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Gleam Calvary, the founder of Glasseam, believes glass decorations are not just an ordinary item, but a warm artwork to convey beauty and happiness. Everyone has the opportunity to make life better, to discover their self-worth, and to enjoy the happiness of life. Therefore, Calvary believes glass decorations are more than a docor item, they will convey the happiness to everyone who choose Glasseam, bywhich they can find the simple happiness in every ray of light.

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Core Values and Brand Spirit of Glasseam

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Glasseam utilizes sustainable, recycled glass as the primary material of our products. We insist on reducing carbon emissions as our own responsibility in the procurement, design, product, manufacture, transportation, and sale. Providing sustainable and eco-friendly products to every customer is a core value of Glasseam.
While building an environmentally friendly brand, Glasseam also actively undertakes various social responsibilities. We respect the rights and intrests of consumers, integrate cusumers’ needs in our product development, and provide high-quality, value-driven products to every one. Additionally, we emphasizes the idea of “undifferentiated” to meet the decoration and service needs of any customer on a universal level. 


Glasseam are keen to recognize and advocate for the right of every customer to boldly pursue the things they love. We are happy to help every customer live their life to their greatest potential, and bravely express themselves. 
Glasseam emphasizes the idea that beauty and happiness are not simply defined by the public. We call on everyone to believe in their true self. Each personality has its own unique strength and brilliance waiting to shine. Create your own self-worth, happiness, and love from within. 
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Founded in January 2020, Glasseam is committed to developing a variety of glass decor. While Glasseam is committed to home decor, we also provide cost-effect solutions for banquets and weddings.

Our annual sales exceed 5 million USD. We have developed 100+ products, which reaches more than 50 countries worldwide, covering North America, Europe and other regions. In the meantime, we have provided wedding, party and home decorations for at least 180, 000 users.




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At the same time of providing users with great valued and high-qualified glass producuts, we also focus on product innovation and and development. Starting this year, we have begun focussing on independent research and development. We have independently developed dozens of products and strictly controlled all processes ranging from design, material selection, mold opening to color mixing. We are eager to help every customer live their life to their greatest potential, and bravely express themselves.