Different Types Of Whiskey Glasses

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Have you felt something missing or not satisfied when enjoying your whiskey? This might be because you are not tasting it correctly or don’t have the right glass. Thus, choosing the right whiskey glass set is essential to make your drinking experience splendid.

Drinking in the appropriate whiskey glasses ensures you get the rich aroma of liquor. Using a proper whiskey glass set will show you have enough knowledge of drinks. Thus, going along this blog, you will come across various whiskey glasses. Having such knowledge ensures you enjoy your fine whiskey.

1. Rocks Glass

A rock glass is a classic whiskey glass with a thick, heavy bottom. Other than this, there are no changes in shape compared to other whisky glasses. The glass is often known as rock glass because it is half filled with ice cubes, and then whiskey is served over these rocks.

Furthermore, the glass makes drinking easy because of its wide open mouth and solid glass, so you must have a whiskey glass set composed of a rocks glass. Apart from this, Rock glasses are also used for making mocktails and cocktails.

whiskey glass set
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2. Snifter Glass

Snifter glass is fabulous whiskey glass in a bulge shape and a short stem at the bottom. Besides, this glass is popular by many other names, such as cognac and balloon glass. Moreover, the slim stem of the snifter glass goes in between your fingers swiftly, making it easy to hold the glass.

Furthermore, the narrow mouth design of snifter glasses prevents the whiskey from spilling if the glass is partially horizontal. Thus, snifters can’t be missed from a whiskey glass set.

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3. Vinum Single Malt

This glass has design elements of Glencairn and Snifter, influenced by the design of the glass vase. The blend of such design gives this Vinum glass a thistle shape in an elongated way. This shape sits on a truncated stem, making the glass more attractive for your whiskey glass set.

Moreover, the out-turned rims of the Vinum glass give a smooth experience of drinking whisky to the drinker.

4. Coupe Glass

Coupe glass has a long, thin stem attached to a shallow, broad, and round bowl. This makes them different from v-shaped martini glasses. Besides, these whiskey glass sets were designed in the 1660s for serving champagne, but now, they have taken place for serving cocktails without ice. Thus, there are a lot of whiskey cocktails served in coupe glasses.

5. Tulip Glass or Copita Glass

A Copita glass is a bit similar to Gelncarin but slimmer and bigger. This glass is phenomenal for choosing as a whiskey glass set because of its thin stem and narrow mouth. Besides, the glass is one of the most traditional whiskey glasses. However, the glass is unstable due to its thin and tall stem, so it must be handled carefully.

Moreover, Tulip glass’s tapered shape helps to direct the aroma close to the nose. Apart from this, the long stem makes sure that the smell of the hands of the drinker doesn’t get close to the whiskey and spoil the aroma.

6. Norlan Glass

With its stunning bowl design, a Norlan whiskey glass can upscale the tasting experience. This type of whiskey glass set comes with a double glass wall design that makes whiskey look like it is floating inside the glass. 

Besides, Norlan glass will be superb for those who love their drink chill as the outer layer of the glass prevents the drink from getting warm by the hands of the drinker. Also, the outer wall helps you drink more easily and smoothly without spilling it on you.

7. Highball Glasses

Like the rocks glasses, this whiskey glass set gets its name from a drink highball which means whiskey with normal or carbonated water. The tall size of the glass allows you to add plenty of beverages with whiskey, such as soda water, ice cubes, and other drink mixes.

Besides, in today’s time, this glass is popular for simple whiskey drinks such as whiskey and ginger ale, cocktails with a low proportion of alcohol, and others.

8. Shot Glass

Shot glasses are one of the best choices for alcohol lovers. The glass can have 1.25 or 1.5 ounces of liquid in it. Besides, this whiskey glass set might have a bad impression on others, but in the mind of whiskey lovers, it is fabulous because of its perfectly measuring feature. The class comes in small size and is perfect for enjoying small drinks of whiskey at the wet bar counter.

whiskey glass
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9. Neat Glass

A neat glass is perfect for enthusiasts who love to experiment with the aroma and taste of whiskey. Thus, neat stands for Naturally Engineered Aroma Technology, which truly defines the purpose of the glass.

Apart from this, the neat whiskey glass set will be superb for enjoying liquor as it helps eliminate nose burn and numbing. This will help you to smell the aroma more smoothly. Furthermore, the neat glass can hold 1.5 ounces of whiskey with its spherical shape. Also, the flat glass bottom perfectly fits in the palm of your hand, warming the drink and making it smoother.

10. Gelncarin

Glencairn is a special type of whiskey glass that can confuse anyone with its shape, as it looks like a teardrop or a lamp. The glass comes with a design of a narrow tip and a thick wide base and stem.

This helps you enjoy the delightful aroma of the drink and a spellbinding tasting experience. Other than this, the Gelncarin glass is perfect for adding to your whiskey glass set as the design of the Gelncarin glass helps to swirl the drink and diffuse its aroma smoothly.

Wrap Up

To enjoy your whiskey, you must know the right way and have the right glass. These were some types of whiskey glasses that would be awesome to add to your whiskey glass set. Thus, now you have enough ideas about an appropriate set of whisky glasses to make your drinking experience more enjoyable. So, rush to order the best whisky glass set and have a fantastic party on the go.

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