9 Terrarium Vase Centerpieces Suitable For Any Style Bridal Shower

Terrarium Vase Centerpieces for Table

Terrarium vases are a beautiful and unique way to decorate any bridal shower. Whether looking for something modern, rustic, or just plain fun, terrarium centerpieces can be the perfect fit. 

They look great and are easy to make, so even novice crafters can create beautiful terrarium vases to show off at the bridal shower. 

Here are 9 different terrarium centerpiece ideas suitable for any bridal shower style.

Let’s take a closer look!

Stunning Terrarium Vases Centerpieces for Your Bridal Shower

When planning your bridal shower, consider decorating with a terrarium! These charming centerpieces are perfect for any style of wedding shower. They can be classic and elegant or whimsical and fun.

1. Succulent Terrarium Vase

If you’re looking for a beautiful yet easy-to-care-for centerpiece for your bridal shower, succulent terrariums are a great option. A terrarium jar filled with colorful succulents is a lovely addition to any event. 

Plus, these little plants require minimal care and are perfect for those with a busy schedule. With suitable potting soil and a terrarium jar, you can create an eye-catching display of living succulents that will last well after the bridal shower.

Succulent Terrarium Vases
Source: diys.com

2. Air Plant Terrariums

Air Plant terrariums make the perfect centerpiece for any bridal shower. These unique and visually stunning terrariums add a touch of modernity and elegance to any event. Air plants require no soil but light and occasional misting to keep them alive. 

They’re easy to care for, making them an ideal choice for a bridal shower centerpiece. From classic, neutral colors to colorful and vibrant designs, air plant terrariums will surely be a hit at your bridal shower.

Air Plant Terrarium Vases
Source: brides.com

3. Flower Terrarium Vase

Brighten up your bridal shower with a flower terrarium vase! 

Flower terrariums are a great way to add a touch of nature to your bridal shower. You can choose to put in one type of flower or mix in different styles and colors to really make your terrarium pop! 

Flower Terrarium Vases
Source: eastandlane.com

4. Fairy Garden Terrariums

Bring a touch of whimsy to your bridal shower with fairy garden terrariums. With just a few colorful details, like a small bridge, house, and furniture, these terrarium vases become delightful miniature gardens! 

Please place them in a terrarium jar and add small plants for an elegant centerpiece. You can include butterflies, fairies, and other delicate creatures to give your terrarium an even more enchanting look. 

Get creative and make these magical terrariums the talk of the party!

Fairy Garden Terrarium Vase
Source: gardensparkle.com.au

5. Cactus Terrariums

Cactus terrariums bring a desert-like feel to any space. 

You can use a variety of cacti and succulents in a terrarium jar to create a unique centerpiece for your bridal shower. Choose various sizes and types of cacti for your terrarium, then add soil, gravel, and sand to complete the desert look. 

Cactus Terrarium Vase
Source: zabe.fi

6. Moss Terrariums

For a wild and rustic look, moss terrarium vases are perfect for your bridal shower. Place moss in a terrarium vase and add small plants to create an eye-catching piece. 

You can add stones, pebbles, or sand to give the terrarium a natural look. Also, add twigs and other decorative items to create a unique and exciting terrarium. 

Moss terrariums will bring a natural touch to your bridal shower decorations and will undoubtedly be appreciated by all!

Moss Terrarium Vase
Source: theknot.com

7. Beach Terrariums

Adding a beach-inspired terrarium to your bridal shower is a great way to bring some nautical vibes to the party. Fill a glass bowl or jar with sand, small shells and starfish, and succulents or air plants. 

It’s a fun, easy DIY decoration that will bring a touch of the sea into your event. For an extra wow factor, add some white string lights around the terrarium for an elegant, beachy feel.

Beach Terrarium Vases
Source: cl-drupal.orientaltrading.com

8. Winter Wonderland Terrariums

Create a winter wonderland-inspired terrarium for your bridal shower by decorating it with snow, twinkly lights, and white accents. 

Use snow-dusted pinecones, white spray paint, and glitter to add texture, and place small white fairy figurines for a magical touch. Add some battery-operated LED lights for a beautiful, wintery glow! 

This terrarium is perfect for a winter wedding or a romantic, cozy bridal shower.

Winter Wonderland Terrarium Vase
Source: theapollobox.com

9. Candy in Terrarium Vases

Add a fun and colorful touch to your bridal shower with candy in terrarium vases. Create interesting centerpieces that match any style by filling terrariums of various shapes and sizes with colorful candies. 

Use white or pink rock candy, colored chocolates, jelly beans, and more to create unique and beautiful arrangements. Place the terrariums around the room’s tables to add sweetness and bring the entire space together. 

Your guests will love the fun and unique addition to your special day.

Candy in Terrarium Vases
Source: thebudgetsavvybride.com


When planning a bridal shower, a stunning terrarium vase centerpiece is perfect for adding elegance and charm. 

Terrarium centerpieces will leave your guests with a lasting impression. Plus, they’re easy to create and make great gifts for the particular bride-to-be. 

So, why not consider a terrarium centerpiece for your next bridal shower?

Featured Image Source: blog.weddinghashers.com

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