7 Unique Candlestick Holder Decors To Perfect Your Sweetheart Table

Candlestick Holders around Sweetheart Table

If you want to create the perfect romantic atmosphere for your sweetheart’s table, look no further! Candlestick holders decor is the perfect way to create the perfect mood. 

Read on for 7 unique candle holder decor ideas that will make your sweetheart’s table look extra special.

What Is Sweetheart Table

A sweetheart table is a special place for the bride and groom at a wedding reception. This table is usually set up to highlight the special bond between the two.

The decor at this table will usually involve a few fine details, like personalized name cards or a tablecloth. The candle holders are an important aspect of the decor, too. They can be used to add some romance, charm, and uniqueness to the space. 

With so many different options, making your sweetheart’s table truly special is easy.

Illuminate Your Love: 7 Stunning Candle Holder Decor Ideas for Your Sweetheart Table

There’s something special about a candlelit dinner table. The flickering flame, the soft glow of the candles. Also, the warm, cozy atmosphere contributes to a memorable experience. And, of course, nothing says “I love you” like a beautifully decorated table.

So if you are looking for ideas for decorating your sweetheart’s table with candles, we’ve got you covered. 

1. Use Candle Holders as Vases

If you want to add elegance and sophistication to your sweetheart’s table, why not consider using candlestick holders as vases? These tall, decorative pieces make a stunning statement. It is perfect for holding floral arrangements that match the wedding’s color palette. 

As a bonus, you can find vintage or antique candle holders for a unique look. Fill them with your favorite flowers for an eye-catching centerpiece to bring your romantic sweetheart table to life. 

Candlestick Holders as Flower Vases
Source: crateandbarrel.com

2. Make Votive Candlestick Holders

Adding the warmth of candlelight to your Sweetheart’s Table is a great way to create a romantic atmosphere. With a few candlestick holders, you can easily turn them into votive holders for tealights or votive candles. 

Place the votives in the candlestick holders and spread them around your table in different sizes. It will provide beautiful and unique decor for your special day. The best part about using these votive holders is that you can customize them to match your color palette and decor theme. For this idea, you can make candles for your sweetheart table by yourself to match your wedding.

Make Votive Candlestick Holders
Source: quickcandles.com

3. Use Rustic Pillar Candle Holders as Centerpieces

One of the most effective and eye-catching ways to incorporate candlestick holders into your sweetheart table decor is by using them as centerpieces. Pillar candle holders are perfect for creating beautiful centerpieces that bring a romantic and cozy ambiance.  

Then, top the holders with tapered or pillar candles to add height and interest to the table. You can arrange shorter votive or tealight holders in an interesting formation to fill the center of your sweetheart’s table with subtle yet elegant lighting. 

Experiment with colors, textures, and heights to create a stunning centerpiece that will make an impression.

Rustic Candlestick Holders
Source: buntingandbarrow.co.uk

4. Use Candle Holders to Decorate Photo Frames

Your sweetheart table is a special way to display your love and commitment to each other. So why not highlight the most special moments of your relationship? 

Candle holders create an interesting and unique photo frame that beautifully showcases your favorite memories. Whether you opt for larger holders or bigger frames, candle holders are a great way to add a personal touch to your decor. Hang your photos from a special chandelier, adorn your tables with small frames, or display your photos on a wall. 

The possibilities are endless! It’s a wonderful way to bring warmth and joy to the room.

Use Candlestick Holders to Decorate Photo Frames
Source: thejollychristmasshop.com

5. Arrange Candles around the Table

Nothing can beat the look of candles arranged around your sweetheart’s table. Depending on the size of your table, you can use between three to five small or large candles to create a beautiful centerpiece. 

For an even more romantic touch, opt for unscented candles in shades of ivory and white to bring a dreamy atmosphere. You can also go for colored candles to add a pop of color to the table. Please place them in glass candle holders to protect them from accidental spilling. Place scatter some petals around them for a playful touch. 

Don’t forget to use battery-powered LED candles for extra safety.

Candlestick Holders around Table
Source: marrymetampabay.com

6. Candlestick Holders with Greenery

Nothing says romance like a sweetheart table decorated with elegant candlestick holders and lush greenery. This look can be achieved by arranging two tall candlestick holders at the center of the table, one on either side of a low bouquet of fresh flowers. 

To create a romantic atmosphere, surround the centerpieces with lush greenery, such as vines, ivy, and leafy branches. Use unscented candles in the holders for a pleasant yet subtle fragrance. 

To finish off this look, string lights around the table for an intimate and inviting glow. With these simple touches, your sweetheart table will indeed wow your guests.

Candlestick Holders with Greenery
Source: ZQNYCY Store

7. White Bloosms with Candlestick Holders

Adding a touch of elegance to your sweetheart’s table is easy with white blooms and candlestick holders. Create a lovely centerpiece by placing a small bouquet of white flowers in a simple glass vase. Place the vase on a mirrored tray to add even more sparkle. 

Surround it with tall, delicate candlestick holders for a romantic, timeless look. Add small floral accents to the base of each candlestick holder for an extra dose of romance. You can place a single stem in each holder for a minimalistic look. If you’re looking for something different and unique, set the candles on a bed of greenery for an eye-catching display. 

Let the white blossoms’ beauty reflect off the candlelight to create an unforgettable ambiance.

White Bloosms with Candlestick Holders
Source: theknot.com


Candlestick holders are a beautiful way to decorate your sweetheart’s table. With their unique shapes and colors, they can bring life to any setting. 

Candlestick holders are a timeless piece that will remain a part of your wedding for many years. Unsurprisingly, these decorations have become a favorite choice for wedding receptions. 

So don’t hesitate to incorporate candlestick holders into your sweetheart table decor. You won’t regret it!

Feature Image Source: crateandbarrel.com

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