Display Glass Vases Without Flowers: Cheap Yet Unexpected

Display Plant Vase Without Flowers

You may wonder how to decorate your house with a beautiful look. Glass plant vase can be a good idea to consider without putting anything inside. Besides, an empty glass plant vase looks attractive in its simpler form.

But, when decorating your place with a vase. The right size, looks, colors, and background display, all come into play. Otherwise, the absence of plant or floral decoration can become more evident, defeating its purpose.

Continue reading below to learn simple tips about using glass plant vases without anything inside.

Choosing The Right Plant Vase

When selecting the glass plant vase, choose the right one. Otherwise, it may need to improve with the surroundings when we talk about the right vase. It should have the perfect size, length, shape, and looks to match that particular place of keeping.

Since the plant vase would be empty, adjusting to the surroundings can be more challenging. Moreover, it may only give an attractive look with the flowers on. Therefore, the right size and shape matter significantly for a vase to match its environmental surroundings.

Choose The Most Suitable Background

The background of the glass plant vase is essential. A glass plant vase would be hard to blend in the placing area. Thus it may only partially add up to the matching and beauty of the room.

Try matching glass with your kitchen window or any other area on its window shelf. The bright day look would add up to the beauty of the vase even when there isn’t anything put inside.

Small Glass Plant Vases

What To Put Inside The Plant Vase

Choosing what to put inside the vase can be challenging since there would be no plants, which would add to its beauty. Here are some ideas to dress up your vases without flowers.

Floating Candles

Fill a clear vase with water and place floating candles on the surface for a peaceful and romantic display. You can add some pearls or plants to the water.


Fill a vase with colored marbles to create an interesting and colorful accent. This vase can suitable for each corner of your house.

Sand And Shells 

For a beach vibe, fill a small vase with sand and arrange shells or other beach-themed accents on top. This idea will add a little Hawaiian style to your house.

Wood Slices

Stack wood slices inside a vase to create a natural and rustic display. Also, you can put the wood slices outside under the vase with a candle in the vase. Display them in a votive way.


Use feathers in a vase for a bohemian or eclectic touch.

Glass Beads

Fill a small vase with colored glass beads to add texture and color to your decor.

Crystal Pieces

Place crystal pieces or gems inside a vase for a sparkling and elegant display.

Dress Up The Outer Look Of Plant Vases

How To Dress Up The Outer Look Of The Vase

Dressing the outer look of your glass vase can greatly impact its beauty. Apart from what to put inside of it, you can give it a beautiful dress from the outside. Here are some beautiful ideas for dressing up the outer look of a vase:

Use Paint Pen

Give your vase a new look by painting it in a fun color or pattern.

Washi Tape Decor

Wrap the vase in decorative washi tape for a quick and easy update.

Use Yarn

Wrap a vase in yarn or string to create a cozy and textured look.


Use decoupage techniques to add paper or fabric to the outside of your vase.

Ribbons And Bows

Tie a ribbon or bow around the neck of the vase for a festive touch.

How To Arrange The Vase

Now if you have picked a particular spot for placing the vase. Next important thing to ponder about how to put them. For instance, you are placing a plant vase alone or in a cluster. Placing a single vase sometimes gives a more attractive look compared to a cluster. For instance, placing it on a small table in your room. Only one vase can do the job, especially if it is well-decorated.

However, a wide open hallway or living may need a cluster of vases put together, though beautifully decorated, since a single vase may need to be more prominent to give a better look. Therefore, when placing the vase anywhere, you must keep this fact in mind.

What To Do With Old Vases

Converting an old vase into a decorative piece would be more fun yet challenging than a newer one. However, if you have an old vase unused for a while, you can still use it to add a beautiful look to your home. For instance, you can use an old glass plant vase as a candle holder or a simple table decoration.

Moreover, you may even use the old vase as part of a DIY lamp, a terrarium, planting in a succulent garden, or a piece of art. So, you can get tons of uses even from an old vase.


Glass vases look beautiful and can bring an extra charming look to your home, apart from just being a decorative piece for others to see when visiting your place. They even help provide peace of mind, especially the pleasantly decorated ones.

Compared to using live flowers or plants, you may use the above tips to decorate your plant glass vases to attain a wonderful home look. We hope the above ideas will help you improve your home no matter what type of vase you use to decorate it.

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