

4. Add Flowers and Plants

Now that you’ve arranged your citrus slices in the decorative glass vases, it’s time to add some flowers or plants!

Carefully choose the flowers or plants you want to use in your centerpiece. You can use flowers from your nursery or pick some up from the store.

Once you have your flowers or plants, arrange them alongside the citrus slices in the decorative glass vases. Add water to the vase to keep your flowers or plants fresh.

Try to be creative with your arrangement, mixing and matching different colors and textures. Adding some greenery, like leaves or twigs, gives your centerpiece extra flair.

citrus slice decorative glass vase

5. Display the Decorative Glass Vases

Step back and look at your amazing creation when you’re done arranging your flowers and plants! Your citrus slice decorative glass vases centerpiece is ready to be displayed in your home.

Recommended Ideas for Making a Citrus Slice Vase Centerpiece

Using colorful citrus fruits and a clear glass vase, you can create a beautiful display that will add a pop of color and freshness to any room. 

Try different fruit combinations and floral arrangements to make your centerpiece unique!

1. Classic Citrus Slice Vase

The classic citrus slice vase is an eccentric vase that people can use to create beautiful home decorations. This vase is made of glass and is see-through, which means you can see what’s inside very well.

People love the classic citrus slice vase because it adds a pop of shade to any room and makes the flowers or plants in the vase look even more beautiful. You can use any other thing rather than flowers or plants to make your vase even more special.

Just remember, when making a classic citrus slice vase, be careful when slicing the fruit with a knife, and wash your hands after handling the fruit.

2. Tropical Citrus Slice Vase

The tropical citrus slice vase is a unique vase that looks like a big slice of juicy fruit! It’s like a big cup that you can put flowers in to make them look pretty.

The vase is very colorful, with bright oranges, yellows, and greens. It has a smooth surface shaped like a round bowl with a flat bottom, just like an authentic citrus slice.

You can use this vase to decorate your room or give it as a gift to someone you love. It will add a touch of sunshine and happiness to any place it’s put in.

Remember to be careful when handling the vase, as it can break easily if dropped. But with some care, the tropical citrus slice Vase can be a beautiful addition to your home!

3. Monochrome Citrus Slice Vase

The monochrome citrus slice vase is a special clear vase made to look like a slice of citrus fruit! The vase is designed with bright colors, just like oranges or lemons.

The vase is called “monochrome” because it only uses one color in different shades to create the design. The color used in this clear vase is usually orange, but it can also be yellow or green, depending on what kind of citrus fruit it is made to look like.

Like a regular vase, the clear vase can hold flowers or other things. But because it looks like a slice of citrus fruit, it can also decorate a room or make it feel more cheerful and colorful.

4. Citrus Slice & Herb Vase

The citrus slice & herb vase is a unique vase made up of a big round ball at the bottom, which looks like a juicy citrus fruit slice. And then, on top of that, there is a tall, skinny part that looks like a stem.

This vase is even more quirky because there are little holes around the top part, and you can put herbs like basil or mint into those holes. Then, when you put flowers into the clear vase, the herbs will make the flowers smell nice!

So, the citrus slice & herb vase is more than just a regular vase. It’s a fun and creative way to make your flowers smell better.

5. Citrus Slice & Candle Vase

The citrus slice & candle vase is an isolated vase that resembles a big glass jar. It has a pretty design that makes it look like a slice of juicy orange or lemon!

These decorative glass vases are not just for holding flowers. It can also hold a candle! Lighting the candle inside will shine through the glass and make the citrus design look even more beautiful.

But remember, always be careful when using candles and never leave them unattended. It’s essential to always have a grown-up with you when using candles, especially around something as delicate as this clear vase.


Creating a citrus slice decorative glass vases centerpiece is a fun and easy project to add a bright and refreshing touch to your home decor. You can make beautiful decorative glass vases that impress your family and friends by following our simple steps. 

With creativity and simple materials, you can transform an ordinary glass vase into a stunning work of art that will brighten up any room. So why not try it and add a touch of summer to your home today?

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