Guide To Decorate Kids’ Table At Your Weddings

Kids' Table At Your Weddings

Do you intend to involve children in your wedding festivities? If this is the case, making an entertaining kid’s table can be a great way to keep them engaged and participating. Vases are an excellent way to add a bit of elegance, creativity, and fun to the kids’ table decor. Small vase centerpieces can be used to decorate the children’s table. Doing this can make a memorable experience for young guests. 

In this blog, you will look at some unique and creative ways to use vases to decorate the kids’ table at your wedding.

Floral Arrangements

Filling vases with fresh flowers will transform the look of the kids’ table. You can use the gorgeous flower in vases with flowers that fit your wedding theme or color scheme. Use small vase centerpieces to ensure the flowers do not hinder the children’s view. As a centerpiece, you can use a single small vase with a bouquet or arrange small vase centerpieces with different flowers over the table. A flower vase can offer a sense of elegance and freshness to the children’s table design.

Small Vase Centerpieces

Fruit and Vegetable Vases 

Use fruit and veggie vases on the kids’ table for a fun and healthy option. Hollowed-out pineapples, watermelons, or pumpkins make attractive containers for fresh fruits and vegetables. Fill them with colorful fruits and vegetables to create an attractive and nutritional display. 

You can use strawberries, grapes, and cucumbers in the vase. Fruit and vegetable vases can be fun and interactive to get the kids involved. It will also promote healthy eating during your wedding.

Candy Buffet Vase

Another lovely and entertaining way to decorate the kids’ table with vases is to use them for a candy buffet. Arrange candies, like gummy bears, lollipops, or chocolate kisses, in small vase centerpieces on the kids’ table. 

Provide scoops for the kids to serve themselves and small bags for them to take the candy home. Candy buffet vases can be a fun and engaging addition to the kids’ table, guaranteed to please the young guests.

Table Decor with Small Vase Centerpieces

Vases with Sand or Pebbles 

Use a vase filled with sand or stones to create a beach or nature-inspired motif on the kid’s table. To create layers or patterns, fill clear glass vases or jars with colorful sand, beach sand, or pebbles. Add little shells, starfish, or miniature animals as decorations to finish the look. Sand or pebble vases can give a unique touch to the kids’ table design providing a spirit of adventure and discovery.

Balloon Tied on Small Vase Centerpieces

Balloons are always a favorite with kids, so why not incorporate them into the small vase centerpieces on the kids’ table? Balloons can be tied to the vases to make a fun decoration. Tie helium-filled balloons to the vases and let them float above the kids’ table to create a lively mood.

Also, fill clear balloons with smaller balloons or flowers for a unique and eye-catching display. The vases may offer a colorful and exciting touch to the kids’ table, making it the focus of their attention.

Glow-in-the-Dark Vases

Use glow-in-the-dark vases on the kids’ table for a charming and mystical touch. You can buy vases or jars or make your own by painting small vase centerpieces. Put them on the kids’ table and charge them in the sun during the day. As night begins, the small vase centerpieces will radiate a soft glow. This will provide a captivating atmosphere for the children. Glow-in-the-dark vases can bring a unique aspect to the children’s table. It will make a memorable experience for them.

Artistic Vases

Use artistic vases as part of the decor to lend a touch of creativity and art to the kids’ table. You can select vases with unique shapes, colors, or patterns to go with your wedding theme. You can ask a local artist to make custom-painted small vase centerpieces. It will bring creativity and expression to the kid’s table. Artistic vases can act as conversation starters and encourage children to express themselves.

Game-Themed Vases

Consider using game-themed vases to create a fun and participatory ambiance. You can use small vase centerpieces shaped like dice, dominoes, and puzzles for the kids to play with. The kids will find the table more appealing and engaging if you make game-themed vases.


Vases can be a unique and versatile way to decorate the children’s table at your wedding. So, use small vase centerpieces to create a gorgeous and fascinating kids’ table at your wedding. 

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