9 Simple Vase Inspirations For Small Backyard Weddings That Are Anything But Casual

Small Glass Vases For Table

Are you planning a small backyard wedding and looking for simple vase inspirations? Look no further! With a few small glass vases, you can create an elegant and sophisticated look that will have your guests feeling like they are at an extravagant event. 

We’ll explore 9 simple vase inspirations for small backyard weddings that will take your big day to the next level!

Let’s get started!

9 Simple Vase Ideas for Intimate Backyard Weddings

In honor of these elegant weddings, here are 9 simple vase inspirations for small backyard weddings that are anything but simple.

Romantic Sweetheart Tablescape with Small Vases

Dreaming of a lovely and romantic backyard wedding? Create a beautiful and intimate setting for your special day with a sweetheart tablescape. 

Start by arranging small vases filled with fresh blooms around your table to add a touch of romance and charm. For an extra unique look, use different types of vases in varying shapes and sizes and arrange them in a cascading pattern. 

With these simple touches, you’ll be able to create a unique and charming atmosphere that is perfect for your special day.

DIY Hanging Clear Vases with Baby’s Breath

Transform your backyard into a romantic wonderland with this simple DIY baby’s breath vase

All you need are small glass vases and baby’s breath, then hang them from the tree for an ethereal look. You can customize the size and shape of your vases and vary the colors of the baby’s breath to create a truly unique atmosphere. 

Experiment with different arrangements to create a beautiful display perfect for an intimate backyard wedding.

DIY Hanging Small Glass Vases with Baby’s Breath
Source: beaconln.com

White and Natural Green Tablescape

Pair white blooms with natural greens for a timeless and romantic look to create a stunning tablescape. 

Incorporate small glass vases of white roses and dainty greenery for an elegant centerpiece. Accentuate the small vases with tapered candles and white linens for a beautiful and classic finish. 

It is a timeless look that will be sure to wow your guests.

Modern Geometric Vases with Monstera Leaves

Consider decorating with small glass vases featuring bold geometric shapes to make a modern statement. Fill them with Monstera leaves for a chic, contemporary aesthetic. 

Place them on your sweetheart’s table or line them along the aisle. Alternatively, have your florist create small bouquets to place inside the vases and add visual interest. 

Your guests will be sure to be impressed!

Vintage Milk Glass Vases with Pastel Blooms

Opt for a classic vintage vibe with milk glass vases and soft pastel blooms for a look that will always be in style. This combination is timeless and elegant whether you’re using white, pink, or blue hues. 

Small votive holders are perfect for displaying single stems, while larger vessels can be used to create centerpieces. Arrange florals to create cascading trails of color around the table, and top off the look with a few candles to bring an extra ambiance.

Vintage Small Glass Vases with Pastel Blooms
Source: otisandpearl.com

Classic Crystal Vases with Timeless Flowers

If you’re looking for a sophisticated and timeless look, small crystal glass vases with classic blooms are perfect.

Crystal epitomizes elegance and provides a great way to add sparkle and shine to your tablescape. Fill them with traditional favorites such as roses, peonies, and gardenias. Or mix and match with different greenery and foliage to create a genuinely unique tablescape. 

The small size of the crystal vases gives it an air of intimacy that is perfect for an intimate backyard wedding.

Minimalist Bud Vases with Dried Florals

If you’re looking for subtle, low-key decor for your small backyard wedding, why not consider dried florals in small glass vases? Dried florals come in a variety of colors, shapes, and textures. 

Also, it offers an understated look perfect for an intimate event. Arrange the dried blooms in small glass vases to create an impressive tablescape. This timeless look is a great way to add a touch of elegance and charm to your special day.

Modern Gradient Glass Vases with Succulents

If you’re looking for an understated and modern way to decorate your backyard wedding, try using modern gradient glass vases with succulents. These small glass vases come in various colors, from subtle pastels to bold jewel tones. It makes them perfect for creating a unique look that will impress your guests. 

Fill these vases with vibrant succulents, and you’ll have a beautiful tablescape full of life and color. It is a great way to bring the outdoors inside and will make your backyard wedding stand out!

Colorful Glass Vases with Antique Florals

Try colorful small glass vases and antique florals for a timeless look. Use flowers like roses, hydrangeas, or wildflowers for a classic touch. Place the vases on tables or hang them with ribbons from your tent’s roof. 

With muted hues and a touch of shine, these small vases for flowers will create a beautiful, sophisticated atmosphere that your guests will never forget. To make it more special, add unique elements like pearls or stones to the vases to create a unique look.

Colorful Glass Vases with Antique Florals
Source: theknot.com


Your small backyard wedding can be as chic and memorable as any other with the right small vases flowers. 

Don’t underestimate the impact of small glass vases on your decor. When chosen and placed with care, they will help create an intimate and beautiful atmosphere, even in the most unconventional places. 

With these simple ideas, you can make your backyard wedding a day to remember!

Featured Image Source: bloomsbythebox.com

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