Can I Cut Calla Lily Stem Short For A Small Vase

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Calla lilies are generally graceful, so people tend to use them for decoration. Their overall elegance and versatility make them quite fun among floral enthusiasts who know several ways of using the calla lilies. Most of the time, people use them in large vases to increase their presence. However, what if you only have a small vase? Yes, it is still possible to use the small vase with a calla lily and make it look amazing. 

We want to help you see that it is possible to do so and give you the steps to follow. Keep reading for some amazing tips on using the calla lily stem for small vases. 

How Do You Cut Calla Lily for a Small Vase

If this is something you want, it means you have already envisioned how good it will look in your small vase. Let us get you down to cutting the calla lily stem short for the smaller vases. 

What You Will Need

  • A clean small vase 
  • Sharp scissors 
  • Clean water 
  • Floral preservative (optional) 
  • Calla lilies


  1. Choosing the right time to cut the stems is vital. We recommend waiting until the flowers are fully matured before you can start cutting. This ensures that the flowers will be at their peak and look good in the vase. 
  2. It is vital to choose the appropriate vase size. As much as we are inclined towards using a small vase, we want to ensure it can still support the calla lily stems. The rest will cut the stem short enough to stand upright in the vase. 
  3. Prepare the vase by adding clean water to it. Do not overfill; we need enough space to add the stems without overflowing. You may add floral preservatives at this point to help extend the lifespan of the flowers. 
  4. Next is to measure and trim the calla lily stems. Hold the stem against the vase to see the desired length. Also, make sure to cut the stems at a 45-degree angle so they can easily take up water. Start trimming the longer pieces since you can always trim the stems if necessary. 
  5. We recommend using sharp scissors or shears to make clean cuts. Make diagonal cuts and avoid crushing or smashing the stems. This may affect how well the stems take up water. 
  6. Once you finish the cuts, place the newly cut stems into the small vase. Arrange the blooms just like you had envisioned, and you should now have a beautiful centerpiece. 

As you can see, the whole process takes just a few minutes, and you are done decorating with calla lily stems. 

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Ways to Keep Cut Calla Lily Fresh

Once you cut the calla lily fresh, it is vital to take a few steps to ensure they remain fresh for longer, keeping the space looking good. So, how would you do it?

The first tip is always to cut the calla lily stems at approximately 45 degrees. The aim is to provide a bigger surface area for water absorption. It also means using fresh water in the small vase to keep the stems looking good longer. 

We recommend changing the water the moment it starts looking cloudy. This can be after three days. The new fresh water will keep bacterial growth to a minimum and the flowers hydrated. 

Floral preservatives are also good for freshly cut stems in a small vase. The preservative contains biocides and nutrients vital for keeping the flowers looking fresh. Also, it may help reduce bacterial growth. That is an easy way of extending the life of calla lilies in the vase. 

Direct sunlight is something you should avoid. This means placing the calla lilies in a cool location away from direct sunlight, drafts, and heating vents. The last thing you need is for the blooms to wilt too fast. 

Cooler temperatures generally improve how long the flowers can last. So, keep the small vase somewhere far from a direct heat source. 

Consider removing the wilted or decaying flowers when the others are still in good condition. This helps to keep the others fresh even though some have already gone bad. 

How to Use Calla Lilies in Small Vases 

Now that you have such an amazing decor piece, how would you use it?

The most obvious choice would be as a table centerpiece. It can be your home dining table or at an event like a wedding. They might be in a small vase, but you should expect them to create a nice focal point for the table setting. You could set the vases as a cluster or one per table, depending on the style you are going for at the moment. 

The other choice would be to put them on nightstands or side tables. They can be nice decorative pieces in your bedrooms as they will bring a refreshing and relaxing atmosphere into the bedroom. 

How about the office? You can also use these flowers on your office desk or at the reception. You may have seen this in hotels, offices, and other events. They are used mostly because of the welcoming ambiance they give to the visitors. 

Bathroom countertops could also use a touch of luxury. This is thanks to having a beautiful look that makes sense to include these blooms in the bathroom. This is mostly for those seeking a spa-like atmosphere in their bathrooms. 

Shelves and bookcases could also offer a nice home for calla lily stems in a small vase. Their appearance easily adds pop and color to the visual interest created by the books in the space already. Such a nice addition makes people want to experience more of it. 


The calla lily stems can look great in a small vase, just as they would look nice in a big vase. It comes down to how you trim the vases to suit your needs. We recommend cutting them low just enough to keep standing upright and not droop over the vase. Make sure to take good care of the cut stems to keep the flowers looking fresh.

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