About us

As a girl who has a great passion on handicraft, I accidently fell in love with the glass at a glass exhibition. The glass artworks reflected the wonderful lights and shadows, like a dreamy “wonderland” greatly overwhelmed me, and it was the first time that I developed a strong curiosity about glass.
In order to gain a deep understanding of glass making process, I started working with kilns, shovels, carts on a daily basis. During the firing process, I have suffered numerous injuries due to high temperature or glass explosion. However, during the nearly five years of work with glass, at the same time of crafting each glass artwork with a “heart”, I have also poccessed a strong heart. For me, every piece of glass artwork has a different soul after being fired and polished, although it is fragile, glass is an artwork with unique soul, and the outcome of high temperature.
Orinating from “glass” and “gleam”, I founded Glasseam in 2018. Each glass artwork in Glasseam is carefully selected commiting to bringing a light of different color to you, and witnessing the beauty of you and me in every inch of the wonderful light. Wish each of us, like each of glasswork, gleam from within!