9 Glass Hurricane Decor For Black And White Wedding Themes That Are Cool And Sweet

Glass Hurricanes for Wedding

Choosing a color plate for your wedding decor is one of the tough decisions to make. Planning the color plate is the first thing you need to pay attention to because other decor elements like table glass hurricanes centerpieces and aesthetics will depend on your wedding theme color. 

While most people go for bold colors, there is one color plate that always remains classic and everyone’s favorite. Yes, we are talking about black and white. Adding white with black will give your wedding a stunning and classy look. 

For a centerpiece, you can create so many amazing-looking glass hurricanes centerpieces which never go out of style. 

So here are 9 centerpieces for your black and white theme wedding that will make your wedding decor look gorgeous. 

Wedding Table Centerpieces

Carry a Lush Bouquet

Flowers arrangement plays a huge role in any wedding. Most couples like to have their wedding filled with beautiful flowers. So why not make a centerpiece out of a bouquet? The bouquet can easily get more eye on your wedding decor. 

To create a bouquet of white flowers having black accents you have to put these blooms in glass hurricanes and mix black and white gems at the bottom. 

This centerpiece can be the perfect fit for your wedding table. This will add a lot of charm to your wedding table. 

Lush Bouquet in Glass Hurricanes
Source: brides.com

Glass Hurricanes with White and Black Lace

Do you want to try something different for the table than just adding flowers to your black-and-white wedding? This is something you need to try on at your wedding.

In this centerpiece, you need to add candles in glass hurricanes. Now put a black lace around the glass hurricanes. White candle pillars with black lace will create a gorgeous look for your table. DIY stunning decorative pieces for your big day is quite meaningful!

Glass Hurricanes with White and Black Lace
Source: thesweetestoccasion.com

Light Up Black Glass Lanterns

You can light up your dinner table with a black lantern. Lanterns are a great way to decorate your black-and-white wedding. 

Add white candles to the black lanterns on your table. Keep the tablecloth natural so that it aligns with your black-and-white theme. 

Add some greenery around the lantern to make it look adorable and attractive. you can definitely give it a try if you want to try a unique centerpiece. 

Glass Hurricanes Candle Lanterns
Source: brides.com

White Rose in Glass Hurricanes

This is a soft centerpiece you need in your white and black wedding. 

White roses definitely give a different look that can steal everyone’s attention. Put a black color tablecloth to make your centerpiece stand out. This is one of the simple but elegant-looking centerpieces.

White Rose in Glass Hurricanes
Source: Stacey Meinhart

Incorporate a Vintage Vibe

Want to give a vintage look to your table centerpiece, this idea is perfect for you. You don’t have to do much to set up this centerpiece. Just put a black color old piece with some white candles, and you are done. 

So are you ready to enhance your wedding beauty with this centerpiece? 

Colorful Glass Hurricanes
Source: ARIAMOTION Store

Clashing Candles

Adding candles to your black-and-white wedding sounds good. And this centerpiece is the perfect fit for your wedding. You can create an amazing centerpiece by using floating candle holders. 

All you have to do is put tealight candles in glass hurricanes. To add black and white touch, you need to add black-and-white gems.

Different sizes of vases will make your centerpiece more attractive. So for a black and white classy wedding, you can try out this centerpiece. 

Floating Candles in Glass Hurricanes
Source: Vase Pearlfection Store

Add Baby’s Breath in Glass Hurricane

Adding baby’s breath is becoming everyone’s favorite at weddings. Most people like to have a baby breath centerpiece at their weddings. The black and white theme is perfect for baby’s breath. 

This centerpiece will create the beautiful display that you are craving. So check out this centerpiece if you love baby’s breath and candles. This combo will definitely bring charm to your wedding. 

Baby’s Breath in Glass Hurricanes
Source: lena-kate.com

Wedding Aisle Decoration

Add Some Warmth

You don’t want your aisle to look boring without any centerpiece. The simple cement aisle will look dull to your gorgeous wedding that’s why you should consider adding some centerpieces. This idea is good for black-and-white theme weddings. 

Add white candles with glass hurricanes and greenery in your aisle. This centerpiece will look great in photos and catch your guest’s attention quickly. This will add a wow factor to your wedding decor. So must try this centerpiece out. 

Glass Hurricanes Along Wedding Aisle
Source: brides.com

Glass Flower Vases

A glass flower vase in your wedding aisle is a great idea to put on your wedding ceremony. This centerpiece is fit for indoor weddings because of the glass thing. So you can definitely try out this idea for your white and black wedding. 

Put a white, red, and pink bloom in glass cylinders and put them around the chair in the aisle. This is a different centerpiece to try on your wedding. 

Glass Flower Vases Along Wedding Aisle
Source: brides.com


You can’t go wrong with choosing a black and white color theme for your wedding. But to match the theme, you need good centerpieces.

It’s difficult to find black and white centerpieces. That’s why we create a list of the 9 best glass hurricanes centerpieces that you must try for your wedding.

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