Difference Between Whiskey Glasses And Bourbon Glasses

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Do you know drinking liquor from specific whiskey glasses can help you enjoy the drink’s flavor even more? In case you didn’t know, specific glasses are made for drinks like whiskey and wine. You can drink whiskey or wine in the various glass designs and enjoy the flavor.

People often get confused about the difference between whiskey glasses and bourbon glasses. The answer to this question is that there is no such thing as bourbon glasses. People generally use whiskey glasses to have bourbon drinks.

In this article, we will explain why whiskey glass is used to drink bourbon. Also, we will give information about the best whiskey glass in which you can drink bourbon.

What’s the Difference Between Whiskey and Bourbon

Whiskey & Bourbon are alcoholic drinks, but their nature, essence, and alcohol composition varies. But most people are unaware of this fact and thus use whiskey glasses for consuming Bourbon.

Now you must be scratching your head about why it happens.

Well! Before going in-depth, let’s see some quick differences between whiskey and bourbon.

Although all bourbon is considered whiskey, not all whiskey is considered bourbon. This is due to the different materials and procedures used in making these two drinks.

1. How is Whiskey Made, and What Materials are Used

For making whiskey, three ingredients are needed such as grain, water, and yeast. Preparation of whiskey includes malting the grain, mashing, fermenting, distilling, and aging. The type of grain and aging process determine the whiskey’s flavor. Moreover, the alcohol content in regular whiskey is more than in bourbon whiskey.

2. Ingredients and Processes Used in Making Bourbon

Making bourbon is similar to making regular whiskey, but some changes exist. The main ingredient of bourbon is usually corn which contains 51 percent.

Furthermore, in the case of aging the bourbon, new charred barrels are mandatory to use. This aging method helps to give the bourbon whiskey vanilla and oak flavor.

3. How Does the Taste of Bourbon and Whiskey Differ

The ingredients used, as well as the making process of bourbon, differs from whiskey. This results in giving different flavors and tastes to the bourbon whiskey.

The bourbon has a sweeter flavor than the other whiskeys due to the corn used. Also, the new charred barrel in which bourbon is usually stored gives out the flavor of vanilla and oak.

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Types of Whiskey Glasses in Which You Can Enjoy Your Drink

In the above passages, we have explained the methods of making bourbon and whiskey. Also, you read about the ingredients often used to prepare bourbon and whiskey.

Now, you can understand there is not much difference between bourbon and whiskey. For this reason, there are no such things as bourbon glasses, and you can serve the bourbon in whiskey glasses.

To help you enjoy your bourbon and whiskey, we have selected some of the best designs for whiskey glasses. These varieties of whiskey glasses will help you to savor the aroma and taste of whiskey.

1. Tumbler Whiskey Glasses

If you want an old-fashioned glass to drink whisky, a tumbler whiskey glass will be the best option. This whiskey glass is also known as rock glass, an old-fashioned glass, and a lowball. Using it, you can enjoy your drink on the rocks.

This whiskey glass will be perfect if you also prefer to drink neat whisky. The Tumbler has a wide rim that allows the drink to settle its aroma equally. Moreover, if you like your drink with ice or like to have whiskey cocktails, this whiskey glass will be a good choice.

2. Tulip-Shaped Whiskey Glasses

Tulip is another whiskey glass you can buy this time to enjoy the aroma and flavor of bourbon. This glass is the top choice of whisky connoisseurs worldwide, and it was also very famous in olden times.

During those times, this glass was named dock glass as merchants used to nose the wine and whiskey in this tulip-shaped glass.

3. The Glencairn Whisky Glasses

The Glencairn whisky glass is a distant cousin of the famous tulip-shaped glass. The Glencairn whisky glass is also trendy among brown liquor lovers. The stem of this beautiful glass will help you to hold the glass effectively so that you can easily swirl the whiskey.

Moreover, this glass will be perfect for whiskey lovers who want to perfect their swirling technique.

4. The Highball Whiskey Glasses

The highball is another old-fashioned whiskey glass to serve whiskey and bourbon. The highball is also considered the taller brother of the Tumbler whiskey glass due to its height. If you like to add soda or ginger ale to your whiskey, then this might be the perfect selection you can make.

This glass has a wide rim and thick base, providing stability and space to pour more whiskey. The abundance of space in this glass is ideal for making whiskey cocktails. Furthermore, it is precisely designed so that your drink won’t spill from the glass.

5. Neat Whiskey Glasses

The Neat in the Neat whiskey glass stands for Naturally Engineered Aroma Technology. This glass was accidentally invented in a glass-blowing factory, but now it is widely used. This neat glass is designed to keep the harsh smell of alcohol away from the nose.

This Neat whiskey glass will be ideal for newbies who are going to drink alcohol for the first time. Also, for people who don’t like the smell of alcohol, this glass will be ideal.

Wrap Up

Now, it must be clear to you that there is not much difference between bourbon and whiskey. The ingredients used, and the aging process gives the bourbon a sweet flavor. No glasses are designed for bourbon; people drink them in whiskey glasses.

Also, in the above passages, we have given information about the variants of a whiskey glass. You can choose from the above whiskey glass and enjoy your whiskey or bourbon.

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