A Must-Have Garden Wedding Decor Inspiration Checklist

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Planning a wedding can be so much fun! One of the most exciting parts is choosing the decorations that will make the big day extra special. Just like when you make a list for your homework or a trip, it’s crucial to have a checklist for wedding decor too. A checklist helps us stay organized and ensure we don’t forget anything important.

In this article, we will explore a must-have wedding decor checklist. We’ll discover all the things you need to make your wedding look beautiful and magical.

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1. Wedding Venue Style

Determining the style of your wedding venue is when you start your wedding decor. For the garden wedding decor, here are some wedding tips for you.

1. Flower Arch: At the venue’s entrance, you can add a big arch made of flowers. It will look like a colorful and fragrant gateway into the magical garden.

2. Fairy Lights: To create a magical atmosphere, you can add a string of twinkling fairy lights hung around the venue. They will make everything sparkle and give a dreamy feel to the place.

3. Colorful Flowers: The garden will be adorned with beautiful flowers in different colors. Roses, daisies, tulips, and other flowers can be arranged in pretty bouquets and placed around the venue.

4. Butterfly Decorations: To add a touch of whimsy, you can add butterfly decorations hanging from trees and scattered around the garden. They will be colorful and make it feel like real butterflies are fluttering around.

5. Fairytale Props: There will be props like a magical castle, a wishing well, and maybe even a unicorn! These props will make the garden feel like a fairy tale come to life.

6. Vintage Signage: To guide guests and make it feel like an old-fashioned fairy tale, there will be vintage signs with arrows pointing the way to different areas of the venue, such as the ceremony, reception, and dance floor

wedding table centerpiece decor
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2. Wedding Table Centrepieces

For the perfect wedding decor, you can’t ignore the table centerpiece which combines the charm of nature and modern sophistication.

1. Mason Jar Vases: Instead of fancy vases, you can use mason jars. They are clear glass jars that look rustic and charming. Fill them with wildflowers or freshly picked flowers from the garden.

2. Wooden Log Slices: You can place wooden log slices on the table as a base for the centerpieces. These are round pieces of wood that give a natural and earthy feel. They will make the centerpieces stand out.

3. Twine & Burlap: You can tie twine around the glass bottle and use burlap ribbons as accents. Twine is like a thick string, and burlap is a rough fabric. They will add a rustic touch to the centerpieces.

4. Candles: To create a warm and cozy ambiance, use candles in the centerpieces. They will be in simple glass holders or floating in small water bowls. The flickering candlelight will make the tables look magical.

5. Pinecones & Leaves: Collecting pinecones and colorful leaves from the forest is funny. These natural elements will be scattered around the centerpieces, bringing a touch of nature to the table.

6. Personalized Touch: To make the wedding decor centerpieces even more unique, you can add small cards with the guests’ names on them. It will help them find their seats and make them feel welcome.

wedding background board
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3. Wedding Background Board

The wedding background board is a giant decorative board that goes behind the main area of the wedding, like the ceremony or the sweetheart table. Your wedding decor isn’t complete without this background board!

1. Paper Flowers: You can make a lot of big and colorful flowers out of paper. They will be different shapes and sizes and will look like they came from a storybook garden. Attach them to the board to make it look like a flower-filled wonderland.

2. Hanging Ribbons: You can hang long ribbons of different colors and patterns from the top of the board. The ribbons will sway in the breeze and add a playful touch to the background.

3. Fairy Lights: To make your wedding decor look magical, you can string fairy lights all around the board. The lights will twinkle and create a dreamy and enchanting atmosphere.

4. Personalized Sign: At the top of the background board, you can place a sign with the names of the couple getting married. It will be decorated with glitter or colorful designs to make it stand out.

5. Cloud Cutouts: You can cut out fluffy cloud shapes from white paper and stick them on the board. They will add a touch of whimsy and make it feel like the wedding is taking place in the sky.

6. Sparkly Tulle: You can drape sparkly tulle fabric on the board to give it a magical shimmer. The tulle will catch the light and make the background look like it’s filled with stardust.

Cocktail bar decor
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4. Cocktail Hour Wedding Decor

Cocktail hour is all about bright colors, exotic plants, and a relaxed atmosphere. Here are some wedding decor ways for a paradise cocktail hour.

1. Tiki Hut Bar: You can set up a little bar that looks like a cute tiki hut. It will have a thatched roof made of palm leaves and a counter where the drinks will be served. It will make the cocktail hour feel like a tropical beach party!

2. Pineapple Centerpieces: Big, juicy pineapples can be interesting table centerpieces. They will be hollowed out and filled with colorful tropical flowers. The pineapples will add a touch of the tropics to each table.

3. Paper Umbrellas: You can put colorful paper umbrellas in the drinks to make them look festive and fun. These little umbrellas will make people feel like they’re sipping their drinks on a beautiful sandy beach.

4. Seashells & Starfish: Scatter seashells and starfish on the tables to create a beachy vibe. They will remind everyone of the ocean and make the cocktail hour feel more tropical.

5. Palm Tree Cutouts: You can cut out big palm tree shapes from green paper and place them around the cocktail hour area. These palm tree cutouts will make it feel like we’re surrounded by swaying palm trees on a sunny island.

6. Hawaiian Leis: You can also give each guest a beautiful Hawaiian lei when they arrive. Leis are flower necklaces that are a symbol of welcome and friendship. Wearing the leis will make everyone feel like they’re part of the tropical paradise!


Having a well-planned and thoughtful wedding decor checklist is a must for creating a memorable and beautiful wedding day. 

Each element of the wedding decor plays a significant role in setting the desired ambiance and reflecting the couple’s unique style and vision.

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