How To Clean Candle Soot Off Hurricane Candle Holders

Glass Hurricane Candle Holders

Hurricane candle holders look great when paired with candles. They can literally light up the environment in no time. But after burning candles in these glass holders, you’ll definitely face candle soot. 

Candle soot is an obvious result of burning candles. It can make your hurricane candle holders look bad even after using them 1 or 2 times after buying. Your flawless hurricane candle holders will lo bad with candle soot. 

So what can be done when you find your hurricane candle holder with candle soot? Removing or cleaning candle soot is not a tough thing if done rightly. 

So here in the blog, we are going to tell you how you can clean the candle soot from the hurricane candle holders. 

What is Candle Soot

While the candle burns, the wax is droned up into the candle’s wick, and because of that, a chemical reaction takes place to keep the flame alive. This chemical reaction involves the combustion of carbon in wax and oxygen in the air.

They cause carbon dioxide and water vapor in the form of steam. The unclean burning candle releases black smoke called handle soot in the air. 

This smoke has unburned carbon atoms, which is the result of incomplete chemical reactions. And from the combustion reaction, water vapor carries the unburned carbon atom into the air.

Hurricane Candle Holders

What Causes Candle Soot Production in Glass Hurricane Candle Holders

As we discussed earlier, candle soot is the result of the incomplete combustion of the carbon that happens in wax with the oxygen in the air. And because of this reaction, carbon dioxide and water vapor are created in the form of steam.

And because of the imbalance reaction, unburned carbon atoms are carried away with the steam, and water vapor increases, appearing as black smoke in the hurricane candle holders, also known as candle soot. 

Other things like uneven wax distribution to the candle and wick clogging can cause candle soot. 

Here are some more reasons why candle soot produces in a hurricane glass holder. 

1. Lack of Oxygen 

Lack of oxygen can also produce candle soot here’s how. 

  • A candle in a hurricane glass holder can start producing candle soot when it gets to the bottom. 
  • When the flame gets to the bottom, it will get less oxygen. 
  • And because of less oxygen, the flame size will get short, which will change the fuel rate by causing unburned carbon atoms that will automatedly turn into candle soot. 

2. Adding Additives

Adding Additives like fragrance can be the main reason to produce candle soot. Adding too many additives will affect the combustion. 

As per the National Candle Association report, oils of this fragrance can increase the amount of soot produced by candles. But the main reason for the soot will always be wick length and flame disturbance.

3. Flame Flicker

If you are finding your hurricane candle holders with a lot of candle soot, then flame flicker can be the reason. 

When the flame starts flickering, it changes the amount of wax getting used. And because of too much wax for the wick, the flame combustion of the carbon with the oxygen will be incomplete. 

This wax inconsistency will cause uneven carbon to the air, and as a result, the candle soot will be released. 

4. Wrong Wick Size

The size of the wick matters a lot when it comes to candle soot and black strain. The wrong size wick will off balance the chemical reaction, and too much carbon will be released as smoky black soot.

Candle Soot On Hurricane Candle Holders

How to Clean Soot From Hurricane Candle Holders

You can remove candle soot from hurricane candle holders in many ways. You can use methods like water soaking and vinegar solution to remove the soot easily. You’ll need a damp towel for sure to clean the soot. 

Here are the 3 most simple ways to remove the soot for the glass holder. 

1. Water Method

This one is the easiest method to remove black smoky soot. To process this method, you will need a paper towel and water. Sometimes the soot will cover the interior of the hurricane candle holders. And this method works best in that situation. 

Follow the Steps

  • Take the paper towel
  • Dump it into the water 
  • Wipe the soot with the help of this towel  
  • Now wipe the dumbness of the holder with a dry towel

And you are done. Using a damp paper towel is one of the easiest ways to remove the soot, and it doesn’t take much effort. And it’s also cost-effective as you don’t need to spend anything on it. 

2. Soaking Method

If your glass hurricane candle holder is big or has a completed structure, then the soaking method will work for you. With soaking, you can remove the soot from the candle holder. Make sure to take a big bowl that can adjust your glass holder well. 

Follow the Steps 

  • Take a bowl and fill it with soapy water
  • Now keep your hurricane candle holders in it and leave the bowl for 20 minutes ( for soaking ) 
  • Now take it from the bowl and rinse it with a towel

And that’s how you can soak the candle holder in a bowl. Soaking is a great option if your glass candle holder has areas that you can’t clean with your hand. For difficult-to-reach areas, use a brush. Soaking is a good method as well as less time taking. 

3. Vinegar Solution Method

If you want to clean your hurricane candle holders well. The vinegar solution method will work best for you. Vinegar considers a good cleaner as well as a disinfectant. The acidic nature of vinegar is something that makes it a great cleaner.

To process the method, you’ll need the following things. 

Vinegar solution recipe:

  • 1 cup vinegar
  • 3 cups warm water
  • One tablespoon of ammonia

Follow the Steps 

  • Mix all things and make a vinegar solution recipe
  • Now put this solution in a bottle
  • And spray it your hurricane candle holder 
  • Now clean the holder with a cotton cloth

Note – Make sure to leave the vinegar solution for 30 seconds in the candle holder and then wipe it off with a cloth. 

You may feel a vinegar smell in your candle holder after this method and but it will fade away after some time. 

Use this method if your candle holder has so much candle soot in them. This method will take a little effort, but it’s worth it. 


Cleaning the candle soot from the hurricane candle holder is easy. All you need to do is take some water and a cloth. Dump the cloth in water and rub the candle holder gently with the cloth, and the soot will disappear. 

There are other methods around to clean the complicated black strain and candle wax. You can choose the method of your choice. Also, make sure to follow the right steps so that you’ll not end up destroying things. 

For less candle soot, trim your wick to the right size, and don’t add much fragrance to the candle.

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