9 Fresh Outdoor Wedding Decor Inspirations

Decorative Glass Vases For Outdoor Wedding

If you’re planning a wedding or have planned one before, you want everything to be perfect. You must realize that even the smallest details can cost a lot of money. Planning a wedding can quickly drain your bank account. From invitations and food to tuxedos and dresses, even small decorative glass vases, there are a lot of costs.

One easy way to save money on wedding decorations is to make and use them yourself. Wedding projects that start with vase centerpieces are a good place to begin. Making your own centerpieces is not only cheaper than renting them, but it’s also more fun! They give a mesmerizing look to the tables placed at your wedding. 

Also, instead of saying goodbye to them at the end of the night, you can take them home to use as decorations or give them to your friends and family. Decorative glass vases are beautiful and useful table centerpieces that can’t go wrong. Here are 9 outside wedding decoration ideas for glass vase centerpieces that you can save and shop for as you plan.

Colorful Decorative Glass Vase Centerpiece

Colorful decorative glass vases are often used as centerpieces at weddings. But tinted vases can also give your tables a fun and elegant splash of color. The decorative glass vases come in different colors so that you can match the colors of the flowers.

Colorful Decorative Glass Vases

Succulent Plant Vase Centerpiece

You don’t like flowers, do you? Instead, use succulents to make a centerpiece. Your guests will enjoy looking at these trendy plants. You don’t have to throw them away after a few days because you can take care of them after the wedding. A decorative glass vase is perfect for making a beautiful planter for your wedding. The disadvantage of flowers is that they wither quickly. If you use succulents as decorations, you don’t have to worry about the state of the plants on your wedding day.

Decorative Glass Vases With Succulent
Source: ncypgarden.com

Terrarium Kits Centerpiece

You can use a terrarium instead of flowers as a centerpiece, which you can make yourself. With the terrarium kits, you don’t have to guess how to put together a beautiful terrarium. Thus, the decorative glass vase is a perfect and versatile centerpiece vase for any. What do you like best about terrarium vase centerpieces? You can use them for many different things over and over again.

Terrarium Decorative Glass Vases

Rustic Candle Lantern With Vase Centerpiece

If you want a rustic or farmhouse-style centerpiece, you can’t go wrong with vases. The look of the rustic farmhouse will look great in your home. Fill these vases with plants to make stylish and elegant table centerpieces.

Rustic Centerpiece With Decorative Glass Vases
Source: etsy.com

Traditional Flower And Candle Centerpiece

Traditional weddings can look beautiful, but they usually cost a lot of money. You can use a flower vase if you want to make your own centerpieces for a traditional wedding. These decorative glass vases were made to look like the center of attraction of the table. They just look great with roses, ivy, peonies, and lots of other greenery.

Traditional Decorative Glass Vases Centerpieces
Source:  brides.com

Miniature Flower Vase Centerpiece

Who says decorations for the table have to be big? People often remember the little things most from weddings and other big events. You can make your own small centerpieces with decorative glass vases. This little glass vase is pretty, useful, and, best of all, unexpected.

Decorative Glass Vases With Succulent
Source: media.istockphoto.com

Modern Glass Vase Centerpiece

Modern weddings need centerpieces that look just as modern as the rest of the wedding. Glass vases are versatile pieces that can be used as modern centerpieces. You can decorate it with flowers, succulents, or a terrarium. Not only that, but the decorative glass vases are also great gifts for your wedding party after the event.

Modern Decorative Glass Vases
Source: brides.com

Romantic Candle And Flower Centerpiece

The most romantic thing you can buy is lace. Use decorative glass vases of different sizes and shapes to finish the look. They might don’t match, but they still look good together. If you want a casual, shabby-chic look for your wedding, use flower glass vases. They are an excellent option that will give you easy ideas for your centerpieces.

Romantic Decorative Glass Vases
Source: modwedding.com

Candle Centerpiece

Candles can really set the mood for a wedding, but they can do the same for any event. The decorative glass vases are a creative way to put candles in the middle of a table. Stick to one size, or have fun with all three—small, medium, and large—for a well-put-together look.

Candle Centerpiece
Source: media.istockphoto.com

Final Thoughts

Vases are one of the best ways to decorate your wedding, no matter how big or small. Vases are an easy and quick way to add a greenery touch of nature to your outside wedding decor. Flowers or plants in decorative glass vases make a home look and feel nice.

Whether you put a bunch of fresh, in-season flowers in your vase or something as rustic as tumbleweed and big fabric flowers, it sets the right mood.

If you want to decorate with glass vases for your wedding, you can visit the website of Glasseam. We have a lot of decorative glass vases that can be used as table centerpieces at weddings. Look at them here and find the one that fits your wedding’s style and design the best.

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