12 Classic Ways To Decorate A Church With Glass Cylinder Candle Holders For Your Wedding

cylinder candle holders for church wedding

When it comes to wedding decor, few things evoke the timeless elegance of a church ceremony. One classic decor option that never goes out of style is the use of glass cylinder candle holders. These simple yet stunning pieces can transform a church into an ethereal space. Also, these add a touch of sophistication and charm to the Church’s ambiance.

This article will explore some classic ways to decorate a church with these candle holders.

Tips to Decorate Cylinder Candle Holders in Church for Wedding

Aisle Decorations

The church aisle is where the bride takes her first steps toward a new beginning. This makes it an essential focal point for decoration. Placing cylinder candle holders along the aisle creates an enchanting pathway. The aisle looks splendid when the bride walks down. Opt for varying heights and sizes to add visual interest. You can also intersperse the candle holders with fresh flowers or greenery. This will elevate their natural beauty.

Altar Arrangements

The altar is the main attraction of the Church and holds great significance. Enhance its beauty by incorporating glass cylinder candle holders into the arrangement. Arrange the holders on either side of the altar to create a balanced and harmonious look. For an added touch, consider using candles of different heights and thicknesses. This will create a dynamic visual effect.

Window Sills and Ledges

Highlight the Church’s architectural features by adorning window sills with candle holders. This approach not only adds a romantic glow to the space and makes it mesmerizing. Also, the natural light streaming through the windows enhances the holder’s beauty. It is advisable to use flameless LED candles instead of real ones to ensure safety.

Pew Decor

Add a touch of elegance to the seating area by placing cylinder candle holders onto the pews. Secure the holders with ribbons or twine, and place them at regular intervals along the aisle. The soft candlelight will create a warm and inviting atmosphere. This, in turn, immerses the guests in the beauty of the moment.

cylinder candle holders for wedding
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Entrance Decor

Make a grand statement by decorating the entrance with cylinder candle holders. Place them on pedestals or columns near the doorway to create a dramatic effect. Consider using large-sized candle holders with pillar candles for a more majestic appearance.

Unity Candle Ceremony

The unity candle ceremony is a ritual that represents the joining of two families. Make it more interesting by incorporating glass cylinder candle holders. Use a large glass cylinder holder in the center, and surround it with smaller holders. The larger one represents the couple’s union and the smaller holders show families. As the couple lights the candles, it symbolizes the merging of their lives.

Floral Integration

Combine the beauty of flowers with glass cylinder candle holders. This will create a stunning display that everyone loves. Insert flowers around the base of the candle holder or float blossoms by filling the water. This integration of floral elements adds an elegant touch to your wedding decor.

tealight cylinder candle holders
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Staircase Decor

If there is a grand staircase in the Church, place cylinder candle holders along the steps. This unique and enchanting element will captivate your guests. Also, it will become an ideal photography spot. You can tell your photographer to take a few pictures of guests and yours as a couple along the staircase.

Candle Groupings

Experiment with different heights and sizes of holders to create an attractive display. Cluster them together on tables or mantels to create captivating focal points. This will help to draw the eyes and evoke a sense of romance and sophistication.

Hanging Decor

For a whimsical touch, consider suspending cylinder candle holders from the Church’s ceiling. Use only clear fishing wire for this purpose. Hanging holders will add an extra layer of visual interest and fill the Church with glowing light. Moreover, it makes the whole atmosphere magical and more playful.

Window Nooks

Place glass cylinder candle holders within cozy nooks of the Church’s windows. This will create intimate spaces filled with flickering candlelight, particularly during evening ceremonies. What’s more? If nook’s are wide enough, you can make some simple shapes by arranging holders. For instance, you can create a flower, heart, or any other figure to beautify the decor.

Reception Decor

Extend the use of glass cylinder candle holders to the reception venue for a cohesive theme. Place them as centerpieces on dining tables or use them around the deserts. The soft candlelight will create a romantic and intimate ambiance.

A Final Verdict

Decorating a church with cylinder candle holders is a choice for a church wedding ceremony. Whether used along the aisle, altar, window sills, or pews, these pieces add warmth and romance to the space. Remember to focus on safety by using LED candles, and consider using flowers for added beauty. Also, you can add other decor elements along with candle stands to enhance the beauty of the venue. By decorating glass candle holders, you can create an unforgettable wedding experience.

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